Me and She

On Saturday I bundled up TTB in his pram and hauled him on a train and a bus all the way across the border to Leeds to spend the day with Rach. We used to see each other every working day until I left my job and moved house. We still saw each other pretty much every month – I’d visit one month, she the next. Then I got pregnant and lazy and tired, and then had a baby and that reduced the time we were able to spend together even more. I feel like I’ve known Rach forever. In reality we met in 2008 which actually is 5 years now I think about it. We continue our friendship mostly via phone or the internet but it never feels less for that. Nonetheless, it’s fab when we can actually see each other in person. This was the first time that I’ve seen her properly in ages! I have seen her on two lunch breaks but it’s just not the same when she has to go back to work in an hour and you’re trying to have a proper conversation while attempting to discreetly breastfeed in Starbucks (not just any Starbucks, but Starbucks in Bridgewater Place in Leeds which is jam packed full of people in suits and the MOST conspicuous place to be feeding).

It does take a while to get to Rach’s house (but equally it takes her the same amount of time to get to mine!) and while I don’t mind making the journey at all, I do get a bit twitchy about the extra consideration of TTB and his naps and feeds. It’s easiest for me if he naps for at least part of the journey (preferably the bus part, I don’t feed happy getting him out of the pram on the bus and he cries a lot if I don’t get him out) and I have to time it right with his feeding because feeding him on the train makes me feel travel sick for some reason. Once I am there though it is so worth it and we always have a great time. We watch TV, lounge about, eat nice food, do some knitting or hooky if time/baby allows, play with her bunny Olive and of course chat. We’re really, really good at chatting. Mostly this time we chatted about babies! And how could we not when the larger than life TTB was with us, demanding to join in our conversation/eat a balloon/grab the rabbit/eat our hair/watch the TV/grab our cakes? It’s the first time Rach has been able to spend a decent chunk of time with TTB and he certainly brought out the Good Smiles for the occasion and I barely got a look in. Rach is one of my closest friends and there is just something equal parts lovely and mind blowing about your friends and family playing with your baby. Hard to explain but I’m sure you know what I mean.

So yes, Rach, you are always worth a long journey and I don’t come just because your house has carpets and sofas (I know I joke about it but I am just jealous that my house does not!) Love ya :-) xxx

(and as it happens, Andy had totally taken my hint that I hadn’t planned anything for dinner and had actually done the cooking. Colour me impressed!)

8 thoughts on “Me and She

  1. Liz T says:

    Friends don’t need to be in each other’s pockets to remain friends. Usually,when you “get” each other, you always will no matter the miles separating you – of course, it isn’t always the case but if it isn’t well, maybe you were just acquaintances rather than friends.

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