52 Weeks of Happy (2/52)

52 Weeks of Happy! Week 2.

1. Baking, baking baking. I made 6 little lemon cakes during nap time on Tuesday. It made me happy because I was sneaking it into naptime, it was a nice thing for Andy when he came home from work and I felt like I was achieving one of my tentative aims for 2012.

2. This morning on the way to the train station. The view over the bridge was so pretty. I wasn’t sure if I had time to take a photo but I thought there is always time if you make time, so I did, and there was plenty of time before the train anyway.

3. Today at Rach’s house. I had a very happy time while I was there but none compared to the excitement of TTB when Rach gave him a balloon to play with. Whether this was a child safe toy or not, he thought it was BRILLIANT and spent ages trying to grab it and then wrestling it into a big bear hug when he did, and then staring after it in wonderment (“hoo hoo hoooooo!”) when it bounced away from him.

4. Elephant bum. He is in 6-9 months clothes now and I bought these babygrows on ebay a while ago. I loved that design when it came out but it came out a bit to early into my pregnancy for me to feel happy buying it and subsequently sold out. I trawled ebay for ages (I bought nearly all of the babygrows I love on there for a few pounds, it’s great.) and managed to get a set in 6-9 for a few pounds. I’ve been looking forward to him fitting into them! Admittedly sooner than I thought and as always when he goes up a clothing size he just wakes up one morning and doesn’t fit in the previous size. Just like that. Grows overnight!


16 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Happy (2/52)

  1. Liz T says:

    TTB is looking great Heather and well done on sneaking some baking and a photo in. Love the elephant bum – my baby turned 41 last week – I don’t think I could tempt him into an “elephant bum” onesie!

  2. Gorgeous colouful pictures Heather. Love the red scales, yellow cake mix, blue striped jug combo :0)
    I can see why you love the elephants and the action shot of TTB is super Happy !
    Jacquie x

  3. I also love the scales and the elephants. So cute. Little Man loves balloons too – it’s only a matter of time until he pops one! One advantage of it getting colder will hopefully be more blue skies like that.
    Abigail x

  4. I love the 52 Weeks Of Happy posts! I love the photo you took on your way to the train station, the sky is lovely. I’ve just recently started to keep my camera in my bag but still need to try to improve on my photography skills! Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Yvonne x

  5. Kinga says:

    Perhaps the next time you are baking cookies, form the dough into a log and chill for about 30 minutes; then just slice them as thin or thick as you like. It is easy, peasy!

  6. Sue says:

    I like the action shot of TTB and the balloon. The elephant bum is great :-)

    It is so nice to see some blue sky after weeks of grey skies. The sun always makes me feel happier.

  7. I always found it astonishing that babies can grow out of their clothes overnight. As for the balloons, my kids are still enthralled by them. They are 7 and 5 now and I always keep a pack of balloons hidden in my cupboard to be brought out when they’re bored or fighting…..it keeps them entertained for HOURS and they’re really cheap. :)

    xx Susan

  8. Sarah A says:

    Your mixing bowl made me smile.. My mother had one of those when we were little. I have seen several on the various blogs I read (only those blogs from England though!). It must be a popular style/pattern still. Sadly mom’s didnt make it through 5 kids…

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