Tentative 2013 Aims

This is the worst photo ever but I don’t like putting photo-less posts on here and it proves that I have done it and I don’t have any other photos to use so it will have to do!


I am hesitant to make resolutions at any time but even more so with a baby as said baby reduces the chances of me sticking to anything by quite a lot! Here are my tentative aims for 2013; they are more like changes that I want to make in my life I suppose. We will see how it goes.


1. Bake more. I like baking and I want to try out new recipes. I like baking things for Andy to take to work, plus it stops him spending £££ on Twixes and the like. (Above: attempts at cookies. Too lazy to make individual blobs, I just spread the lot onto a tray. It was ok but they fell apart a bit quickly. Cook for longer at a lower temp perhaps.)

2. Take TTB to babygroups, at least one a week. Good for him, good for me. Must remember that he needs actual interaction with other children.

3. Cook more and better meals using proper ingredients rather than shop bought. Reduce the amount of processed items.

4. Keep more of an eye on money, and don’t let food that I buy go to waste. Use it or freeze it and use it or don’t buy so much next time.

5. Keep the house a bit cleaner: be much more betterer with housework because this child will become mobile soon. Continue in my efforts to get rid of lots of junk that we don’t need, and make a concerted effort not to fill the house with junk again! This will be easier because I won’t have any money when my maternity pay stops. (Someone asked me about this I think a while back but I’m shocking at actually replying to people: in the UK you can have up to a year maternity leave but only a proportion of that is paid and it is not full wages. I think I stop getting paid in May. May or March! Hope it’s May.)

That’s it really. I also want to grow a sunflower, some sweetpeas and possibly plant some bulbs for next year. Lofty ambitions? We will see!

26 thoughts on “Tentative 2013 Aims

  1. Well now you’ve made me want a cookie. And what are the only things I have to eat in my room right now? Cookies. But I’m about to go to bed! Cookie or bed? Hmm… Chips or dad?

  2. Brenda says:

    Hi HEather, there is a great Australian blog by Rhonda called Down to Earth, have a look, its full of homemaking and money saving ideas. xxBrenda

  3. ha ha ha – sorry for posting that comment so many times – it kept on saying ‘invalid security code’ – and I kept on retyping it – but at that screen the entire page doesn’r refresh – only on the final take when it accepted the security code can I see its there a kazillian times. oops

  4. What sensible resolutions – very similar to mine. I’m reluctant to make firm resolutions this year too, (I never keep them :-)) but I am trying to give up my weekly four hour ironing marathon (easy peasy!)xx

  5. What sensible resolutions – very similar to mine. I\’m reluctant to make firm resolutions this year too, (I never keep them :-)) but I am trying to give up my weekly four hour ironing marathon (easy peasy!)xx

    • admin says:

      Hi there Fleur – not sure if you mean this as a compliment or you are accusing me of ripping off someone else’s blog. Can you clarify your intentions before I start defending myself please?

  6. You’ll get 39 weeks maternity pay, So i’m pretty sure you’ll get pay until May. My maternity leave started 14th May last year and I’ll get paid until the middle of Feb, so I’m pretty sure you’ll get yours longer as TTB is alot younger than my baby (7months).

  7. Hi there – great life changes – forget the word resolution……baking is great but not the eating of it all….yes, give it to Andy – if it’s in the tin it will get eaten – just a ‘tiny’ gently warning….how do I know….well my size tells me!

  8. Kathy says:

    Hi Heather, I got a question for you: Is there something equivalent for Andy to? Because in Germany where I come from the man get off from work and will be paid a certain amount from his job (like the women). Just wondered if there is something similar in GB :) Do you want to go back to work, or are you planning on be a stay-home-mom (just curios because you’re the same age as me and I can’t imagine having kids and staying at home right now, and please don’t think this is a rude comment, I’m just curios and don’t want to be rude :) )

  9. Fleur, Lucy is not the only one blogging who likes yarn, crochet, flowers, food, baking and has a child(ren) that’s a pretty ridiculous comment even if it is meant to be a compliment! There are numerous blogs of similar content.

  10. Maura says:

    Wow, a year, really??? That is awesome…the States need to step it up a notch! 3 Months is it for most places here! I love your posts! The baby is as sweet as a bug in a rug and I think resembles you! Although, we have never seen your husband! I love the joy that exudes from you as you share about your life with your wee one…Love IT!!!!

  11. Sensible resolutions Heathter and make sure you stick to the one about going to a group with TTB-it’s important for both of you to have interaction with others. Could you manage to get a breadmaker eg from CS or Freecycle? I have started to use it to make fruit loaf and carrot and banana loaf and they come out fine with minimal effort. DH takes a slice as his treat in his packed lunch which also contains bread from the breadmaker. As you say, it saves eating rubbish and certainly saves on the cost.
    Your wee boy is doing well and as you said yourself, it’s only been 15 weeks in your very demanding role as a mum.

  12. ava says:

    You are a great mommy. Enjoy your blog. Love the crochet blanket. My daughter just had a baby as well. He is 12 days old. A Blessing.

  13. Campfire says:

    If you want to make easy please biscuits make them into a roll before putting in fridge for a bit then slicing pieces off. You probably know that but it’s squillions easier than rolling out. I’m trying to have a sort out but it’s not easy. X

  14. gail says:

    OMG…please have more confidence…these look so scrumptious…all the superlatives of good fresh baking. I can smell them from here. :)

  15. Bev says:

    Makes me want to follow your example and bake! Have you thought about biscuits/cakes that don’t need cooking it would save on time. I really ought to follow your example of de-cluttering and cleaning LOL. Love your blog think it’s amazing what you do especially with a baby. All the best.

  16. Going to playgroup will be good for you but you’ll probably find TTB pretty indifferent for for quite a while. Apparently children don’t really need other children until they are around 3 years old. I started taking Stashlet to playgroup when he was about 9 months old but even now (he’ll be 2 next month) he is generally not interested in the other children and can be quite intimidated by the noise when it is busy.

    I also wanted to say make the most of your free time now because once TTB starts walking your free time will evaporate completely! I think I’m managing about 1 post a month on my blog at the moment.

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