And, briefly, on New Year’s Day, a rainbow appeared. It lingered just long enough for a poor photo and then as the sunlight changed, it vanished.


Then it started to rain, and wash away the puke on the pavement from the highly anti social party that one house in the street decided to hold in the road last night. Just in case the whole rainbow thing was a little too perfect. Gotta love fireworks outside your house at 4am.

8 thoughts on “Fleeting

  1. Happy New Year to the three of you, Heather. I remember the new year when my daughter was a baby and thinking I might just be capable of serious assault on the people who were carousing when I needed to sleep! You are doing a fantastic job and the picture of TTB shows what a healthy, bonny boy he is. Well done to both parents-it’s the best job in the world.

  2. Laurelin says:


    Completely unrelated to your post (sorry), but I’m trying to source, a good, cheap, soft squidgy thread to crochet with. I see you and Lucy (attic24), both use Stylecraft Special DK, my local shop doesn’t stock it, and I’m more used to crocheting with Cotton than Acrylic, so I just wondered if you could shed some light on if its soft n squishy or scratchy n squeaky. With 2 tiddlers to look after I need cheap thread to satisfy my crochet atm.

    Hope you can help!

    • admin says:

      Hi Laurelin,

      It’s soft and squishy, lovely to work with. If I have hot hands it can feel a little squeaky but only a tiny bit. I do recommend it though, it’s my go-to yarn now.

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