A little something for me.

In a fit of (premeditated, dithering back and forth) frivolity, I treated myself to an iPad mini. I have been saving hard and my iPod died a death. I am so pleased that I did, it’s just lovely. Not going to lie, my two main reason for wanting one were so that I could indulge my Internet addiction all around the house and so I can put fun filters on photos. It’s ace! I never really spend a lot on myself and on the occasions when I do, I get a massive heady thrill from doing so. Andy has said he will treat me to a case for it too. Tell you what though, I will have to be careful as it has certainly attracted the attentions of my magpie son! Shiny shiny.

52 Weeks of Happy (4\52)

These are a few days late now! This is because I fiiinally managed to travel down with TTB to visit my mum. Here are my photos for the 4th week of “52 Weeks of Happy”.

1. This may not look like much but what is significant is the absence of pram. That’s right, I left TTB at home with Andy for the first time and had 20 glorious minutes of freedom while I popped to the post office. Hurrah!

2. Colourful blooms on the kitchen windowsill while the view out of the window was monochrome with snow.

3. Going out in the snow after being trapped in the house for ages with a poorly baby.

4. My boy can sit! Oh my goodness.