On My Camera

Learning to make Sunburst Granny Squares when I’m able to sneak a little crochet into my day

Forcing some crochet time into my day by abandoning chores and heading to the cafe during nap time!

Standing is his favourite (Work! Make work your new favourite!)

Leeds at Christmas with Katherine & Phoebe

Last Autumn walks in the park and wishing on fallen leaves

weekend lunch of hot soup …

… and healthy weekday lunches.

Changing my mind just a little bit about words on baby clothes because he is so clearly gaga about his Grandma <3

Pram wheels in the hallway at my mum’s house

Posting postcards while out walking with Alice and TTB

Chubby baby snuggles :-)

9 thoughts on “On My Camera

  1. Akhila says:

    Your square looks lovely. I love your pictures very pretty. Your baby is so cute. I keep begging my husband for another. That is what I want for Christmas lol.

  2. One-oh-four says:

    In awe of the healthy lunches! TTB is growing soooo fast, and looks soooo cute. And I never knew Leeds was that pretty….

  3. Liz T says:

    Great minds must think alike Heather, I’m doing sunburst grannies too but a different colour scheme to yours – sunshine, copper, camel and coffee. It’s a lovely square to do, looks lush too.

    TTB looks as though he’s thriving and you look like a very contented mummy.

  4. Sue says:

    Beautiful photos as usual.

    I love the crochet square. Another one for me to try one day.

    TTB looks very well and you sound very happy.

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