Sniff Sniff

Well, I survived taking my baby away from home for a week. Just about – we’ve both picked up nasty colds and while I’m not too bothered about mine (nothing that some paracetamol, soothers and lots of drinks won’t cure in time), TTB’s suffering a bit with his. He’s got a teeny tiny ventolin inhaler from the doctor now though so hopefully he will find his breathing a bit easier. He is still a happy little soul but oh my, it is nerve wracking when you realise you’re responsible for a baby who is finding it hard to breathe!

I took this photo when we stopped at the service station on the way down to my mum’s, a necessary stop to feed a hungry baby. He was a star in the car … slept all the way from my house to these services (about 2 hours), fed like a demon and then slept for the next two hours until we got there and he woke up. Super baby. I was worried that he would feel overwhelmed this week with all the people (here it’s me and him nearly all of the time) as my mum, dad, both sisters and brother were also there plus there were lots of people who wanted to meet him for the first time but he just thrived on all the attention, so much so that I am hoping that I am enough for him now we are back home! It was so incredibly special sharing him with my family and seeing how much they love him. And boy do they love him! He loves them too and just went to them so happily. He definitely fits in, and really feels like “our” baby as well as “my” baby. That my family love him like I do means the world to me. Of course, he is a gorgeous, sunny, happy, playful little boy so how could they not love him?

anyway must dash he is waking from his nap and I need to put the shopping away in the fridge before he does so! I will try to blog more soon xxx

6 thoughts on “Sniff Sniff

  1. Carrie says:

    Glad you had a lovely time. The cold will be first of many, but i remember the overwhelming feeling of responsibility only too well. Look after yourself and TTB. Nice to see you back xxx

  2. Brenda says:

    Hi heather, glad to hear you had a successful trip. Babies are a bit like puppies, the more you can socialize them and get them used to being handled by different people the better, for you and them. Glad it all went so well, can’t wait to see a current photo, he must have changed soooo much. XxBrenda

  3. Hope you and ttb are feeling a lot better soon. Wonderful to have good family
    time and as a Granny I know how wonderful it is to spend time with a grandbaby ♥

  4. Anne Marie says:

    Glad you had a good time with your family and TTB. I’ve got a ‘lurgy’ too, have had it for a week, all due to someone coming to a lunch with it and passing it on.

    Hope you all get better soon.x

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