Finally Finished – Ripple Blanket

TTB is snoozing in his pram so I thought I’d dodge the washing up for now and write this post that I’ve been wanting to write for ages. I took the photos before TTB was born! I wanted to post it before it became a year since I started the blanket, but I have missed that deadline by a fair amount. This is the ta-daah moment of my Cashmerino Ripple blanket that I started last September in a ripple-along with Lucy. You can see the original post here, and it has all of the colour information for the yarn used as well.

This blanket was a long time in the making – I started stashing the yarn for it in 2010 before we bought our house. That was the only way I could afford to make a blanket in such gorgeous yarn! I also asked for yarn (or John Lewis vouchers) from my family for Christmas and birthday presents in order to make this blanket. I started hooking the blanket in September last year, I remember it was the weekend Andy stayed with some friends in Bradford to watch The Scaramanga Six and I stayed up late, sat in bed and watching Calender Girls on iPlayer.


I took this blanket home with me when we went for Apple Day, I took it to Preston when I visited Jenny, to Leeds when I visited Rach and was just generally very in love with this snuggly blanket. I worked hard on it in the new year and did eleven stripes in just two days but then my interest turned to the three baby blankets that I made earlier this year and the ripple got pushed to one side until Easter time when I thought that I had finished it. It was lovely working on it over Easter, I sat on the bed with it, stroking my bump, listening to the rain outside while Andy and his dad tiled the bathroom.

(These are my two favourite colour sequences on the blanket)

I thought I had finished it, but when Lucy borrowed it to photograph with her own ripple blanket it was about a foot shorter. Ah. Then when we got a bed in the baby’s room and I laid it out on there, it didn’t come anywhere near the pillows. Ah. So instead of adding a border and finishing the blanket off as I had intended to do, I rooted around in my bag of yarn and pulled out any full balls that I had left (I was making the Granny Square blanket with the leftovers at this point) and managed to add nine more stripes to the blanket to make it come up to the pillows on the bed. I did this very quickly as I kept trying to lure TTB out by saying “You can’t be born until the ripple is finished!” (this didn’t work.)! Then when the stripes were done, I added the border. I had grand plans to make a tutorial on how to make a ripple straight, but I am afraid that it will have to wait!

I straightened the edges using red yarn, then did two rows of TR stitches up the sides in green, then another round of red yarn (HTR stitches), two more rounds of green around the whole blanket, and then finally another round of red (HTR). I was pretty desperate to finish it by this point! I think the border could be better, but I was pushed for time and I just wanted it finished. I do love it though.


And here is the finished blanket … tricky to photograph but you get the idea!

It seems like SUCH a long time ago that I took these photos! At this point I was sleeping in that bed with a massive bump and using lots of pillows to prop myself up.

I’ve just checked the datestamp on the photo and it was taken on the 17th September. Oooh Heather, that was the day before it all started off! If only you’d known.

I miss my CK pillowcases. TTB puked on them once so I have put them away until I’m back in the proper bed again. They’re too nice to be used near a baby!



Thank You

I am never quite sure how to say thank you to you on here. The words “Thank you” always look very small on my screen and I worry that they don’t really convey just how much I mean them. But I do. Mean them that is.

It would seem that sharing is a good thing then … I certainly felt better after writing about it and I felt better as well after talking it through with my midwife. I feel hugely better after reading through your comments and experiences and I am so pleased that my post has actually helped some people too. Thank you for sharing them with me. I would like to write back to all of you really, unfortunately my small shouty person doesn’t allow me as much keyboard time as I have become accustomed to. (Even when feeding he is trying to get in on the act! Sometimes he even gets his hand on the touchpad and manages to move the cursor!) Hello to the local people who read my blog that I didn’t realise read it too ;-)

On Thursday I made myself go out and we went to a baby & toddler group in the church hall which I was hugely proud of myself for doing. It was (loud and chaotic as toddlers are!) really good and I spoke to some people and got some more info on other groups to go to as well and indeed went to one on Friday which was much smaller and just for babies – really lovely. It’s a relief to go somewhere where you can talk about your baby to people who also want to talk about their baby and will listen to you talk about yours, and it’s ok to feed your baby and nobody minds if your baby cries. And there were biscuits and that’s always good too.

I’m a bit funny about meeting people I think. I always get an attack of the shyness beforehand and think “waaah I’m far too scared to go and meet people, I’m not sociable enough and  I’m too scared to talk to anyone!” but in reality I usually find that I’m not scared and I just get on with things. How I think of myself in my head is different from the reality and I’m better than I think I am at it. I think it’s TTB really, going into a hall full of toddlers and older babies with a seven week old baby (admittedly quite a large one) is quite an ice breaker. Besides, now I have something in common with the other people there (a baby) and I don’t feel as inadequate as I usually do as a result.

So yes … sharing is good, and so is getting out to meet people. I want to send you all a big hug as well *************hug************* for being so supportive to me, I’ve really needed it and think I would probably have snapped long before now if I hadn’t had this blog and the lovely people who read it.