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Something I do a lot of now is walking. Specifically, walking with the pram. It’s brilliant getting out in the fresh air and I try to get out every day if I can. There is a downside to this … I have a baby who prefers to nap only when being walked in the pram. I’m working on it. Right now, a lot of things are a toss up between bad habits and him sleeping. I’m taking the sleeping right now!

The other downside is that I tend to walk round town, or go to Tesco and do a big loop and back up the hill. This is all very well until I realised how much each walk was costing me! Instead I often go for a walk along the canal, up through the park and down along the main road (and on Frantic Fridays with a detour to Lucy’s house where she tells me things like “your baby is normal!” and “you are doing really well!” and “do you want lunch?”) and then home. It’s free, it’s beautiful, I get a good walk and of course I can take photos.

The park is particularly lovely right now. I have enjoyed watching the change in the trees as well … this first photo was taken on the 8th October when Andy’s mum was here:

then this was ten days later and the trees were all Autumny and lovely!

The rest of these photos are just ones I really like from various walks here with Ellie, Andy and my mum, and of course on my own. It is a welcome reminder that the outside world is still ticking over despite my own personal world becoming a very small little bubble at the moment. (Seriously. I didn’t get online hardly at all the other week and was like, “What hurricane?” because I hadn’t seen the internet, a TV or a newspaper in ages. It’s weird.)

(my face isn’t really that big and squinty but it’s the only photo I took of me and my mum together!)

16 thoughts on “The Park

  1. Lovely pictures Heather … your Mum looks so proud! I clearly remember pushing my sleeping baby home in the pram thinking that if I was very lucky, they’d stay asleep long enough for me to have a quiet, restorative cup of tea … they always woke as soon as the pram stopped!

    Lovely that Lucy is your friend … her blog was the first I ever followed!

    Love Claire xx

  2. Stunning photos Heather…I was just going out for a walk with the dog (long past pushchair days!) and after being bright sun all morning it has just started raining…so that’s not on!

    I am using your Elmer square pattern again, thank you so much for the pattern and inspiration! All the crochet talent is in your town! Fiona x

  3. Chris says:

    “What hurricane?” made me laugh. I almost missed the Falklands War and I still have trouble using 20p coins in change. In my case it lasted nearly two years until I decided that enough was enough and enrolled for a computer course. Wonderful days though – enjoy them to the full.

  4. I sooo remember the endless walking. One free stop I did on my walks was the library. Fast forward a month or so and they often run baby singing groups. Just an idea. Your photos look lovely by the way!! Sarah

  5. Kathryn says:

    Dear Heather, when I read your post ‘the view from here’ a week or so ago I really felt for you – I remember those early days with a small baby that seems to want nothing but food and screams the rest of the time… so I was so surprised to come back here today and find that I’d not missed 1 but 3 posts!! Horray for Lucy and a comfy place to go and rest, friends like that are invaluable (plus they make scrummy cakes and have cosy blankets to sit on!) but you do seem to be coping admirably, 10 was the magic number in our house, when my babies hit 10 weeks they seemed to find a more natural (and reasonable!) rhythm of feeding, playing, sleeping etc. I know how you feel though, I still have days where all I want to do is cry back at them! But you will get there, it will get easier, and the sleepless nights will fade into the distance :) thinking of you, and will pray TTB lets you sleep tonight! xxxxxxx

  6. Liz J says:

    It is lovely that you have had just that little bit of time and energy to start posting again.I was so bothered about you the other week but could identify very closely with your experiences.Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing it makes you feel both physically and emotionally wretched and vulnerable.Your comment about hurricane Sandy struck a chord.My son was born as the Falklands war started and I said war what war.Later on I was the expert because I listened to so much radio in the middle of the night whilst feeding.My real downfall whilst spending endless hours breast feeding were cups of tea and digestive are doing a fab job.Enjoy the good times,one day TTB will sleep longer at night and then you will lay awake worrying why he’s not been awake for a feed!

  7. What a lovely post – enjoying life, colours, baby and friends and family. My mum used to take me and her dog out every day when I was little. I can even remember being pushed in the pram – it was a huge Silver Cross machine and she always told me that she absolutely loved pushing it to the park and shops and to her friend’s house. I loved taking our brood out in our pram – a huge bouncy thing that the dog had to pull up the hill to our house ‘cos it was so heavy! Enjoy the autumn – have fun and catch up on some sleep!

  8. Adele says:

    Such precious days, so glad you are taking time to enjoy and share them. I agree with you – walking pushing a pram/pushchair is one of life’s great joys. Love that little (or not?) bundle Heather. x

  9. I remember that. Walking around to get baby to sleep only to find that when you get back in the house, they are awake and you are shattered! I really enjoyed reading ‘The Baby Whisperer’ when my firstborn was wearing me out. I liked the way it ‘spoke’ to me. it made me feel better as a mum. It seemed to have sympathy for me when everything seemed hard. It doesn’t suit everyone but the general ideas in there really worked for me and my boy. I only found it when my baby was bout 3 months old and it seemed to come at about the right time. Using the ideas really helped him to learn to sleep and it didn’t involve him having to cry. I never managed to replicate the success quite so spectacularly with the next two babies but I’d still recommend it. At least you can enjoy your walks and blogging and taking photos really does help you treasure as many moments as possible.

  10. “my face isn’t really that big and squinty” haha :D I know this phenomenon well. I take photos where I project my chin forward and look like I’m all neck. xo leanna

  11. Nanita says:

    Dear Heather, it’s brilliant that you take TTB out for a daily trip in the fresh air! Such a gorgeous little town you live in, and watching the leaves changes is one of the things I most love in Autumn. I hope that you don’t get too much rain so you can keep on pushing that pretty pram :-) xxxx

  12. Your baby is normal!
    You are normal!
    It’s just a tricksy time. Wonderful and awful and exciting and bland all at once.

    I’ll let you into a secret. It took me a long time to get into the swing of things. I think I really only got used to being a mum when the third came along.


  13. Lovely photos … you should enjoy the walks … time to clear your head and enjoy just being you … you are being a wonderful mum … take it from me … it is all consuming at the beginning but gradually routine develops and you settle into a new sense of normality … keep up the great work … you are doing so, so well … Bee x

  14. Rose says:

    Oh Heather this post brought a tear – I forgot how allconsuming mothering a small babe can be! My first is nearly 19, but your beautiful writing took me straight back there! What hurricane-how funny! And how lucky are you to walk that gorgeous town, with your gorgeous boy! And to visit Lucy! Trust me – you’ll blink and he’ll be at uni and you’ll reread this and just be amazed how it feels like yesterday! I know the lack of sleep is no laugh but treasure the rest of it! And Thank you for your beautiful words xoxo

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