The View From Here


Otherwise known as The Six Week Growth Spurt.


So, babies are quite the time suck.


For the last few days this little boy has been having a growth spurt. I know this because he is feeding and feeding and feeding and then feeding some more. The health visitor asked if he was properly feeding or just playing. He is properly feeding. Nightime is not particularly fun … last night he was awake from midnight to 3am feeding, burping, being put down to sleep for 0.9 seconds, repeat until I gave in and took him in bed with me where we slept a little on and off. The night before he woke every 40 minutes to feed …


I’m trying to get a bed and bath routine in place starting with a bath, which he absolutely adores. He thinks it’s the best thing ever. Thing is, he has his longest sleep (2-3 hours) after being put to bed so it means I really need to go to bed at the same time to get any sleep at all. This means that I don’t have any time in the evening to do the things I love, such as crochet, fanny about on the internet and talk to Andy. Hence the lack of blogging, the lack of emailing people (Sandi I’m looking at you!) etc.


My head is starting to feel a bit squiffy with the lack of sleep and the overwhelming feeling of a baby that needs ME all of the time. I admit I was unprepared for this growth spurt and I have found it a bit hard to deal with. While I am making enough milk for him, I’m struggling with the amount of my sanity he takes right now! I know it’s just a growth spurt and normally he is fine.


I have two appointments next week to help with the head feeling squiffy-itis so that’s good. My mum is here are the moment which is just wonderful super amazing fantastic but I am dreading Thursday when she goes home. Dreading it. Am tempted to glue her to the wall and not let her go home!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and that while there is sooooooo much good going on, and so much happiness, there are some things I’m struggling with and I’m working hard to not let them cloud how I feel all the time, and that I’m getting some help with that too. I may be a bit quieter around here for a bit, firstly because of time and secondly because all I have on my mind right now are things that are not bloggable. It won’t always be like this, but for now it is and I need to go with the flow and ride it out. See you on the other side …


56 thoughts on “The View From Here

  1. MsZeb says:

    It may not be much consolation that so many of us have been through this but read around the advice and find what works for you. You may not feel like you’re doing well but you are. And the thing you’re doing really well is talking about how all of this makes you feel and making plans to address these feelings. I’m really not suggesting you should do this but it got me through it with my 1st baby: a tray laden with stuff – a cup of tea, glass of water, snacks, etc, phone and tv remote within reach; then settle down comfortably and breast feed. Go to the loo first…. The minute feeding madam nodded off I shut my eyes and slept too, with her in my arms. She woke up, we had a bit of a cuddle and a chit chat, fed again, nodded off again. It worked for me but might sound horrendous to you – I was desperate though and willing to try anything to get even ten minutes sleep in a row. I didn’t have the energy for sticking to a routine at that point. But when it was routine time we could both do it – our ‘bad’ (sanity saving) habits weren’t ingrained.

  2. Oh bless you, I do hope you’ve managed to get a bit more sleep, some time with Lucy and her gang, and not glued your mother to the wall.

    So much advice here, all well meant, and good advice I’m sure, everyone telling you how they got through, because that need to ‘get through’ is something all mums share … but just do it your way m’dear, and please don’t feel guilty if that’s not how you imagined your way would be before that gorgeous bundle arrived, or involves things other’s believe you should beat yourself up for doing.

    The baby police would have had a field day with me – I formula fed all four of them, and home schooled the two who wanted me to – and guess what, they are all happy, healthy, high achieving adults, the eldest of whom is older than you. Only you can know what’s right for you, your baby, and your family … let your instincts rule!

  3. Twigwoman says:

    While I do not blog and I Am well older than you – I raised my 3, plus started over at 52 to raise a 3 month old granddaughter: what I know for sure is babies EVEN THE REALLY GOOD AND EASY ones: are working on newly being “here” and have much to adjust to.
    Pretty certain something’s gotta give when baby has needs and the electronic era stuff is likely IT! I know its a new age and so many woman believe we can have and do it all but this is just realistic ! Babies I think need to come before blogs so you seem right on track to me… the head stuff is hormonal and so normal…. be kind to YOU things will ebb and flow for a while before they settle and they will settle!!!
    3 cheers for You! And a prayer for some quality sleep for you!!! Mom’s are the BEST after giving birth – You are BLESSED to have yours for a time….

  4. I’m just catching up with you.

    It suddenly hits you like a brick doesn’t it? The love you feel is incredible but there is so much about The Early Days that is really hard to live through. I remember thinking “What have I done?” and feeling so trapped and scared. But then my hormones had dipped too low and I was ill. Maybe you don’t feel the same…or maybe you do. If you do then hear this, it gets better. You get better.

    I’m glad you have Lucy. I wish I lived near you.

    Have you still got my number? Feel free to text/call anytime you want a chat and want immediate response.

    Keep blogging, it helps one keep perspective and see the good things of the day.


    ps. It seems babies sleep through just as you hit breaking point. I’ve watched it happen time and time again with my friends babies. Not with mine though, the little shites! Ha!! So get ready for a surprise full nights sleep.

  5. …when I say keep blogging, you know I mean only if you want to and can do so. Just survive the day! I say it all the time, parenting is essentially, on may levels, survival.


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