Finally Finished – Baby Granny Blanket

Against all probability, I have a ta-daah post for you today! Admittedly these photos were hastily snapped while baby was sleeping, uploaded whilst feeding him and I am typing this with just my left hand (I am right handed!) while he is sat in my right arm. This may not be as wordy as usual!

I started this blanket back in May when I was staying with my mum, and visiting my Grandma. It’s made with the surplus from my Ripple blanket (finished post for this coming soon!) plus a few extra balls and then lots of the bluey outer colour.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino dk and all the information about it is listed in this post. I checked with the Debbie Bliss page on facebook and they have confirmed that the Cashmerino dk is NOT discontinued, however several of the shades that I used are discontinued. I worked this blanket on a 4mm hook and I used this method to make  my squares. I blocked each square individually prior to joining them.

You may remember that I set myself a challenge to get this blanket all joined together before the baby was “allowed” to be born … that was back when I was convinced that he would be early! I certainly completed my challenge. I added the final round of granny cluster edging last week, and sewed in my final ends yesterday. Complete! I sort of consider that I finished the blanket before TTB was born, it was just one of those things with running out of yarn … I had 18 stitches left to make to “finish” it, but as I had to order a new ball of yarn it seemed daft not to add another round on.

This blanket was ostensibly for TTB’s bed (when he is old enough for a bed etc) but really it’s just for me, an excuse to make another lovely blanket. I will make him another one in a less posh yarn I think! It’s a very special blanket though because while I am going to sneakily keep it for myself, I started it with him in mind and worked on it through my pregnancy. I worked on it a little here and there, alongside other projects. It was quite transportable and I made a lot of squares when I was with my family in June. The rest of them I made during maternity leave (with my wrists in bandages!) while waiting for TTB to be born. To be honest I don’t really remember making a lot of the squares, it all gets a bit blurred by the waiting for baby feelings. Still, it’s done now and it feels really good to have finished it.

Now, here are lots of photos for you!




44 thoughts on “Finally Finished – Baby Granny Blanket

  1. Oh Heather – it’s really wonderful. What an amazing thing to make right through your pregnancy and with all those happy memories captured in with the stitches. Beautiful colours. Clever you!

  2. Anne Marie says:

    Ah, beautiful Heather. I do agree with you, I would keep it for myself. Love ’em as you do, a little boy would be far better with something very robust in colour and yarn.

    I am progressing with my ripple, inspired I will add by both Lucy and you, in sort of spectrum colours, mostly from knocked down priced balls of Sublime. I confess that the odd couple of balls of an essential colour have been sneakily stashed at full price!

  3. It is soooo awesome Heather! Actually your blanket updates inspired me to start my own version with the same excuse in mind (;-) ) But mine will be done in a mixture of Pure Wool DK and Cashmerino DK. Well, until I get started (finished my cashmerino ripple last week and need to rest a bit before starting something as time consuming)I will look at your photos and dream about being finished already…

  4. Oh my goodness, it really is wonderful. I really love the border colour, it is such a gorgeous blue. Please could you be my border guru?! Doing the border is always a big issue for me, I can never decide on colour, stitch, width, but you always manage to choose the perfect border effortlessly. Anyway, hope you are enjoying lots of lovely newborn cuddles and not too many sleepless nights. Also hope your wrists are feeling better now. xxx

  5. It looks amazing. No wonder you want to keep it for yourself. I don’t think you will completely get away with that, as I’m sure TTB will be hiding under it in no time flat, when you aren’t looking. I’m sure it will be a much loved and shared item.

  6. It’s really beautiful, well done! I love the colours and the large border. It’s already getting chilly here so I am sure you’ll be getting plenty of use snuggling under it. You’ve got a good excuse to make another one for TTB now. Abigail x

  7. Sarah says:

    Dear Heather this is a beautiful blanket. One of your best yet! And a very effective border around the edge. Think I need one just like it!

  8. Helen Lay says:

    It’s gorgeous, I love the way you’ve adapted Lucy’s design (it’s the one I’m using to make a blanket atm) and have added that solid border to each square – so effective.

  9. It is beautiful Heather, truly lovely. All those struggles to hold the hook with your wrists bandaged certainly paid off! And what a lovely way to have captured your memories of the last pre-TTB days, even if they are a bit blurry!

  10. Maura Osborn says:

    Very Very Pretty! You did a great job and I love LoVE the border! I haven’t sent congratulations on your new bundle of JOY but CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy this time and I see that you are! You crack me up…I think if we lived closer we could be friends. I love your blog and your posts…anyway, keep updating us…it brings me joy and I am sure other people as well:)

  11. CeeKay says:

    This is beautiful and you have captured it well through the lens of your camera and all that in between your busy motherhood schedule.

  12. Pili says:

    Enhorabuena Heather, es preciosa y sobre todo, que recuerdos tan bonitos que te van a acompañar toda la vida cada vez que la tengas encima.
    Ah!, de parte de mis hijas, baby es encantador. Están enamoradas de él. Tan dulce, tan delicado, es tan especial como tú.

  13. Nanita says:

    Gorgeous! I love the border and your colour choices, and how this blanket will always hold your pregnancy memories :-) xxxx

  14. avril says:

    That’s a beauty! I really like that you’ve done the wider border. It reminds me so much of blankets of old. It’s great that the blanket holds so many memories for you.

  15. Liz says:

    I too think the border is fabulous.Do you think it would look equally as good on an Elmer squares big blanket or some other wide border based on trebles?

  16. Bev says:

    It looks lovely against the green of your quilt. I’m amazed at you being able to find the time to blog but pleased when I pop back to see how you are getting on and there is another post to read!

  17. This is a really gorgeous blanket. Perfectly crocheted and perfectly put together. You must be thrilled. Lovely colours and your choice of edging is inspired!

  18. Sheridan says:

    Heather – that is fabulous. To somebody who is the grand-daughter-daughter-sister-aunt of women who can do the finest lace crochet to the best granny blankets (you can guess that I am not young) – that is a great job. Just love the red colour throughout – WOW. You are doing sooooooo well as a new Mum – go girl. I think an acrylic easily washable blanket for TTB might be the go and you indulge in this yum production. Hope Andy is relishing this wonderful time with little man.

  19. penelope dubois says:

    That is so beautiful! I want one just like it. I’ll have to reread the posts about the project.
    Not sure how you joined it all together.
    There is something about grey that pulls it all together!

  20. This is my first comment on your blog Heather, but I have been reading it for a while, always waiting for new posts :) You and Lucy from Attic24 were my inspirations to try with crocheting earlier this year. We are expecting our first baby (a girl) in about 3 weeks time and I really wanted to make something for her. After seeing all the beautiful blankets you and Lucy make I decided to give it a try. So far I only tried granny squares, but I have a little blanket for the pram, a bigger one to be used by baby and me :) and a really colourful play mat. My husband also got the bug: after I show him your blog and the one of Lucy, some days later he returned home with a lots of yarn!! :) Since then he already ordered the next blanket, this time not for our baby daughter, but for himself! :)

    I hope you are well and enjoying your time with your little son.

  21. Hi Heather,
    This is my first time commenting on a blogsite but I have been reading yours and Lucy’s (Attic 24) for some time. Just wanted to say congratulations on the birth of your son and I love your new blanket. I especially like the way you have put the colours together. I am a big crochet fan and for me it has never gone out of fashion! I am currently working on 2 large blankets but they have taken a back seat as at the moment I am a little crazy for card making, though it is more messy than crochet and you can’t watch TV at the same time.
    kind regards

  22. doriana says:

    ciao puoi mandarmi abbonamento giornale per uncinetto per la coperta e tenda e presine tante cose

  23. Elsabie Ackerman says:

    Heather i really love the colours that you have used fot the baby blanket posted on 15/10/2012. Is it possible to name the colours that you have used, i will appreciate it. Thanks. Take care. Elsabie Ackerman, Bloemfontein, South Africa.

  24. Elsabie Ackerman says:

    I sent you an request for the colours that you use, but i find it on your blog. Thanks and take care. Elsabie Ackerman

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