September Mosaics

September was a month of waiting, change, learning, challenges and achievement. It goes without saying that September 2012 will always be so, so important to me. How could it not?

As I waited and waited for Tiny Tin Bird to make his appearance, I watched the changing weather and tried not to think about the shortening days. Me and Andy built a whole stud & plasterboard wall in the living room in the evenings of the week before TTB was born. I worked through my carpal tunnel to finish my ripple blanket (yay!) and very nearly almost finished my big baby granny blanket. The final ball of yarn arrived on the day between my waters breaking and being admitted to the hospital for induction and I wasn’t really in a fit state to finish it. It needs one round of granny stitches and that’s it.

Then, Tiny Tin Bird arrived, along with the challenges, learning, change, achievements and love. Getting his room ready. He never did fit in those red pyjamas, they are up to 7.5lb! So many “firsts” are tied up with his arrival. First time staying overnight in a hospital. First time having an intravenous drip. First time having surgery. First time having a blood transfusion. First time with no sleep on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday night. First time learning to care for my own baby. First cuddles, first photos, first time seeing Andy be a dad, my sisters being aunties and my mum being a grandmother. First night at home with my baby and not daring to take him upstairs as it felt so cold. Sitting up with him all night as I didn’t dare take my eyes off of him. First night getting some sleep (thanks Andy). Second night getting some sleep! Third night getting slightly less sleep but in a more manageable (for all of us) way. Learning to let things go around the house and letting myself rely on Andy for cooking. First trip out of the house WITH THE PRAM AND THE BABY. First trip to the cafe with the baby. First finger squeezes. First time trimming his nails (omg.). Over 500 photos in 8 days. Trying to commit everything to memory and trying to find time to write a more detailed account of my birth story, just for me. Trying to upload photos to photobox and order them before he changes any more. Looking at the Bounty photos they took in the hospital, wishing I could buy them and coming to my senses as it’s a bit of a swizz plus I do have 500 of my own photos. Coming up to my last midwife appointment and wanting to wail with sadness that the pregnancy part is over and that I won’t be seeing the midwives anymore. Composing thank you letters in my head for the midwives and deciding they sound stupid.

I could go on. I can’t believe that it’s October already. So much to look forward to, but I’m already trying very hard not to cry about the fact that we’re no longer in TTB’s birth month anymore. I miss it. I miss him, and he’s only over there. Daft.


23 thoughts on “September Mosaics

  1. Katharina says:

    Oh Heather, you found such wonderful words.
    I had to remember my first days with my child. I can’t stop smiling now. Thanks :-)

  2. What a lovely post :-). One day you can show it to TTB and he’ll roll his eyes and say ‘Mu-um!’.

    Oh – remember to back up the photos! I didn’t, and I have pictures of my son at a few days old and from 3 months old but nothing in between. I’m sure you’re more sensible than me though!

    As for trimming the nails, oh yes, I remember the terror! I let my husband deal with that – he’s got steadier hands and better eyesight than me..

  3. Cate says:

    This is such a lovely post. I’m getting all cwtchy and it’s not my baby! He is adorable.

    Enjoy these days with him and Andy. Thanks for sharing them as well. x

  4. Lovely, lovely post … oh, I remember all these ‘firsts’, and feel quite emotional!

    You were right not to buy the hospital pictures, yours will be so much better and much more personal.

    I used to nibble my babies fingernails … sounds strange but everyone did, the scissors/clippers frightened me!

    I know what you mean about the midwives as well … I felt as though I was leaving them behind and did feel sad too, like you …

    Just enjoy this special time, but I don’t think I need to tell you that, do I?

    Much love, Claire xx

  5. Sue says:

    Well you found plenty of photos for your September mosaics just like we said you would :-)

    Your blankets look lovely. A ripple is on my to do list.

    I remember the last visit from the midwife and then meeting the health visitor. My health visitor was a waste of time so I did my own thing, especially with the second baby. I also got a bit militant in the hospital the second time round as I was wiser then.

    You will soon get into the swing of the things with baby. If you need advise the best people to ask are friends with babies and your mum :-)

  6. It sounds like you’ve had Tiny Tiny Bird forever already :) So many firsts – don’t forget ‘first time blogging as a mum’ haha! Seriously can’t believe how updated you’ve kept us so far :) x

  7. Indeed that was a lovely post and just looking at TTB reminded me of a piece of calligraphy I did one time for new parents….this is long but lovely –
    Your baby has already become a very important person in your lives –
    A baby – such a beautiful word for the wonderful little person who has entered your lives and makes them lovelier than you ever thought possible.
    Your baby – an armful of love who sweeps you off your feet and leaves you trying to remember what life was like before toothless grins, angelic smiles and wonderful sounds only a baby can make.
    Your baby – someone who is fascinated by every move, every sound, every curious thing in the brand new world – someone so beautiful to watch, to learn and grow with and to love for ever and ever. Anon
    Enjoy him!!

  8. Adele says:

    So much to treasure. I remember so missing being pregnant with the baby inside. Next stages have to happen though. Good luck.

  9. penny says:

    You’re so sweet Heather! And look…just like that you are the best Mummy in the whole wide world! :)
    I am sure that is what TTB is thinking..really.. I just know he is. :) This post was very endearing.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us. Have a joyful October. I hope it’s filled with many more firsts. penny x

  10. You have such a lovely way with words Heather. And such lovely mosaics too!
    I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even string a sentence together at this stage of my baby’s early days so I am in awe that you are blogging!
    Take care :-)

  11. Dear Heather – your post was soooo beautiful and it really took me back to the birth of my first child some 13 years ago!!! That feeling of sheer terror of being alone in the house with him, of taking him outside (OUTSIDE??? What do you mean I have to take my precious baby outside?????); that knowledge that your life will never ever be quite the same again, etc etc. Wonderful, wonderful days and so very precious. Hold on tight to them. Keep small objects forever that remind you of them. Write down whenever you can how you feel because you will forget, I promise you. Most of all ENJOY THEM! Enjoy every moment with your baby and share, share, share with your hubby and your family. A child is not just born to two people but to a whole family of hearts and souls….. xxx

  12. carrie says:

    what a lovely post! I dont think any Mum ever really gets over the pregnancy, birth, and baby days, old ladies will still happily tell you their labour stories!
    He is a beautiful baby and you are obviously a natural Mum

  13. HUGE congratulations Heather, what a beautiful baby you and Andy have made. You took me right back to those early days, what a whirlwind. Enjoy! xxx

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