Tiny Tin Bird’s Pram Blanket


It goes without saying that one of the most exciting things about having a baby is the blanket making opportunities it provides. I have loved making blankets for my friends and their babies, but oh my it’s just such a thrill to be finally making something for your own baby. I have made four blankets for Tiny Tin Bird now and today I am excited to share with you my pram blanket.

I’ve had this blanket in my mind for months now but lacked the necessary funds to purchase the yarn for it. I was too busy saving for the pram for the blanket (and baby of course) to go in! Then I received an email from a very kind lady named Emily who was setting up her own yarn shop and wondered if I wanted some yarn in exchange for some thoughts on yarn types to stock that I’d given her earlier in the year, during her “shop planning” stages. I am a bit shy about receiving gifts as I hate feeling grabby or entitled or anything, but after checking and double checking that Emily was happy to gift me some yarn I said a big fat YES with open arms because let’s face it, free yarn is the ultimate gift! You can visit Emily’s shop here: London Wools.

Emily sent me six balls of yarn, and then I added to these to get the palette that I had envisioned. I wanted a blanket that was all different shades of blue and green, with stripes of red and yellow running through it. I was able to afford the other shades because I cancelled the TV Licence (such a stupid thing but we’ve not had a TV since we moved in here two years ago but I thought we would and kept on paying the licence, but came to my senses and am now saving £12 a month AND got a refund on the unused quarters) and used some of the refund money to order the yarn. The package arrived in my first week of maternity leave: I LOVE getting a package of yarn!

N.B as I worked the blanket the cream didn’t fit very well with it so I pulled those rows back and didn’t include it after all. I do have other plans though and it won’t go unused.

The concept for the blanket was simple: just plain stripes of UK treble crochet. Single stripes, and not turning the work each time. This makes all the rows the same height (I talked about this a bit in this post: Spring Colours Baby Blanket)

This worked well up to a point, but I noticed that the blanket started to lean one way even though I had the right number of stitches on each row. I think this could be blocked out but I am not going to bother: It’s not a huge problem and it’s not going to be noticeable when it’s being used that it’s a little parallelogram shaped rather than a rectangle.

I started this blanket on the 15th of August, and took the photos of the completed item on the 30th of August. I didn’t work on it during the time that my mum and sister were here, so that’s about 4 or 5 days making a total of ten days to make this whole blanket which is quite impressive until you think that I didn’t do anything except crochet and watch the Hairy Bikers on iPlayer during that time as my feet were so swollen I couldn’t walk!

I worked a little bit on my granny blanket at the same time and it make me laugh to see how similar the colours were. I’m so in to red, blue, green and yellow at the moment!

I decided on a simple border for this blanket because the main focus for me is how lovely and stripy it is and I think a fancy border detracts from that. I worked two UK double crochet stitches in the end of each row (but not the top and bottom edges), and then did one round of uk treble crochet around the whole blanket. I did put a pointy picot edging on it but it was far too fussy and I didn’t like it at all so I pulled it all back. The benefit of the pointy picot edging is that it stops the blanket from curling (as it is worked in the back loops only), so to get the same effect I did another round of double crochet working in the back loops only and it seems to have worked really well.

I also made sure that the first row I made when making the blanket was the colour that I was doing the border in, and I made the final stripe in this colour too.

And here is the finished blanket:

There is no repeating pattern in this blanket. I set out the first 11 colours before I made the blanket to give me a starting point and then after that it’s just a case of choosing each colour as you go. I hesitate to use the word random as I know it’s mathematically incorrect but I just kept an eye on the colours to make sure I didn’t forget any, and to keep the darker shades spaced nicely. I think when you have a striking colour like red in a blanket like this you can either choose to have them equally spaced, or you take the plunge and make them deliberately uneven as I have done here. The thing with unevenly spacing them is that you have to make it look deliberate by leaving very different gaps otherwise it just looks like you can’t count. I also tried not to repeat any salient sequence of colours so that it didn’t look like I had a repeating pattern that went wrong.

I love how it complements my pram, and that it’s wide enough to tuck around baby and under the sides of the mattress. It is also long enough that it can be folded in half and still keep baby snug.

So, let’s try to fit all the stats for this blanket in here:

Yarn used: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in shades (top row L-R) 32, 27, 204 (or 202, can’t remember), 31, 001 and then (bottom row L-R) 47, 101 (cream not used in the end), 700, 46, 49, 44

Hook size: 3.5mm

Starting chain: about 128 I think

Time taken: 10 days ish

Measurements: 58 x 71 cm approx


I LOVED making this blanket. It’s the first time I’ve used the Baby Cashmerino and I hope it won’t be the last. It’s a beautiful yarn to work with and the overall fabric of it is so smooth and warm but still light. It was quick to make, simple to make but with the added excitement of choosing the colours as you go along. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to which is very satisfying. The best part for me though is sitting and hooking it with my mind full of thoughts of the teeny tiny boy that it would soon be keeping snuggly warm in his pram. Being able to make a blanket to keep your baby warm is priceless, and I shall treasure this blanket forever.

40 thoughts on “Tiny Tin Bird’s Pram Blanket

  1. Jo philippart says:

    Wow I love the colours, I’ve been crocheting for almost 10 yrs but still haven’t mastered the crocheting in straight lines,just giant granny squares

  2. Lucy says:

    hey, beautiful blanket for your beautiful boy. word of warning though, i think you’re supposed to have a tv licence even if you only use iplayer. not sure if the tv licence people read your blog, but you never know!

  3. penny says:

    Row by row….
    the love shows!

    Great job Heather! It’s a beautiful little
    blanket. I can imagine TTB dragging it around with him
    all through his toddler years…calling it his
    “Hug Blanky” and it bringing him comfort for a long time. :)
    penny x

  4. This is looking awesome! Aww, I think I need another baby so I can make baby blankies again… Little guy is 16 month old now so the blankets need to be bigger now… Planning a Granny Square Blanket in Pure Wool DK and Cashmerino DK for him now. Different colours but pulled together with blue for “framing” the squares – different blues to add a patchwork look to it without being to colourfull for a boy. But should try something like this with my Baby Cashmerino leftovers once the Ripple is finished…

  5. What a lovely blanket for a lovely little one. I knitted a cable blanket in red debbie bliss cashmerino for our little one before he was born and it now gets used as teddies blanket 3 years later!

  6. Anne Marie says:

    Yes, the love shows through in that blanket, Heather. Such beautiful choice of colour. How nice of that lady to gift you the yarn but you will also be giving her some valuable publicity and advice, as so many look at your blog.

    Lucy is absolutely right in what she said about the TV Licence. They demanded to see husband’s TV licence at his industrial unit. He doesn’t have a TV there and told them that. They said, if he had a computer with access to the internet he needed one, as you can view Tv on the internet. As he doesn’t even have a computer,he’s OK, but they did say they could come to check, any time. Please take care of that, as there is quite a huge fine.

    I bet you are so proud to be pushing your pram with your beautiful TTB covered with the exquisit blanket.

  7. I love the colours, and as you were offered the yarn in exchange for valuable help then it is not at all grabby and perfectly entitled to gracefully accept! Fiona

  8. Wow … lucky you, I don’t blame you accepting the wool as I am sure your advice to Amelia was invaluable! The blanket is lovely TTN is going to have so many treasures when grown up!

    Love to you all!!

  9. Kathryn says:

    super stripy-licious! It’s beautiful and an absolute treasure :) I don’t blame you about the TV licence, we’ve done the same thing using just DVD’s and iplayer – as long as you don’t watch it while it’s being aired they can’t fine you :) hope your carpul tunnel is now improved post-delivery! xxxx

  10. Lovely blanket! Gorgeous colours. I’m new to crochet and love your blog. Any chance of an online tutorial for this blanket? I’ve done a granny stripe blanket but not sure how to go about this one. Many thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sarah, it’s just rows of treble crochet stitches, but when you get to the end don’t turn the work around just start again at the same side that you started on before. I’m afraid tutorials are not possible right now with such a small baby to care for.

  11. Lovely blanket for your baby carriage! I love color and boy did you use COLOR! Oh, yes, many, many, Congratulations on the birth of your baby. I love visiting your blog.

  12. So cute and will be perfect for walks in the chilly Autumn and Winter days! Impressed with your progress and many congratulations on the birth of your handsome young man. :) x

  13. “It goes without saying that one of the most exciting things about having a baby is the blanket making opportunities it provides.” – Haha, I love you for this!

    Beautiful blanket, I’m always in awe of your productivity! x

  14. Dear Heather,

    Congratulations on your beautiful son; and what a delightful blanket. I really love your palette, I must say, I think the little Chanders would look well with such a blanket. Hope all is going well.


  15. Your blanket is lovely. It must be so nice wrapping your little one up in something you have made. I adore the red against the other colours.

  16. louise says:

    Congratulations on the arrival of Tiny Tin Bird! He will be the best “blanketed” baby in the country!Hope all is going well and you are managing some sleep x

  17. Blessyou, that is such a stunning blanket Heather, your baby boy will be super snug this winter. You have a true eye for colour combinations, so clever! xox Penelope

  18. It’s really lovely Heather! I’ve got a few of those colours and I love making things with it. I’m really glad someone sent you some yarn too, what a fab gift :D Hope Tiny Tin Bird is doing ok, and get you being so busy & productive! Take it easy now :) x

  19. I love your blanket and color choices, and I have to agree that yarn is beautiful to work with and works up beautifully. I am knitting a pair of booties for a friend in the yellow and they feel and look gorgeous.
    You are one strong girl, up and about doing all the things you are doing after a c section, (and in jeans!!) lots of people I know are still wobbling about after a few weeks. You look fantastic too I may add. I am guessing your feet and hands are feeling so much better now.
    xo Sandi

  20. Diane says:

    Your blanket is lovely and so obviously made with love!

    A little story about a blanket I made for my hubby. I make them big…long enough to wrap around your feet and up around your shoulders and plenty wide enough to go all the way around and wrap up in. I used 2 strands of yarn using a 1/2 dc (American term) stitch. It was easy, but by the end of it, I was not feeling the love for that afghan. Far too heavy for my tastes. And, he LOVES it. Loves that it’s heavy. I can hear him make happy noises when he snuggles under it on a cold evening.

    It’s such a pleasing thing when someone really likes what you have made for them. I know Tiny TB will enjoy snuggling in the blanket made especially for him by his mama.

  21. You’re a right poo head Heather! Your last few posts have had me welling up a treat. Proper misty eyes that spoil my hastily applied make up.

    Nah, seriously, You bring back all those happy memories of when Big was born. Thank you!


  22. Oooo, lovely blanket. I read somewhere recently that the inclusion of yellow in multi-coloured crochet blankets makes all the other colours look better. No idea if there’s any truth in this, or why it should be, but your blanket definitely benefits from the yellow and red. TTB is going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to blanket snuggling!
    Hope you’re having a good day – as tough as they can seem with little or no sleep, these new-born baby days are to be treasured as there truly is nothing quite like them!

  23. sandra dove says:

    The Tiny Bird Blanket looks absolutely beautiful saw one in mothercare a long time ago I wanted it then but the price was ridiculous Yours look’s so vintage im going to make it and I will with pleasure tell every one who inspired me

  24. Hi Heather! I’ve just started a blanket which virtually follows your pattern (although I couldn’t get hold of Baby Cashmerino last minute) Would you mind me posting a pic of your finished blanket on my blog to show my inspiration?

    Nicole x

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