The View From Here


Otherwise known as The Six Week Growth Spurt.


So, babies are quite the time suck.


For the last few days this little boy has been having a growth spurt. I know this because he is feeding and feeding and feeding and then feeding some more. The health visitor asked if he was properly feeding or just playing. He is properly feeding. Nightime is not particularly fun … last night he was awake from midnight to 3am feeding, burping, being put down to sleep for 0.9 seconds, repeat until I gave in and took him in bed with me where we slept a little on and off. The night before he woke every 40 minutes to feed …


I’m trying to get a bed and bath routine in place starting with a bath, which he absolutely adores. He thinks it’s the best thing ever. Thing is, he has his longest sleep (2-3 hours) after being put to bed so it means I really need to go to bed at the same time to get any sleep at all. This means that I don’t have any time in the evening to do the things I love, such as crochet, fanny about on the internet and talk to Andy. Hence the lack of blogging, the lack of emailing people (Sandi I’m looking at you!) etc.


My head is starting to feel a bit squiffy with the lack of sleep and the overwhelming feeling of a baby that needs ME all of the time. I admit I was unprepared for this growth spurt and I have found it a bit hard to deal with. While I am making enough milk for him, I’m struggling with the amount of my sanity he takes right now! I know it’s just a growth spurt and normally he is fine.


I have two appointments next week to help with the head feeling squiffy-itis so that’s good. My mum is here are the moment which is just wonderful super amazing fantastic but I am dreading Thursday when she goes home. Dreading it. Am tempted to glue her to the wall and not let her go home!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and that while there is sooooooo much good going on, and so much happiness, there are some things I’m struggling with and I’m working hard to not let them cloud how I feel all the time, and that I’m getting some help with that too. I may be a bit quieter around here for a bit, firstly because of time and secondly because all I have on my mind right now are things that are not bloggable. It won’t always be like this, but for now it is and I need to go with the flow and ride it out. See you on the other side …


Multi Tasking

Baby likes to sleep on me and I let him do this for one of his naps during the day (or early evening) because I love it. I don’t want him to think that this is the only place to sleep, or get so used to it that he won’t sleep anywhere else so I sort of limit it to one. What’s the point in having a baby if you can’t have cuddles eh? Crocheting through sleepy cuddle time seems like a great use of time to me though! I can also crochet whilst he sleeps on my shoulder … if I support him with my arm, my hand is free enough to manage the yarn and hold the work. This works best when sitting on the bed and so I have been doing this while he drops off to sleep before settling him down for the night. He benefits from some extra snuggles after he has dropped off while I get to the end of the row ;-)

This is also how I blog (not right now as he’s snoozing in the pram) … my laptop is on a stool next to my chair and as I’m an internet addict it’s on almost all the time. When I feed him I just blog one handed. Easy peasy. I imagine this will change, but right now it works for me.

Tiny Tin Bird is one month old today, can you believe it? Also how annoying is it that “four weeks” don’t equal a month? He was four weeks on Friday but he is one month today. I don’t know which to celebrate!

Oh and to those who worry about me doing too much housework … please don’t worry. I am not!