Joining Granny Squares

Each time I show a blanket or project where I have crocheted the granny squares together, I get comments asking what method I use. I am usually a bit surprised at this because I just assume that anyone who reads my blog has found it via Attic 24 and I just use Lucy’s joining method really. Perhaps I get more visitors than I think that don’t come via Attic 24!

Anyway, I have made a brief tutorial of how I join my granny squares, it’s in the sidebar or you can use this link.

A few notes about the blanket that I’m making …

The pattern is the same one I used for my “Just for Me”┬áblanket. It’s an amalgamation of granny square patterns and I did a post a while back on the construction: Granny Squares.

The yarn I’m using is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino dk, it is mainly leftovers from my ripple blanket with a pale blue outer colour. You can see the yarn shades HERE, sadly a lot of them are discontinued. The current shade card is here, however the site I use to check discontinued shades, Yarndex, is telling me that the whole range was discontinued in Spring 2012 which I hope isn’t true!

In my Granny Squares blanket, I did not use the following shades: 35, 06, 41, 36 and only tiny amounts of 32 and 33 as they were too dark.

I also added shades 44 and 46 which were new shades this year but again Yarndex is saying that they were discontinued in the spring. (I am not sure that this is correct – perhaps if Debbie Bliss reads here she could confirm? heh.)

And finally, yes of course I will take photos of it all spread out, absolutely, but it’s not finished yet and I don’t want to put photos of it out like that until I’ve done the border. Sorry, but you’ll just have to wait :-)

I am still intending to do a list on the right sidebar of all my finished projects which will hopefully answer questions and patterns and yarns used, but er, I haven’t got round to doing it yet. I do put yarn & pattern information in the first post I do about a project as well, but I don’t see the point in putting that information in each time I mention the project, it just gets repetitive and I don’t want to have to list it all out each time. Sorry, but I just don’t! I’ll try to get working on the finished items sidebar. Let’s see if I can get THAT done before baby arrives!

EDIT: Well it’s done, all my finished items are now on the sidebar. I didn’t realise I had so many. Also, it is so cringey reading through old blog posts!

17 thoughts on “Joining Granny Squares

  1. Rosy Nancarrow says:

    What a lovely bump photo Heather! and what a lovely blanket too, can’t wait to see the finished articles – blanket and baby xxx

  2. I had been wondering how to JAYG for Elmer Squares, you are a star writing this up, I will have a go! Just had a go at regular JAYG for first time (I am quite happy sewing up too) but with 3ch in my corners of a regular Granny it is looking a bit pulled in all directions…thank goodness for stars like you!

  3. admin says:

    Hi Fiona,

    I think 2 chains in the corner is fine if you are doing JAYG, but having 3 is better for crocheting them together. Just in my experience anyway :-)

  4. Bonnie in PA says:

    Thank you so much for all the information, especially when you do have more pressing matters to consider. Your patience with your readers is much appreciated. I look forward to hearing of the arrival of your little one. It is a special time. Good luck! (Also, I have tried different numbers, and totally agree with you on how many chains to put in a corner and when.)

  5. Thank you for putting your FOs on the sidebar. I just love looking at such stuff!

    Gosh I really hope it is NOT true that Cashmerino DK has been discounted. :-( Your Granny Blanket is so gorgeous that I wanted to have a go with the same yarn.

    BTW: Your bump looks just like mine the day before Baby-Boy was born ;-)

  6. 5ladybirdlane says:

    I found you through Catherine at ‘simple beginnings’. Now I’m following your posts, every time you post I think it’s going to be about your imminent arrival (please hurry up!!) Sarah

  7. A lovely photo of bump. Love the colours too and can’t wait to see the blanket when it’s finished with the borders. Hope all goes well with the babe.

  8. Yummy scrummy yarn! Can’t wait to see your blanket in all its glory. Thank you for the ‘ta dah’ list. I love looking at people’s finished items to dream about what to make next. Btw, I am now up to March 2011 which is nearly when I started reading your blog and I’ve really enjoyed reading all your old posts and moving house with you, so thank you! Abigail x

  9. M. Isabel says:

    Hope your baby come today, it is my birthday, and I will be thinking on her/him the rest of my life. Good Luck and happy arrival and the best for Mummy and Child !!

  10. Iesadora says:

    Your bump looks beautiful with those colorful squares!!! I think I found you from Lucy’s blog, maybe it was the other way around … hmmm. No matter I’m just glad I’ve got your guys =D

  11. Iesadora says:

    Your bump looks beautiful with those colorful squares!!! I think I found you from Lucy\’s blog, maybe it was the other way around … hmmm. No matter I\’m just glad I\’ve got your guys =D

  12. Brenda says:

    Hurry up and have this baby Heather (meant in the nicenst way possible), I go away (to England by coincidence) in 2 sleeps and I am checking madly to see your good news! On a more serious note, enjoy this last bit of quiet time, be good to yourself and get plenty of rest, your little bundle is about to change you like you never believed possible – enjoy. xxBrenda

  13. I found your blog through the Let’s Get Crafting article they wrote about you, not Lucy – though I’m sure I would have looked you up as she mentions you fairly regularly. :-)

    The yarn site is useful, thanks.

  14. Emmie says:

    You are so young but so productive! Keep up with the good work…love it.Iam old and can still learn from you.

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