For weeks before she visited, Rachel made little hinty comments on Twitter about a secret project that she was working on for the baby, and how she was DESperate to tell me about it. I know how lovely it is to surprise someone with your handmade efforts so I deliberately didn’t ask her about the project at all in case she ruined the surprise for herself.

Anyway the day finally came where she could give me the present … and we made her wait until Andy got home so that he could see it too! We were blown away by what she had made us … an elephant mobile! I mean seriously, how lovely is it? So much love has gone into making it.

The white elephant with the blue roses on is made from fabric that belonged to my Grandma from decades ago.

This purple and green elephant is made with fabric from dresses that Auntie Joan gave to me and Rachel when we were ten and six years old. They were given to us on the way down to Pevensey and when we arrived there we ran straight into the sea in them. I’ll have to find the photo for you, it’s one of my favourites. (Actually Rachel as you are at home can you have a look for it and email me a copy? Might be in one of my albums but not sure.)

The French apples fabric my mum bought in a charity shop a couple of years ago, and the ear fabric Rachel bought in Winchester I think with her friend.

This fabric is a modern one from a Moda layer cake I bought a while ago, the same range as the little quilt my mum made for my cousin’s baby.

This red elephant is made from a dress that my mum bought at a table top sale in the 80’s and is dear to me because I had things made from it as a child. It’s very evocative! (Andy said that it’s Very Eighties.)

Apparently getting them all to balance was the hardest part!

We both love it so much and I’m tickled pink that baby has such a beautiful homemade mobile to gaze at.

Handmade is so special isn’t it? So much love and effort has gone into making it and it makes me happy to know that my family care so much about my baby :-)

Thank you Rachel, you will be rewarded in due course with baby snuggles!


p.s this is my 500th post … blimey.

This Time Last Week

I love the “This Time Next Week” game, but the “This Time Last Week” game is always less fun to play as it makes me wish that the things from last week were still happening! This time last week, my mum and my sister Rachel were staying with us, and we were in the pub with Andy after having had a deeeeelicious meal at a bistro in our town. The pub was super mega hot and I was hitting the hard stuff (water with ice) like nobody’s business. We had a fab time and then came home and stayed up for ages chatting and joking around.

We did the usual sorts of things that we do when they visit: a look around the shops, a visit to the Antique Centre (or the Junk Shop as Andy calls it), visits to the coffee shop etc. See that carrot cake? MINE. YUM. We went to the coffee shop twice actually, on the second time we went my bump made three really BIG STRONG movements and then when we got home we realised that it had dropped – weirdest feeling ever, between “oh my goodness it’s getting closer” as that was the first indication I’ve had that things could move along any time, and “ahhh baby is no longer trying to get it’s bum in my ribs!”

It’s pretty hard for me to get around at the moment with my big fat feet and waddly gait but we had a good time and also managed to get stuff done here. We cleaned the crib, my mum made a beautiful curtain for the baby’s room, Rachel sorted out a lot of baby clothes for me and then organised my hospital bag for me. I had thought that my hospital bag was almost ready but when she unpacked my (feeble) attempts and started comparing it with the suggested list from the ante natal course, it became apparent that I’m rubbish! Fortunately she is very good at organising and my bags are now Packed And Ready. (Wish I was!)

They also helped me to pick out new glasses, which I will have to debut to you soon. This may sound like a mundane thing to blog about but to me it’s HUGE. The last time I had new glasses was when I was 17. That’s 9 years ago! Eeep.

On Monday we went to Ilkley, which was a bit soggy but the flowers outside the greengrocer’s were as beautiful as ever. While we were here I forgot to take care of myself a bit and went from “I’m fine … I’m fine …  I’m fine …  I’m still fine …” to “OH MY I NEED TO SIT DOWN AND HAVE FOOD AND DRINK RIGHT NOW!!!!!” but after a large hot chocolate, a croissant and a falafel wrap in Costa I was able to continue our day in a drama free fashion. (I understand that I am pregnant and that things are different when you are pregnant, but I hate being so needy and diva-like!)

We paid a little visit to the Betty’s shop, the window is always full of lovely things like ladybirds and marzipan mice. We don’t go to the Betty’s Cafe when we go to Ilkley because I hate it when I have to take out a second mortgage to get a cup of tea and a cake. We did buy Andy a ladybird brownie though as he wasn’t able to come with us what with having a job and all. Well, someone has to support my maternity-ridden self I suppose.

One thing that’s noteworthy about Ilkley is that the charity shops are fab. They’re full of good quality merchandise as the people who donate to them tend to be quite well off. I scored some books for the baby (Brambly Hedge and “Little Bear Lost”. I LOVE buying books from my childhood for the baby. Will have to do a post about that sometime. As a side note, have you seen that a Jane Hissey “Old Bear” compendium is being released soon? I absolutely have to get this for myself Tiny Tin Bird!),

The weather brightened up as we walked through the little ghyll in between Wells Walk and Wells Promenade. I love walking through there, it’s so fresh and peaceful. I am going to title the above photo “I Know These Shoes Don’t Go, But I Am Too Far Gone To Care.” Catchy.

And er, I’m trying not to get too worked up about this but there has definitely been an Autumnal nip in the air lately and I think the trees agree …