The Edge

I have made it to the edge of my blanket!

If you need me, I am sat on the bed hooking away. Eeee! This has been such a speedy blanket. I am to get it finished by the weekend. Hurrah for maternity leave and crafting in the day time! I intend to make the most of this as I heard a rumour that babies take up quite a lot of time.


13 thoughts on “The Edge

  1. Liz says:

    The edge is so neat it looks fab.Can you tell me how you do it.Am just trying to finish a baby blanket for my niece baby due 16 Sept but keep getting distracted by the Olympics.Also how did you manage to join the squares so neatly on your baby’s first blanket.Need to pick yourbrain now cos soon you will be oh so busy but it will be lovely.Take all your opportunities to snooze now and don’t refuse any offers of help.

  2. Sue says:

    I wish my edges were as neat as yours on this blanket. More practice needed :-)

    I remember when I had my first baby and how I thought I would have lots of time between feeds. By the time I had fed baby and sorted out a few things it was feeding time again LOL. Things were not easy for the first 10 weeks as baby screamed day and night. The doctor never found out why she was so unhappy but many years later we discovered that the poor thing was and still is lactose intolerant. I am an expert on this subject now.

    Sadly intolerances are still not diagnosed and many mothers are told that their babies are suffering from reflux and or colic. Adults are told that they have IBS.

    I am sure that your baby will not be as trying as my first. Enjoy every minute as time passes so quickly, more so with baby 2.

  3. hello Heather

    Your balnket is going to be as beautiful as ever, enjoy your maternity leave as yes it will certainly be a busy time when your babe arrives xox So exciting! xox Penelope

  4. Kara Nutt says:

    Such a beautiful edging! I will have to remember that for my next hooky blanket. Thank you for the lovely close up picture.

  5. karen says:

    Ha ha! It’s not true – babies are a piece of cake! 12 year olds on the other hand… :) xxx

    ps LOVE your blanket, have bought myself a little collection of blues and greys to make one like it xx

  6. Sharon Braxton says:

    I really, really like that edging. Babies do take a lot of time but it is so worth it. Relax, enjoy and love that little darling as much as you can. They grow up way too fast (spoken by a mother of a 35 and 33 year old) *sniff*

  7. Nanita says:

    Very pretty edging! And I somehow missed your last post – congratulations to Rachel and you look fabulous in that pretty dress! :-) xxxx

  8. Jane says:

    Hello Heather, glad to hear that you are enjoying your maternity leave. Love the edging – its so neat. Make the most of your days before the little tin bird appears, and try and relax. My son is 16 now and i remember how nice it was to be at home nesting before he was born. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket xx

  9. Love that edge!!!!
    Enjoy the lull before the storm……(lull continues–imho—several years after baby arrives…’s when they get to the 7-8 year old age that they can bring you to tears!–and those teen years!!! YIKES!!!!)

    TOTALLY worth it!!!

  10. Twigwoman says:

    what stitch/pattern is this done in? Like nothing I have seen before…. quite lovely…
    Also tis no rumor about the amount of time babies consume… but aside from being tired its all so very worth it!!!!
    As you in England say: its Aces!!!!!

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