June Mosaics

I knew that there was something I had forgotten to do! I suddenly realised this morning that I had not done my June Mosaics, and as it is now, ooooh the 25th of JULY, I thought I’d better get these posted pronto. Here we go:

So first of all, I worked on my Big Elmer blanket a lot in June and started laying out the squares to choose the order. My mother in law and her husband visited for a day and helped Andy put the ceiling up in the lounge. I bought Sweet Williams and haven’t actually seen any in the shops since, so I’m glad I did. We went to see Ginger in York as my birthday present, I bought a crib for our baby and started on the first round of “clearing things out and taking them to the charity shop” to make room for said baby. I travelled home to see my family where they had some bonding time with the baby and we played with my new Ergo carrier. I also put my feet up a LOT as my ankles went a bit crazy.

While at home, we bathed the guinea pigs (who HATE it but it’s so necessary), made chocolate brownies and had Grandma over for coffee to look at old photos, enjoyed time in the garden, ate delicious food, played with the rabbits and generally just had a lovely happy time together.

We went to Stratford on Avon for Rachel’s birthday and then had chocolate crispy tiffin cake afterwards. We celebrated my birthday (intentionally late) with presents and yummy cake. We all went to Pevensey for our cousin’s wedding and had a precious twenty minutes or so on our most favourite beach in the world. After that, my mum, Alice and Rachel all went home and me and Andy drove to Southampton to stay with Andy’s dad for a while. He had water lillies growing in his pond! Aren’t they lovely? While we were there we walked in the New Forest at Brockenhurst, visited Buckler’s Hard and also Eling Tide Mill.

June was a jam packed month and I LOVE IT. I don’t care that it was rainy, I had a lovely time and the two weeks I had off from work were pretty good weather wise. I look forward to taking baby away on holiday with us next June :-)

On my hook

In between going to work, sleeping, thinking about sleep and trying to make our house habitable for a new small person, I have managed to squeeze in a bit of hooky here and there. On my hook at the moment is a dinky Vintage Stripe blanket in beautiful spring colours. (An Autumn baby can have spring colours, of course they can!) Bluey blue sky … yellow primroses … and green so fresh like the new shoots and leaves appearing on the trees. Two rows before I cook dinner, three rows before I got to bed. It all adds up nicely.

(Blue = 45, Green = 14, Yellow = 37.)

The yarn is Katia Merino baby (you may remember it from here), Katherine sent me another blue and green for my birthday this year and I love it. Initially I was a bit daunted because it’s 4ply, but it’s working up wonderfully quickly. That’s partly because it’s a narrow blanket of course, but it’s just so lovely and light to work with that you don’t get tired from it. Not that my usual DK is particularly heavy, but you know what I mean. Plus you get very good yardarge with 4ply!

One thing that I find with the Vintage Stripe though is that it’s very hard to sew in your ends neatly. The stitches aren’t dense enough to hide them and they look a bit naff. Still, never mind I’m sure Tiny Tin Bird won’t notice and a border will be distraction enough I’m sure.

I’ve tried to make a Vintage Stripe before and gave up on it ages ago. I started it in August 2009 (3 weeks before my wedding) using Patons Cotton DK and a 3mm hook. Error! 3mm is too small for that yarn and it’s very hard work. I made my foundation rows far too tight, and couldn’t keep my edges straight at all. Silly now I think about it because it’s so simple … work between the stitches and make an increase at the end of your row. That’s it! This time has gone much better, if anything my foundation row is looser than my actual work (I often find this, especially with ripples) and all of my edges are neat. The only slight niggle is that I’ve gone through some bits of the stitches early on, but you can’t really notice unless you’re looking for them.

What’s on your hook at the moment?