If I could bottle this feeling I think I could make a lot of money. The feeling of “I MUST get this cleaned/tidied/sorted RIGHT NOW and nothing will stop me”. Bottled motivation! It’s a bit unpredictable though, I need to be cleaning/tidying/sorting the baby’s room and instead I find myself feeling that I absoLUTELY MUST get the inside of my kitchen cupboards washed and all the cans lined up. Or the bottles in the photo above. This is the little windowsill at the top of the stairs and up until now it’s had various packets of screws/nails/shims on it, along with a couple of jugs and the tall glass bottle. I don’t think I’ve cleaned it since we moved in as it was a “work area” and there are some cleaning battles that aren’t worth entering. The tall bottle also had a dead dahlia in it from erm, last September, and every weekend I thought “hmm, must clean that windowsill”. But never did. Until now. Now it is DONE. It is cleaned and scrubbed and prettified with bottles that look lovely when the light shines through them in the afternoon.

I’m not sure whether doing things like this is just another form of procrastinating from doing the baby’s room but I just get these moments of intense “I CANNOT have this baby while I still have folders full of university stuff that I need to recycle!” or, “I CANNOT have this baby while I know the cupboards need cleaning!”.

Or perhaps (and this has occurred to me a few times) I’m just really dirty and I’m finally becoming competent at housework? Who knows, either way I’m enjoying the results.

19 thoughts on “Bottles

  1. MsZeb says:

    I always feel that if the urge to clean and tidy overwhelms me, I shouldn’t resist it because who knows when it will happen again…..

  2. Sara says:

    Not sure if this will help but the “I must clean/tidy” doesn’t go away you can never get everything sorted in time.

    So my personal advice for what it is worth is do what you can and just try and let what is not done go, but enjoy the pregnancy with minimum stress added as it is an amazing time and when little peeps comes into the world the “must clean” will still be there but just do little at a time.

    Love the window though looks lovely.

  3. Twigwoman says:

    Sounds like your wee tin bird will be putting in an appearance very soon…
    CLASSIC Nesting going on here….. BTW: its nothing to do with things being dirty or out of sorts….
    were your home spotless and totally organized you’d be experiencing the very same feelings…
    All biochemically brought to you by your own Hormones <3

  4. Sue says:

    I love those bottles.

    I got the nesting bug when I was pregnant the second time round. I had the house spring cleaned in time for the February birth. On top of that I even did some gentle gardening two days before daughter 2 arrived. Maybe that is why she arrived early LOL.

    I was very organised for baby 1 too.

    I think you should go with your feelings but don’t do too much.

  5. With my first baby, I was living in a renovation project. He was due on the 3rd of October. On the 20th September, at around mid afternoon I had finished the very last Nesting Item on my list. He arrived a few hours later.

    Just keep going!!!!


  6. Definitely nesting! On the morning of the day I had our son I was out at the front cleaning our large lounge window, wondering how often my funny ‘backache’ pains were happening!

  7. Definitely nesting! On the morning of the day I had our son I was out at the front cleaning our large lounge window, wondering how often my funny \’backache\’ pains were happening!

  8. Loving your bottle collection Heather! As for the pre baby cleaning yup I went through it too. In fact the day before my third baby I washed every pair of nets in the house, washed the kitchen floor and went to town on the bus for some bits and bobs! I think it’s Mother Natures way of making sure you’re really ready!!!

  9. Kate B says:

    Just got back from hols and caught up with your blog…if you still want a rocking/gliding nursing chair I have one you can have for free (if you are ok to pick it up from nr Stratford on Avon) My youngest is 12 now and it’s been out on loan to a couple of nursing mum friends and it really is high time it moved on. I’ve definitely retired from breeding duties… Plain cream upholstery, currently covered in my first ever granny square throw!email me on if you are interested. Kate x

  10. Sarah says:

    If its lots of cleaning and clearing out you want you can come and do mine! Just joking!! Just get” little tin bird’s” room done and you bag packed. Then put your feet up. You may do some crochet. You can take this as being an ORDER!!!!!!!! xxx

  11. Anne Marie says:

    I was just going to sing the song “Ten Green Bottles”, then realised there were not ten. Glass, particularly coloured glass, is lovely. I love bottles.

  12. penelope10 says:

    It’s called Nesting, that feeling of tidying and cleaning.
    My daughter Natalie and I felt we had 6 weeks left to do and get the baby furniture, and lo and behold Rylan, baby girl arrived July 21. She was due Aug 30.
    She is doing fab and at home now, and we all pulled together and got everything ready. She is finding she has alot of time in between the feedings to do things, as the schedule is working well.
    It all just comes together no matter what.
    What a doll she is!

    I even got to see the birth, never did that before. It was truly beautiful, I couldn’t stop crying!
    Penny xx

  13. Haha, nesting, I remember that! I had the urge to clean but due to a problem with my pelvis in pregnancy I was on crutches by the time I got to the nesting stage and couldn’t actually do anything – talk about frustrating! And a tremendous waste, I could have been living in a spotless home for the first time in my (adult) life :-D.

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