One of the things that made me the happiest when I went home was being able to share my pregnancy with my mum and sisters (my brother is a bit freaked out by the whole thing and will only hug me from the side so that the belly doesn’t get him!). From getting excited over baby clothes (and treating me and baby to lovely things <3), helping me figure out how to work my new Ergo (yes I actually bought something for the baby! I was as surprised as you are.) with the use of Beatrice the teddybear in lieu of baby to feeling the baby kick and any opportunity and even listening to his/her movements as well, they’re fab. This little baby is going to be so loved. I do predict though that I should make the most of pushing the pram when I’m on my own because when I’m with these guys I’m not going to get a look in! hehe.

I had intended to do a longer post tonight but our aircon at work has been turned off for “maintenance” over the next three weeks and it was so hot that I had to leave early and I’m still not feeling great which isn’t conducive to long blogging. I have though, sewn in all my blanketty ends so that’s a bonus.

7 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. Hi Heather, found your blog via Attic24 and have enjoyed reading through the archives ever since! Sorry to hear you’re not feeling great – unfortunately that sounds scarily similar to the company I work for – ‘when’s the best time to service the aircon – why, that would be either the point in the year when it’s likely to be the hottest, or in February when it’s probably going to be the coldest’…obviously, don’t engage common sense and pick either spring or autumn when you’ve got at least a chance of not freezing or boiling! Hope they get it sorted quicker than expected and you feel a lot more comfy very soon. Your trip home sounds lovely, so wonderful to spend time with your family and be able to share the pregnancy with them!
    Marg x

  2. tricia says:

    Hello Heather, What a blessing that you are a sharer,some people arent, love your posts, what exciting times lie ahead, enjoy every single moment it goes so fast.Thank you for teaching me how to crochet, have a great weekend.

  3. Debora says:

    It’s great that everyone shares your love for this baby!
    I share the feeling of alisia saying she misses the kicks!
    And an Ergo! that’s great! I’m still using it with my 21 month old doughter

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