Everyday Bits and Pieces

Illuminated clouds

More renovation work

Flaming sunset

A sunny day! Walking to the post office after work

Pretty houses on the way back from the post office

Early morning shadows don’t look pregnant

At the station: blue one way …

… but hazy the other

Out of focus hooky on the train

Leeds Trinity on the way to see Rach

Teeny tiny socks-that-look-like-shoes!

Fantasy sofa choosing in Ikea

Baby things with lady birds on from Ikea!

Tea in a bugmug!

Saving paid off!

Tea and hot chocolate with The Girl

Shoes that fit my fat pregnant feet

A blustery day = perfect for drying on the line

Pink striped sky

A little hooky time and some decent progress

Finding the moth from last night snoozing in a candle

Doing normal-people house things: painting!

A freshly cleaned sink

Fading sunset after a changeable day

Bottles in the sunset

and finally, my colossal 34 week bump.

Growing the bump is my main activity these days, although I am doing a LOT of things none of them are particularly coherent. The snapshots above were taken over the course of July and are just bits of my everyday, recorded for posterity and because I haven’t been doing anything interesting enough to write a lot of words about. Sometimes pictures are just fine though and I’m glad to have a record of the small things.


If I could bottle this feeling I think I could make a lot of money. The feeling of “I MUST get this cleaned/tidied/sorted RIGHT NOW and nothing will stop me”. Bottled motivation! It’s a bit unpredictable though, I need to be cleaning/tidying/sorting the baby’s room and instead I find myself feeling that I absoLUTELY MUST get the inside of my kitchen cupboards washed and all the cans lined up. Or the bottles in the photo above. This is the little windowsill at the top of the stairs and up until now it’s had various packets of screws/nails/shims on it, along with a couple of jugs and the tall glass bottle. I don’t think I’ve cleaned it since we moved in as it was a “work area” and there are some cleaning battles that aren’t worth entering. The tall bottle also had a dead dahlia in it from erm, last September, and every weekend I thought “hmm, must clean that windowsill”. But never did. Until now. Now it is DONE. It is cleaned and scrubbed and prettified with bottles that look lovely when the light shines through them in the afternoon.

I’m not sure whether doing things like this is just another form of procrastinating from doing the baby’s room but I just get these moments of intense “I CANNOT have this baby while I still have folders full of university stuff that I need to recycle!” or, “I CANNOT have this baby while I know the cupboards need cleaning!”.

Or perhaps (and this has occurred to me a few times) I’m just really dirty and I’m finally becoming competent at housework? Who knows, either way I’m enjoying the results.