… and breathe

I went on a little day trip last week. Betcha can’t guess where …

I have about three blog posts (at least!) in my mind that I want to write about but this week has slipped past me in a bit of a blur. Well not so much slipped, I feel like we have determinedly hiked right to the very top of this week wearing unsuitable footwear and battling tough weather.

But … Andy rang me at lunch time today and asked if, instead of me cooking like usual, I would like to be taken out for dinner instead.

When I got home from work, instead of setting to in the kitchen and washing up/drying up/making tomorrow’s lunches/cooking dinner, I made myself a cup of tea and sat down to sew in the ends on my granny squares.

Instead of the “whatever from the freezer with some kind of salad” that I had planned I met Andy at the station and we went out for Italian. I had the cannelloni, he had the belly pork. It was lovely and I felt myself relaxing for the first time all week.

When we got home, we had another cup of tea and listened to The News Quiz on iPlayer while I finished sewing in my granny square ends. 36 squares now.

After that, we felt the baby kicking for a while. I can actually see the kicks a lot of the time, although Andy can’t see them. The feeling of seeing and feeling baby kick is out of this world and I don’t think my fascination with it will ever end.

Now, I am going to bed happy in the knowledge that I can turn my alarm clock off and sleep without needing to wake and get up at a certain time. I have four work-free days in which I can tidy up and get sorted, make more granny squares and start clearing what will become the baby’s room in September. We are collecting a baby crib on Monday (bought for a bargain from someone at work) and have some plans for working on the lounge.

Tonight has been a very happy night after a long week with frustrating days.


11 thoughts on “… and breathe

  1. Just catching up with all your news Heather, after being without a computer for a while. What a lovely man Andy clearly is, he knew just what you needed.

    All a good while ago for me, but isn’t the kicking just brilliant. A bit less so when baby starts to tap dance on your ribs in hob nail boots in a few weeks time, but only the teeniest bit less so.

    Enjoy that relaxing weekend x

  2. That sounds lovely Heather, it is good for the soul to do things like that every now and then. Four days off sounds perfect, I have 4 days off after this next week and am looking forward to not hearing the alarm at 6am!!!!! Have a lovely long weekend.
    xo Sandi

  3. sew says:

    Enjoy every minute of your baby’s kicks and take it easy over the weekend. My granddaughter was 11 months old yesterday & it seems no time since we were watching her/him on the move in her mummy’s tummy!

  4. Aah, that man of yours is wonderful…just when you were possibly feeling exhausted he surprises you with the unexpected – and it’s all the better for being unexpected, isn’t it?
    Have a wonderful weekend together no matter what you do, plan to do or even don’t do!!

  5. Glad to hear the week ended well!! Enjoy your remaining 3 days. Dan is 21 now and I can still remember what it felt like when he kicked. You have so many wonderful times to come!

  6. I haven’t been keeping up with my favorite blogs lately (busy time I guess) and I just popped over to see how things were going on your side of the pond and WOOT! You’re expecting a BABY!!!???! How exciting!!! Congratulations! That is so wonderful. You will be a great mommy. And I’m sure you’re baby is going to have the prettiest crochet items around! :)

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