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There was rain during the night. I don’t mind rain during the night as long as it stops before I want to go outside the next day! On Monday evening we drove Alice back to uni and had to drive through the most horrendous rain. I found out later that there had been a small tornado nearby (in Oxfordshire! Who’d’ve thunk it?) at the same time so it was probably the same storm that we were caught in.

On Tuesday morning the rain had stopped and it had left beautiful jewels in the garden plants.

We set off early, intending to visit Brackley Antiques Cellar before doing the Tesco shop. We were a bit early but thankfully it’s situated below a big Waitrose so we had a little Waitrose picnic in the car before we went in. Iced bun for my mum, mango slices for me (I was feeling fruity that day).

Brackley Antiques Cellar is massive and well worth a visit, but it’s not a place where you will really find a bargain. The sellers know what they’re selling and price accordingly. Always good for a nosey around though.

We left there and headed towards Tesco, marvelling a little at how green it was after months of rain rain rain. The Northamptonshire countryside is beautiful right now, full of fresh new growth leaves, baby animals and huge expanses of bright yellow Oilseed Rape. I know the latter is not an indigenous plant (it’s a crop) but it certainly looks stunning when so many fields are such a bright colour. I remember one year there was a field of sunflowers, that was incredible.

My mum suggested an impromptu diversion: a visit to Limes Farm for a drink. I’d not been here before, but it’s lovely. Still quite basic but you can tell they’re putting a lot of effort and work into it.

I enjoyed a hot chocolate and my mum a coffee while we discussed crafty things and made some crafty doodles.

Best bit?

Ginger biscuits with your drinks!

Outside there were sheep in the field …

… cheeky lambs in the barn …

… and blissed out bunnies sunning themselves :-)

Definitely made the tesco shopping more fun! Oh and we bought baby clothes as well for my New Baby Cousin. We went to visit him (with Grandma) on Thursday and aww, he is just lovely. Its not fair to put photos or names of babies on here when their parents don’t know about it, but you’ll just have to imagine how lovely he is. It felt very special to be holding him.

Oh yes and on Tuesday after all the antiques, coffee and tesco fun I fell fast asleep and woke up with a comedy sized bump strapped to my front.

Sort of doubled in size during one nap! No wonder I was tired. I like looking down on it like that but I must be honest and tell you that from the side, I just look overweight. It does not look like the lovely roundy bump that the photo above implies!  I like to imagine that it does though, and just don’t bother looking in the mirror.

We had another outing on Wednesday, sort of. Patch was fiiiiiinally having his braces removed so we spent a lot of time waiting in Northampton, and a bit of a trip to Ikea, and then some more time waiting in Northampton. He’s so happy to have them off though, and they have worked so well that I make a big effort not to think of that as a wasted day as it certainly wasn’t for him.

Next time: Staying in!

8 thoughts on “Home: Out and About

  1. I remember those cheeky bunnies at Lime Farm. When we last went, I spend ages watching them dig, dig, digging away at a hole that had nearly broken right under the fence! They look worn out in that picture, so maybe they’d be at it again? xx

  2. I remember that stage when I was starting to show but to others looks plump instead of preggers, I used to push my tummy right out and pat it all the time lol!

  3. Looks like you and your mum had a wonderful time out and about. I do like stopping for some tea/coffee and a nibble when I’m out shopping. Even if it’s just to the supermarket it just transforms a mundane chore into something more pleasant. Plus it gives you the stamina to deal with the other shoppers ;)

    As for your bump yes that will happen. I remember with my first pregnancy I just looked slightly overweight in the tum area until about 7 months gone. I then woke up one morning and I was pregnant. My bump just seemed to grow to a massive size overnight. Very shocking too as until then I had not one stretch mark. I remember crying my eyes out when I saw them, hubby thought I was such a silly sausage. Now I wear my “stripes” with pride.

  4. sew says:

    I found your blog via Attic24 and read it regularly though have never commented before. However, this had to change today as I live a few minutes walk from Brackley antiques cellar and am off to Waitrose NOW!! Last year
    I bought a wicker crib (now outgrown) from the antiques place for my granddaughter and, after a good scrub, I sewed & crocheted until it looked perfect for a lovely little girl (now 10 months old).She’s waiting patiently for grandma to take her for a walk so must go. Your baby will bring such joy as our Baby B has done.

  5. That looks like a lovely day. Maybe baby changed position and stretched your tummy whilst you were sleeping! It’s lovely when the bump starts looking very baby bump like and not the ‘is she pregnant or overweight?’ look!

  6. Kathryn says:

    Lovely rain diamonds in the greenery! Looking forward to the ‘staying in’ post :) – will there be crochet?! Oh I hope so! Having ventured into the world of blanket making I am well and truly hooked! LOL :) xx

  7. Love following your blog, found via Attic24. Your photo of the jewel droplets of rain nestling in the plants was timely. I had just pointed out the very same thing to my 2 year old granddaughter. She wasn’t as amazed and delighted as Granny though! However, the ladybird crawling on a nearby leaf definitely caught her attention and had to be shown to Grandpa later.

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