Thank you!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note (as I’m just scoffing my breakfast before heading out to work) to say a massive thank you to you all for your congratulations and well-wishes, you’re all lovely and the response was a bit overwhelming! In a very good way of course.

We’re really happy and excited and I’m looking forward to sharing more of it with you as we go on. Not all the TMI stuff but the nice stuff like blankets and baby kicks :-)

thanks again :-D


Tiny Tin Bird

I’ve been hoping and wishing and dreaming about making this blog post for a long time but now that the time is actually here I find myself somewhat at a loss for words. I am hoping that more words will come to me if I just keep typing … hopefully they will be assembled coherently :-)

For some months now I have been keeping a secret from you. A secret that started out teeny tiny (the size of a poppy seed apparently) and over time has grown and grown and is now the approximate size of a cantaloupe melon. If you haven’t guessed what kind of secret it is yet, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer: it’s a baby-sized secret!

Yes that’s right, come September (all being well), Tiny Tin Bird will make our family of two into a family of three, make our parents into grandparents and our siblings into aunts and uncles. To say that we are happy and excited about this is an understatement. I’m sure you can imagine that we are completely over the moon!

So far, my pregnancy has been fine apart from some wicked tiredness. Oh my! It’s a wonder I’ve achieved anything this year at all, all I have really wanted to do is spend every spare moment in my bed. Some days I have! I had also really hoped that “baby brain” was a myth, sadly that myth became reality at about 6 weeks when I managed to leave my shoes at work and has now progressed into things like making pots of tea with no teabags and being really confused when the “tea” came out clear!

We’re both so happy and since we had our second scan on Friday (all healthy and fine!) we have just had perma-grins attached to our faces. I’ve been cautious of getting too excited or telling the world prior to this point but hopefully being half way through means that it’s ok to share and start thinking about things to buy. I’m making a list of things I would like to buy (why is my taste so expensive?!) and an even bigger list of how I can afford these things! (To be honest, those are the only two things on my list so that’s not too bad …)

I’m also making a list of all the blanketty things I would like to make for him/her. (The English Language is missing a pronoun don’t you think?) I have been saving some Cotton-Ease for about three years for this purpose and tried to start it last week but it transpires that me and Cotton-Ease just do NOT get on, so that idea is out of the window. I have some other good ideas though, don’t worry, and I am very much looking forward to sharing them with you as time goes on.

So yes, there you go. The reason for my intermittent blogging, grumpy-guts posts and overall my giddy, over-the-moon happiness: