Best Laid Plans

Making plans can sometimes be great. Sunday morning for example, I got up at 8am and made a big batch of vegetable soup, cooked all the necessary bits for Andy’s lunches during the week and made 2 batches of the absolutely essential oaty cookies that we both have as our afternoon snacks when at work. I put a load of washing on, showered and dried my hair and was on time to meet Rach at the station. After Rach left, I had planned to spend the whole afternoon curled up in my chair putting a border on this bad boy (above) as I’d finished joining the squares the night before. Sounds good doesn’t it? Oh and I had also planned to help Andy install the new bathroom sink. We didn’t anticipate that this would take long, we’d just need to turn the water off for a short while.

Oh ho ho ho. Four and a half hours later, at half past EIGHT we emerge from the bathroom, weary, achey, tired, confused and overall damn well relieved that we finally managed to make the (%£%$$£”$ pipes match up to the £”%£^%$& taps in order that we could turn the water back on. Oh my GOODNESS! It’s done now, the sink is in and it’s working (THANK GOODNESS) and nothing has exploded yet but let me tell you this: after we’ve finished renovating this house, I am either NEVER leaving it, or ONLY leaving it for a house where there is absolutely no work needing to be done. Nothing.

It was after we fitted the sink that we looked at each other and decided that in fact, we quite like the toilet: it is inoffensive and we are both quite happy for it to stay. I’m going to get on ebay shortly and sell the new toilet that came with our bathroom suite. We definitely do not want to change the toilet after having changed the sink!

Anyway, we still need to do things like tiles and decorate around the wall but ta-daa! It’s a sink! A white one (as opposed to mustard) with a mixer tap (as opposed to the “burn or freeze” dilemma)!

(Side note: see that pink tub trug and that hose pipe hanging down? That’s how we’ve been washing between 3rd March and 24th April. Shower ta-da coming soon!)

My other best laid plans included some bloggy ones: I wanted to have finished my granny squares blanket and photographed so I could blog it yesterday which would make it my “April finished item” and then today I wanted to blog my April mosaics (which I have yet to make). I was feeling a bit bad about not getting everything done but to be honest, getting the sink connected was more important and it doesn’t really matter if my blog posts are a bit delayed, it’s just a blog. It will wait for me!

Also, thank you for your wedding comments. I know babies rarely arrive on time but it’s going to involve some travelling and I’m just not comfortable with doing so that close to my due date. Also can you imagine if I DID have the baby at the wedding? thunder stealing or what! hehe.

Right I’m off to bed because I’m completely knackered again, see you all soon :-)

13 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Don’t feel stressed about blogging you’ll find that you can’t juggle everything like you did before you were expecting….just enjoy this lovely time in your life …. and us readers will be glad to hear from you when you get the chance.

    Hope you have a relaxing week and enjoy your new sink…ahh the small pleasures of life!

    Fleur xx

  2. I meant to send you heartfelt congratulations on your news of being pregnant Heather, such wonderful news.I’m so happy for you and Andy and you will be jubilant having a bathroom that works when little babe arrives,so all that blood, sweat and dare I say tears will definitely be worth it in the long run xox Take your time over blogging, we are all still hear to read your lovely posts xox Take care x Penelope

  3. I think fitting a sink must be the most impressive April make of the lot …. I wouldn’t know where to start and a knitted one wouldn’t work. Your energy is inspiring so just be proud.

  4. Things like that always take longer than you expect them to! Now we put an extra few hours on estimated time of finishing when doing things like that! I’m pleased you now have a shower! Don’t worry at all about bloggy delays! It doesn’t matter at all! I know what you mean about travelling near your due date. I felt exactly the same! x

  5. Sarah says:

    Lovely sink!!! You have put in so much hard work. You are also right about staying close to home when baby will be due. Have a good week
    and coming up is a 3 day weekend. I just hope we will all have some better weather! xx

  6. Brenda says:

    How exciting to see your hand basin installed in the bathroom, I can’t wait to see the rest of the room. Well done! xxBrenda

  7. chinagirl says:’s ALL worth it in the long run :)..Don’t be too quick to sell the toilet, you’ll kick yourself for not putting in the hard yards now and finishing things as you’d both planned!
    Better to get the laborious jobs over and done with now rather than when you’ve got little ones running around :) And what total bliss and satisfaction you’ll both feel when you look around at what you’ve achieved, a perfect team effort. Way to go!

  8. Oh Heather, I’ve been there, y’know the little job that turns into a monster! But when its all done it’s so lovely you just forget the pain. (Ha ha ha bit like childbirth LOL) Enjoy your new sink I bet it feels all smooth and shiny!

  9. Of course you can’t go to the wedding! You’ll either have had the baby or you’ll be in labour of you’ll be so huge and uncomfortable and grumpy!! Maybe you and Rach could do something special to celebrate a month before?

    Yeah, best laid plans, I know what they are like. My best laid plans usually get thwarted by a sick child!

    The blanket looks gorjass. Really scrummy.


  10. Crochet with Raymond says:

    Lovely to have a catch up with you Heather! Love seeing the house changes, Andy is such a hero to be renovating on such a large scale!
    And loving that blanket, it is just gorgeous, just my favourite colours!
    Have a lovely weekend X

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