Long Enough?

It covers my toes and comes up to my neck … time to start the border I think! Although that involves making a ripple straight so I miiiight juuuust leave that until after lunch :-)

Edited to add: All yarn details (and chain length etc) on my original post HERE and a little bit about making ripples straight HERE.

21 thoughts on “Long Enough?

  1. Anne Marie says:

    Those colours are beautiful, Heather, so rich looking. What yarn did you use? I think the Cashmerino is so very expensive and only buy it when it is on offer and so the colours are a bit restricted. At least I buy that mix, not the Debbie Bliss. I think it is the Sublime I get from Black Sheep wools. I go in and look at what is reduced and then can’t remember what colours i already have!

  2. OOOh Heather that looks so snuggley , Hope your having a relaxing Easter and we will catch up soon . Looking forward to seeing this blanket with it’s boarder on . Take care Tracy xxx

  3. I’m oh so very jealous that you have almost finished your ripple! Mine sits in the corner taunting me, and looks no where near as nice and cosy as yours!

  4. Angie says:

    Oooh, now I thought that looked great when you’ve posted other pictures of it, but it looks even better in it’s natural habitat – keeping someone warm! Looks fantastic, good luck with finishing it up!

  5. How do you straighten your ripple? I know you can do single crochets around and it will straighten out but is there another way to fill it in to keep the ripple look until it is straightened? Just wondering….
    Happy Easter!

  6. I’m sure you could invent some way of bordering your lovely blanket that doesn’t involve making the ends straight, couldn’t you? Hope you’re having a lovely Easter weekend x

  7. Sharon Braxton says:

    This is a lovely afghan and I like the fact that you did it long enough to cover you. I want to do that but it will have to wait until I finish the hexagonal baby blanket I’m working on. Maybe a winter project? Love your site.

  8. Sarah says:

    Looks fantastic! What a lot of work has gone into it. I am sure that you will come up with a really good border for it as well. Weather here
    today is just rain ,rain and more rain and really gloomy. So some crochet and cake will be the order of the day down here. Enjoy bank
    holiday Monday! x

  9. OMG!!! Your blanket looks absolutely gorgeous! Well done.

    I am happy and proud to say I have blatantly ripped off the colours you are using (you have been credited and will continue to be)plus I did add an extra 6 colours in with the intention of doing 3 colour repeats plus a few extra repeats to make it to 80 stripes; only managed 9 rows so far and I think my blanket is a little too wide as I don’t think I will get 2 stripes out of one ball so have been busy trying to buy more. By the time I realised this I was not frogging it and starting again. Some of the colours have been discontinued and it has been a pain!

    How long was your original chain and did you get 2 stripes out of 1 ball?

    Can’t wait to see the finished blanket.

  10. Nanita says:

    Yaay! Can’t wait to see the Ta-Dah on your spectacular ripple! I finished mine a few weeks ago, I left it borderless for quite some time but it was sooo satisfying adding a border (a picoty one). I’m so very happy that I took part in this global ripple-along ;-) xxxx

  11. Love the colour of your granny squares! And I hope you will let us know how you edge a ripple blanket as I am currently working on one too.x

  12. Jane says:

    Hi Heather, your ripple blanket is looking beautiful. I have been following its progress for quite some time – so I thought I should leave you a little comment to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. I love how you pull your colours together. I don’t crochet or knit (only scarves so far) and hope to teach myself soon. I do sew and I am into stamping at the moment so my DH would probably pass out if I started with crochet – the wool choosing and purchasing looks a little addictive! Looking forward to seeing your borders on the ripple xx Jane

  13. Have you ever thought about NOT making a ripple straight on the ends. I never do and neither did my Grandma who made over 100 blankets not to mention a million other amazing knitted and crochet things. I really like the ripply ends of the blankets but are still a part of the border colour. xx Susan

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