Best Laid Plans

Making plans can sometimes be great. Sunday morning for example, I got up at 8am and made a big batch of vegetable soup, cooked all the necessary bits for Andy’s lunches during the week and made 2 batches of the absolutely essential oaty cookies that we both have as our afternoon snacks when at work. I put a load of washing on, showered and dried my hair and was on time to meet Rach at the station. After Rach left, I had planned to spend the whole afternoon curled up in my chair putting a border on this bad boy (above) as I’d finished joining the squares the night before. Sounds good doesn’t it? Oh and I had also planned to help Andy install the new bathroom sink. We didn’t anticipate that this would take long, we’d just need to turn the water off for a short while.

Oh ho ho ho. Four and a half hours later, at half past EIGHT we emerge from the bathroom, weary, achey, tired, confused and overall damn well relieved that we finally managed to make the (%£%$$£”$ pipes match up to the £”%£^%$& taps in order that we could turn the water back on. Oh my GOODNESS! It’s done now, the sink is in and it’s working (THANK GOODNESS) and nothing has exploded yet but let me tell you this: after we’ve finished renovating this house, I am either NEVER leaving it, or ONLY leaving it for a house where there is absolutely no work needing to be done. Nothing.

It was after we fitted the sink that we looked at each other and decided that in fact, we quite like the toilet: it is inoffensive and we are both quite happy for it to stay. I’m going to get on ebay shortly and sell the new toilet that came with our bathroom suite. We definitely do not want to change the toilet after having changed the sink!

Anyway, we still need to do things like tiles and decorate around the wall but ta-daa! It’s a sink! A white one (as opposed to mustard) with a mixer tap (as opposed to the “burn or freeze” dilemma)!

(Side note: see that pink tub trug and that hose pipe hanging down? That’s how we’ve been washing between 3rd March and 24th April. Shower ta-da coming soon!)

My other best laid plans included some bloggy ones: I wanted to have finished my granny squares blanket and photographed so I could blog it yesterday which would make it my “April finished item” and then today I wanted to blog my April mosaics (which I have yet to make). I was feeling a bit bad about not getting everything done but to be honest, getting the sink connected was more important and it doesn’t really matter if my blog posts are a bit delayed, it’s just a blog. It will wait for me!

Also, thank you for your wedding comments. I know babies rarely arrive on time but it’s going to involve some travelling and I’m just not comfortable with doing so that close to my due date. Also can you imagine if I DID have the baby at the wedding? thunder stealing or what! hehe.

Right I’m off to bed because I’m completely knackered again, see you all soon :-)

Right Now

Right Now I Am:

1. Feeling bittersweet at the arrival of Rach’s wedding invite. Sad that I can’t go, but knowing that it’s for a good reason (it’s my due date.

2. Hoping that Andy is ok … he arrived at the station to come home to find that all of the trains were cancelled because of flooding, but there was no more information and no replacement bus services. Nothing.

3. Composing a letter of complaint in my head. Ok, flooding is not something that can be helped but the handling of it was dreadful.

4. Putting a beer in the fridge for when Andy gets home :-)

5. Cooking risotto very slowly so that it is ready at this later time!

6. Thinking “forget blocking them first” and joining up my granny squares. I can block them afterwards.

7. Realising how much I love joining granny squares and enjoying how calming and therapeutic it is.

8. Feeling glad that I’ve phoned my Grandma for a chat (and trying to tell her how to get her new cordless phone off of loudspeaker …)

9. Looking forward to seeing my mum and grandma next week.

10. Enjoying little baby kicks and feeling relieved that I can feel them tonight. Baby apparently had a long sleep today until I fed it a twix in the afternoon. Babies like chocolate – who knew?

11. Plotting baby blankets and wondering if I’ll have time. I’m thinking … Stylecraft stripes for the pram blanket, single rows but turning the work each time so all rows are the front. Then perhaps a creamy Rico Baby dk blanket for immediate snuggles and cuddles :-) (Or I could cheat and put a border on that ripple I made a couple of years ago!)

12. Feeling HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY that we now have a shower again! I haven’t been “Andy-Authorised” to share pics yet, and it’s literally just the shower that is done and the rest of the room still to do, but ooooooooooh YES it’s so lovely to wash one’s hair in the morning IN THE SHOWER rather than in the sink the night before. A highly underrated pleasure. I am so proud of how hard Andy has worked on this that I could actually burst.

How’s your evening? xx

EDIT: Realising that I’ve joined my squares in the wrong order because I’m following an old photo of them. Pants!