Every now and then I take a photo that I really love. This is one of them. Friday 3rd March on the way home from work, just after 5pm. The sun was big and golden and the air was hazy. I snapped a few photos as I walked down the hill and this one is my favourite: the sun is clear and not obstructed by the tree, which is cast in a beautiful silhouette. I’m happy with this one.

23 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. Louise says:

    Wow! That’s a stunner!
    I love how the colour of the sunset is a nice subtle yellowey orange, but it fills up the whole sky. Makes me smile :)

  2. Did you see the moon on Wednesday night? It was incredible over our town.
    Thinking of you Heather, hoping to see you for chat and cuppa sometime soon
    ps very beautiful sunset photo, sort of hazy but clear at the same time.

  3. Wow. Not surprised you are happy with this shot. It is AMAZING. it has a feeling to it that i can’t quite describe. Like it’s unravelling a forgotten memory.


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