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I’m not sure how to introduce this post without feeling like I’m approaching you in the street with a clipboard …

Milly is a little girl in the village I used to live in (and where my family still live) who has a brain tumour that has recently been diagnosed as life threatening. I went to school with her mum … I remember when she was born … I saw her every day on my gap year when I worked there in the shop. I’m not going to pretend that I’m close to their family other than it being a small village and when I lived there we all knew each other, but it’s a devastating thing for anybody to go through and it certainly hits home when it’s somebody that you do know.

I’ve donated to their fund to help care for Milly after her operation (her needs will increase following this, although her life should hopefully be extended) and I thought the only other thing really I can do is to spread the link to her story as far as I can and although “using my voice” sounds a bit of a dramatic blog title, it is my voice isn’t it? A way to communicate with others and if you’re fortunate enough that people listen to what you have to say then it seems daft not to say something loud and clear and hope that it gets passed on.

If you would like to help Milly, you can read about her story HERE and there is a donate tab on the top.

Please don’t think I’m forcing you into parting with your money! If you aren’t able to donate but would consider spreading the link around as far as you can, then please do.

Northampton Chronicle’s article

Milly meets JLS

p.s They don’t know I’m posting this, I’ve not been asked to do so or anything. Hope it helps a little x

3 thoughts on “Using my voice

  1. The link to the first website doesn’t work, just to let you know. Also might be worth passing on the details of which is a charity which arranges for people to send nice post and little presents to very ill children, if she’s not on there already. Anyone can send things and it seems to make hospital stays etc. a bit brighter.

  2. Crochet with Raymond says:

    thats lovely Heather, use your voice, it’s one of the payoffs for spending so much time and energy into creating a free and entertaining blog for people to read! Good one!

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