2012: Baby Blanket Number 3

Oh boy did I start these in the wrong order. This is the second completed baby blanket of 2012 (certainly not to be the last!) but it is in fact for Baby Number 3. I started this blanket first (with a sizeable break for Jack’s blanket) which was a daft thing to do when I had the most time to complete it. I’m now trying to get a wiggle on to make Baby Blanket Number 2 (for the second baby due) as I only have 6 weeks at the outside to get that one done.

Today though is a ta-daah/finally finished moment for this sweet little blanket. I whipped this up in record time even for me and it feels like it only took a day to make even though it really was longer than that. Just doing the pointy picot border takes me a day!

I’ll get the yarn details out of the way first of all, sometimes I think they must get missed if they’re tagged on at the end of the post. It’s Stylecraft Special dk again, in the same 17 colours that Lucy used for her Granny Stripe blanket. This is no coincidence, as I copied hers almost exactly. I buy my yarn in a local shop, but it is available from lots of good stockists online, you just have to google for them. Try: Masons Needlecraft, and also Country Crafts as well. I use a 4mm hook as this is the recommended size for dk weight yarn. A few people have asked me for “hook size advice” lately and the best thing you can do is check on your yarn label as it will tell you what size to use on there. As a general rule of thumb I use 4mm for dk, and 5mm for aran. I never work with chunky.

You can read about the start of my blanket here.

I had masses of ends for ages because I lost my one and only needle (Mum – did I leave it at home? Please start a thorough search of the house immediately and let me know. Just kidding!). Fortunately my lovely friend gave me a new one and I was able to get them all done. It was quite therapeutic actually, doing all my ends in one go after they’d been flapping about at me for ages.

When it had grown sufficiently stripy, I added a border. I didn’t used to like putting borders onto blankets, but now I love it. I love the finished, completed, DONE feeling you get from it, and the tidiness of the edges afterwards. Lovely.

I also LOVE the pointy corners you get when adding a border.

So there it is! One stripy baby blanket for our good friends. (who don’t know that I’ve made it and it will be a surprise when it arrives – LOVE that feeling.)

How absolutely lovely to have some blue sky in my crochet photos! Ahhhh. Flipping cold though – but I’ll overlook that part ;-)

All creative credit here should go to Lucy because I copied her colours completely, apart from one Aspen stripe that should have been Aster (can’t read my own writing) and the final two stripes because I wanted to end on a warm tone. All I’ve done is just make the blanket shorter but I had pretty much no creative input into this at all. And you know what? It felt GOOD and just the thing to work on when you don’t want to have to think about anything, if you know what I mean.


41 thoughts on “2012: Baby Blanket Number 3

  1. Carol says:

    That’s a lovely baby blanket. I know what you mean with the border. I’m currently doing a ripple (as per Lucy) what do you think to adding a border on it. Would you? If so how? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.


  2. Nanita says:

    Gorgeous snuggly hooky love for a new baby – perfect! Love the pointy picot border – is it done through the back loops only? xxxx

  3. Christine says:

    It is beautiful. I love it. It makes me want to start crocheting right now but unfortunately I have to get ready for work. Thanks for the info about hook size. I am hording crochet books and yarn but mostly I knit things for my kids to wear. I really want to try making a blanket.

  4. Wonderful heirloom for the baby and the family….great colours….can I ask how many chain you would start with approx for this baby size blanket?
    I’m also going to ask you how you finish a ripple blanket…do you do a border up the two sides….I imagine the ends are ok and decorative enough…when you can afford the time I’d love to hear. Thanks so much.

  5. Wonderful heirloom for the baby and the family….great colours….can I ask how many chain you would start with approx for this baby size blanket?
    I\’m also going to ask you how you finish a ripple blanket…do you do a border up the two sides….I imagine the ends are ok and decorative enough…when you can afford the time I\’d love to hear. Thanks so much.

  6. I have loved all of your baby blankets this year! I don’t usually put borders or edging on my blankets but I think I may start. I agree it makes the whole blanket seem more finished.

  7. Hi Heather, It’s totally fab heather. I agree sometimes it’s great to have a project that doesn’t take too much thinking about.
    Aspen/Aster….I’ve confused myself with those two as well. I’m sure your friends will be delighted with your wonderful handmade goodness.
    Jacquie x

  8. Sarah says:

    Dear Heather Hazel has asked the same question I want to ask. How many stitches in the starting chain for that wonderful colourful baby blanket? Love the border too.

  9. It’s such a beautiful little blanket Heather, so sweet and neat and colourful and happy.
    I think I might borrow your idea and copy my Connievan blanket stripes exactly when I make my you-know-what item. Cos looking at them on a smaller scale makes me love them even more.
    lots of love
    ps you really didn’t need to give me any credit, makes me feel a little bit odd to be credited for your blanket! But i appreciate that you did all the same ♥

  10. Aww, that’s lovely – especially the pointy corners! Lucky babies to receive things like that – I bet they’ll still be snuggling up under your blankets to watch tv when they’re quite big :-).

  11. Good morning again Heather! Just left a comment on your previous blog …… but looking at the box of lovely yarn I thought ….. “if that were my box … I would decopatch it! In lots of the same colours as the yarn!”
    I L O V E decopatch ….. guess where I discovered the inspiration from? Here is the answer in code ….. 42citta ycuL ylevoL
    have a lovely day!
    Val xx

  12. Becky Cronin says:

    Lovely blanket! I’m sure this precious little one will love the pretty colors and it will become a favorite. I wondered if you could tell me what you do with the ends of the two yarns when you change colors. Do you knot them I guess? I agree about the border, lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Oh heather, Lovely, lovely ,lovely …..the blanket , the colours , the photos .Oh and speaking of edging could do with a bit of advice in that area from you and L on Monday .
    Keep well and have a good weekend , see you Monday .
    Tracy xx

  14. I’m making a GS blanket at the mo, I’ve used Lucy’s instructions for starting me off on the number of chains etc, have bought the Stylecraft Sp. DK pack of colours but I’m choosing my own colour combinations. When I get a bit bored of trebling and trebling and trebling it’s nice to look forward to choosing the next colour as I go. :-)

  15. My Ripple Blanket [an ongoing, forever, never-ending blanket] is going to need a border one day.
    YOU are definitely are THE ONE I will be going to for one many of your cleaver border tips.
    Love your colors ! ! ! !

  16. You are good at doing those borders. I thought that when you did your elmer blanket. My borders don’t ever lie properly flat even when I do that 2tog trick in the right places.


  17. Mumtaz sheikh says:

    Congratulations on your baby boy
    Love all your crochet , very inspiring I would like
    To make baby granny stripe how many chains would
    I need for that?

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