Slow Days

An early night, a late wake-up and a morning spent in bed with a cup of tea and a box of the good stuff.

Just what the doctor ordered :-)

(That’s if doctors are aware of the medicinal properties of crochet & a cup of tea.)

29 thoughts on “Slow Days

  1. Crochet with Raymond says:

    I’m not sure doctors are aware of it, sadly for them! I’ve spent my weekend in much the same way as you, and it was awesome!

  2. Nanita says:

    A new ripple! Will it be a baby blanket? :-) Ahh, tea and a box of the good stuff helped me get through the flu two weeks ago – I secretly enjoyed my non-stop guiltless hooky time on the sofa in spite of the fever, I almost felt like the flu passed too quickly. See – it works! :D x

  3. Doctors really should be aware of crochet therapy…I expect they would give us one of “those” looks if we suggested it…you know those “people who dont brandish hooks” looks?

  4. very jealous. I’ve been doing, doing, doing this weekend. Busy. I’ve longed for some downtime. You are really good at allowing yourself to just go with the flow, it really does sound blissful x

  5. Slow days are just what you need sometimes. Now, how to convince the Mr to take the two children away somewhere for the weekend whilst leaving me at home alone….. ?!?!?!

  6. I agree with everyone, your color choices are so fun and engaging, they charm me to the core. Have I mentioned that I crocheted my first project? A beanie cap…I am building up to a ripple quilt ala little tin bird:)

    Thanks for the inspiration, because what I really need in life was another project

  7. Good morning Heather! Just love your baby blanket, I have just finished a Lucy Granny Stripe for a single bed ….. but with grandchildren on the way, I must do just what you did and trip back to Lucy again :0) This post made me smile though ….. as I finished the last picot on my single bed size I reached for a hook and learnt the ripple effect of attic24 ….. bliss isn’t it? I must order the nice hot colours again as I used them up making a granny shawl for my daughter in law who is about to give birth soon, I thought it would be just the thing for sitting up in bed feeding …. the hot colours are just her colours. As you say Masons have a good selection of Stylecraft at a good price too.
    Have a wonderful, creative weekend in your Little Tin Bird house :0)
    Val xx

  8. janie says:

    so far I’ve spent mine cleaning. I am glad to see the brown box of “color”. Hope to see some of the same color this afternoon!!

  9. janie says:

    so far I\’ve spent mine cleaning. I am glad to see the brown box of \"color\". Hope to see some of the same color this afternoon!!

  10. janie says:

    so far I\\\’ve spent mine cleaning. I am glad to see the brown box of \\"color\\". Hope to see some of the same color this afternoon!!

  11. This sounds like HEAVEN. Not that I can complain as Mr C has been looking after me today as I spent the night with a bucket very close to my head. I felt so sick. My tummy really hurt. He looked at me this morning and said “This is the second time this week you have felt terribly sick for a few hours and then got better. Do you think you are pregnant?” He looked so scared. I reassured him that it would be very surprising if I was. Very. Think I have a bug that keeps popping back to say hi.

    Love how you have your phone with you as well as your hook.


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