Get your snowboots on!

Ahhhh SNOW! Now that my travelling up-and-down-the-country is over for a while, I am not feeling so anti-snow. It was even quite exciting watching it fall yesterday. I knew that Lucy and her family were heading out to the park for snow-time so after I got Lucy’s text (“Get your snow boots on!”) I trudged along the canal, with my camera, to the park.

It was very pretty. There’s been freezing fog as well, making it so that you can’t see the hills, or the church even. As if you are in your own little world, really.

I think that the colour and appearance of snow is really dead looking, very bleak and well, lifeless. When I look at these photos I think of the soft quietness of snow and how is dulls everything around you. What you can’t tell is how LOUD and BUSY and ALIVE the park was today! SO many people whizzing up and down the slope, it was fantastic. I love how adults pinch their children’s sledges and become all daredevil about it and go down super fast, to the admiration and dismay of their children. (My dad used to go down in a plastic kayak, but the less said about that the better. Oh the embarrassment.)

Snowboots! What mine lack in stripes, they make up for in fleecy lining. Mmmm, love my snowboots.

We spent a while trying to encourage Little B to make friends with the snow, which worked for a short time until he’d had enough and we retreated to the Attic for a cuppa. Well, a cuppa and several books on trucks and Things That Go, that is. I don’t mind, I got a good half hour of Little B snuggles (oh broody!) which made for a pretty good morning :-) (… and Lucy thinks I go round to visit her! hehe.)

10 thoughts on “Get your snowboots on!

  1. I love that you went to the park prepared with carrots! And there were so many people there, doesn’t anyone understand the appeal of a warm fire or heater???
    xXx Helen

  2. Am so totally envious of the snow! We’re sweltering here and I really don’t enjoy hot, humid, sticky weather day after day. I just want to dive into those photos! xx Susan

  3. Sarah says:

    Was up in our local woods this morning before 9am as I usually go with one of my neighbours. Quite a lot of fog at the bottom of the hill
    I am surprised anyone could see where they were going on their sledges. Also looked a bit dangerous to me. So we just continued on our walk! xx

  4. Nanita says:

    Such fun! Yesterday we decided that we should go today for a walk in the snowy forest… but I got up this morning with fever, a very sore throat and a nasty cough :( And I always take shuch care of dressing myself warmly! With the exception of my feet, that is. Must get me some snowboots like yours! xxxx

  5. Hi Heather… I can’t see any awards on your blog, so not sure if you accept them, but just so you know that you appreciated so much I have awarded you the versatile blogger Award.. pop over to my blog if you would like to pick it (and the rules) up… Happy Monday :)x

  6. Danette Bartelmay says:

    What lovely pictures! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful snowy day with us. Looks like so much fun. I live in the States, in a state where we ususally have lots of snow & cold but have had very little snow this year and warmer weather than usual. I miss the snow. Have a great week!

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