2012: Baby Blanket Number 1

It started with a box of Stylecraft. I had thought that I needed to purchase another batch of Stylecraft for the impending baby blankets that I needed to make but when I had searched every corner of my home, I realised that I only needed to buy three new balls. Money saved! Fabulous. (I should point out that finding yarn in every bag/space/corner of our home is something that I enjoy, but is enjoyed less by Andy.)

When I got up on the morning of December 17th, I knew exactly how I was going to make Jenny’s baby blanket. I had been toying with the idea of making an Elmer blanket for a while, since seeing that she’d bought a little Elmer toy for the nursery. When I’d tried to translate his colours into yarn, however, I discovered that Elmer and his squares were incompatible with any yarn colours and whilst his squares looked good on him, I didn’t feel that I could make a blanket out of the same colours and have it look good. With that in mind, I decided to be inspired by Elmer, but do my own thing with the colour choices. So, this is my Elmer-Inspired Baby Blanket.

Solid Squares are very therapeutic to make. I started churning out a few squares (sewing in both ends and trimming as I went) and then chucking them into my yarn bag. I didn’t pay any attention to how many of each colour I had, when I got bored with one colour I’d just move on and make some out of another colour. When I had a decent amount of squares I laid them all out on the floor and arranged them a bit until they looked good, and started to sew them together. I LOVE crocheting squares together, it’s one of my favourite things to do. Joining-as-you-go is good for instant gratification, but joining together afterwards is FAB. If you are going to use this method, I heavily suggest making all of your squares first and then join them all at once. So, take your first two and join them along one side, and then join the next two to that, and so on, until you have one long line of granny squares joined just along one side. Do this with all of your squares until you end up with five or six lines of “two squares joined together along one edge”, and then start joining those together. Then when you have joined all of them (it will be flappy and holey by this point) join them all along the other way. THIS way, you only get a few ends to sew in.

The mistake I made was that I joined all my squares, and then realised that the blanket wasn’t big enough and I had to add one short row and two long rows to my blanket.

This photo makes me laugh. On Christmas Eve, my dad was visited by the Most Boring Man In The World (this seems to be a yearly thing). Having been trapped for aaaaaaaaages with him in the past, we were wise to this and when he knocked on the door this year, me, Andy and Rachel all scarpered into the bedroom and hid there until he had gone. This took a Long Time. I made lots of squares and tried to teach Rachel to crochet (top right corner.) Ha. He went eventually and we were free again!

I made more squares on Christmas Day evening, sat in the dining room avoiding watching Doctor Who. (I know many of you will be fans of Doctor Who, but who’s idea was it to show it on Christmas Day? It’s a very long time to have to sit still and be quiet and NOT INTERRUPT THE TV on a day when you just want to chill out and laugh a lot with your family. Plus, it’s really boring.)

On Boxing Day, I took them to Grandma’s house where I finished doing all the joining, with an unfamiliar hook because this was when my good hook was still missing. We found it later in a seldom used kitchen drawer where Andy had tidied it away to. I really have no idea why, and he doesn’t remember doing it!

Ahh, all joined. Lovely! It’s so blankety now, I love it. It was difficult to give this one away, I can tell you.

Definitely needed a border though, definitely. I’d joined all of the squares with red (Lipstick), and so the back of the blanket looked fab with all the red ridges. I went once around the whole blanket with the same red, using half treble stitches. I had to invent a stitch for this, you see where the two squares meet? Usually if I am working in treble stitches, I do 1TR in the first corner space, and then do a decrease (2TRtog) between the first and second corner spaces, and then another TR in the second corner space. I had to create a 2HTRtog stitch for this one! I don’t know if it’s a real stitch or not, but it did the job. Now, it’s a bit hard to see in these photos but I then went round it with Aspen, and then Turquoise, both in half trebles. when I got to the corners, I didn’t want to make it holey so I increased a little on each round to make the border solid. I love the effect.

I’m SO HAPPY with the way this blanket turned out. So happy. When I have a baby, I am going to make one of these for my pram. It’s my favourite baby blanket that I’ve ever made.

Look at the way the little holes line up! I’m telling you, I have a serious love for solid granny squares and the way their corner spaces line up.

I took it home this week to get some daylight photos of it, as the light here has been unhelpful to say the least. Washing line to the rescue! I only took two photos because it was freezing cold (and I was meant to be packing.). Thinking about it now, (now I’ve looked at the time stamp on the photos) these were taken four hours before the baby was born. Aww!

I think the back is just as wonderful as the front and I am taken with the idea that the one blanket has two different looks depending on which side. In future I may even do the joining on the front edge to leave the ridge there. I think that looks pretty.

And the photo that makes it all worth while:

Baby Jack, two days old, chilling on my blanket :-) Congratulations and well done Jenny, he’s gorgeous and I’m so proud of and happy for you.



Blanket details:

I used Stylecraft Special dk in the following colours: Aspen, Aster, Cloud Blue, Sherbet, Spring Green, Meadow, Lipstick, Pomegranate, Clematis, Wisteria, Violet, Plum, Fondant, Shrimp, Lavender, Turquoise and Saffron. You can buy Stylecraft Special DK at Wool Warehouse (this is my affiliate link).

It took about two weeks to make all the squares and join them together, and then another week for me to sew in all the ends that were left over from joining. This would have been less if I hadn’t had to add more squares.

The pattern is one that I made up in my head. I can’t claim that it’s my original idea, because it’s a solid granny square and it’s hardly a new idea. I did make up the way to make it on my own without reading anyone else’s pattern. I still want to do a proper tutorial but I haven’t had time to do this lately. If you are familiar with granny square making, the basics are as follows:

Chain 4 and join to make a ring.

Chain 6, and then work 4TR into the ring, chain 3 (this is for your corner), 4TR, chain 3, 4TR, chain three. Then work 3TR and slip stitch into the third chain of your initial chain 6.

For the next and any subsequent rounds, slip stitch or otherwise bring your yarn to the front (in the corner space), and chain 6. Work 2TR into that corner space, and then a TR into the top of each stitch. When you do your corners, work 2TR, chain 3, 2TR into the corner spaces. Once you’ve worked all the way around, work 1TR next to your chain 6, and then join into the 3rd chain of your initial chain 6.

I find it easier to have chain 3 spaces when it comes to joining granny squares, and they just make the square a bit squarer looking. Always start with a chain 6, this counts as your very last 1TR of your corner, and the chain 3 for the corner space. I find it neater this way.

After reading that, you will see why I need to update my “Solid Granny Square” pattern on the left of my blog! It’s out of date and I’ve changed my method as I’ve become better at crochet.

78 thoughts on “2012: Baby Blanket Number 1

  1. Love this blanket Heather! I made a solid granny baby blanket a while ago, joined on the diagonal and haven’t been able to give it away! (Think I’m secretly waiting for a very special, maybe family, baby – none planned yet as far as I know! – so that I can still smooch it now and again!) Yours is gorgeous and I’m sure loved by the mummy of that beautiful baby :-) x

  2. Siobhan says:

    This is a really great blanket. A bit of a stunner actually and I love looking at it. One of the reasons is that it will hopefully spur me on with mine. Mine is stylecraft too and solid colour granny squares. I love how it looks but I have a long way to go as it is to be double bed sized. I sewed what I have done so far together. I love how your squares look and the whole thing looks beautiful. Who would not be chuffed with that blanket? Its fabulous.

  3. Hi Heather, I LOVE IT !!!!! I can see why you are so (rightly) chuffed with it . The colours are just gorgeous and your little solid squares so perfect for this project. I’m doing some thing similar at the moment …inspired by you :0)
    Congratulations to Jenny….Jack is one cute baby .
    Jacquie x
    P.S. I need to order Aspen …. haven’t got that colour and it’s lovely

  4. Claire says:

    Heather that is one beautiful blanket and one beautiful baby Jack :) Absolutely Gorgeous xxx I’m only just beginning, but would love to be half as good as you and Lucy too!
    I’m just making a baby blanket for a Friend’s Daughter using trusty stylecraft – cream and pale rose.
    Good luck with your other baby blankets ;)
    Claire x

  5. Marcie Horton says:

    This is a very lovely baby blanket. My son and his wife are planning to have their first child in the near future..I am all over this! Thank you for sharing it!

  6. Ricky says:

    Really, really awesome! I love solid squares with holes – I think I must make something now…most of my friends are done with their baby days though, so I’ll have to think of something else. Thanks so much for sharing it!! Have fun with your next baby blanket, can’t wait to
    see it :-)

  7. Sarah says:

    Heather you are so kind to your friends. Taking all that care to make such a beautiful blanket and so colourful. Those squares are perfect.
    And the photo with baby Jack lying on it says it all.xx

  8. Oh my this is sooooo adorable! The blanket pictures themselves were enough to make me squee but then the baby picture! Oh my yarn he’s so cute! :D And the fact that he was born hours after completing the blanket – he was waiting for it, I’m sure :)

  9. penelope10 says:

    I am in love with that blankie, precious baby too! I have always loved the solid granny, a must do!
    You did a fab job!

  10. LOVE the blanket! Very inspiring. I have a friend due in June and was just thinking about what pattern I will use for the new little one…I think this is the winner!

  11. Brenda says:

    Hi Heather, the blanket is just lovely, I hope you stay warm and safe during the cold weather that is forcast, it has been on the news here in Australia how bad the weather is going to be in England, particularly in the north! Hope there is a change for the better weatherwise very soon xxBrenda

  12. Victoria says:

    Ooooo, that is lovely! Sorry for lack of comments recently – have been having January slumps. Hopefully over soon! Gorgeous baby too… Every time I see a newborn I feel like wailing “I want a babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”, i can’t watch ‘one born every minute’ without crying, but then I think about nappies and prams and sleepless nights and I remember to leave the babies to other people from now on, ha haaa! Newborn babies are the best. Now I need someone I know to have another baby so that I can make an Elmer blanket… Xxxx

  13. A very beautiful blanket Heather ~ I’m sure it will be treasured. I also love that last photo with gorgeous baby Jack lying on his cozy new blanket :O)x

  14. Louise W says:

    The blanket is really lovely and thanks for sharing the process. I like where you’ve joined the squares and will try that myself next time. What a fab present!!

  15. Nanita says:

    Awww look at that last picture ♥ This blankie is absolutely gorgeous and sweet and definitely one of my favourites! And good timing as well :-) Hope you’re staying warm, I am frrreezing here in Brussels! xxxx

  16. Such a beautiful blanket Heather and I’m sure baby Jack will love it too!!! Why does Andy not like playing Hunt the Wool??? I think it’s a fab game and one every family should play with enthusiasm and vigour!!!! lol xxx

  17. Gorgeous little blanket !
    I was wondering if the stylecraft “ages” well, I mean, is it still good looking after a couple of months, and maybe washing ?
    The colours are beautiful you choose well ! Good job

  18. Heather, it’s stunning to say the least. I love love love turquoise and red together and as you say the ultimate photo was baby Jack on his blankie. Makes me all broody!!! xox

  19. This is going on the ‘list’ of things to make, after I make another granny stripe blanket for a friend. It is gorgeous Heather, love your colors. Jack is pretty precious looking, does your blanket proud.
    xx Sandi

  20. What an absolutely gorgeous blanket! Im currently making a 2nd blanket out of my Stylecraft stash, & still have a fair bit left, I might need to make one of these, but bigger as Im not allowed any more babies!! Nor do I know anyone whos having a baby. Im thinking one for the sofa is a great idea!! xx

  21. I’ve never really seen the appeal of solid colour squares but you’ve totally sold me on them now – this is fab! I love the red ridges and border too. And that last photo is sooo cute :-)

  22. A totally stunning blanket…and it will remain stunning and I can forsee that Jack will be taking this blanket with him to Uni…..
    I now see what you meant about lipstick making turquoise ‘pop’ – your blanket shows that really well. However I haven’t included it in this one despite your advice…I’m too set in my ways LOL!! I know that red is not a colour that the recipient likes so I’ll pass on it but I now see exactly what you mean….thanks for the advice even though this time I didn’t follow it exactly. Hope you are warm today. Over here we have light rain but no snow….and don’t want it either!

  23. Can’t…….breathe……..too….good…..need…..one.

    (Both baby and blanket.)

    HA! Don’t tell Neil!

    That is fab.u.lous. I am beyond in love with it – the concept, the colours, all of it from one corner to the other. I want one for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    PS Andy’s sub-conscious totally made him “tidy” away that crochet hook you know. Watch out for him, he’ll start “tidying” away the yarn next.

  24. Absolutely gorgeous Heather… no more babies for me… but Grandchildren one day…. is it too soon to start making one (a blanket – not a Grandchild)! :)

  25. Ashley says:

    this baby blanket is gorgeous! I love all of the colours you’ve used, very sweet. :-) Baby Jack looks gorgeous with the blanket!

    Ashley xxx

  26. Ashley says:

    this baby blanket is gorgeous! I love all of the colours you\’ve used, very sweet. :-) Baby Jack looks gorgeous with the blanket!

    Ashley xxx

  27. Kate says:

    Often its the simple ideas that turn into the most eyecatching designs and this is certainly one of those! Its simply scrumptious and I want one! Well done xxx Another project to add to the ‘must crochet’ list.

  28. Beautiful blanket and such lovely colours. Seems it was well received too – gorgeous photo of new baby enjoying the blanket, so sweet!

    Helen xx

    Oh and I agree with Kate, I want one!

  29. I am really in love with your blanket! The colors are just wonderful. I always have trouble with projects like this keeping the color patterns random. You did an excellent job on the whole thing!

  30. Tessa says:

    Just wanted to say how much I like your blanket! It’s beautiful – lovely colours and very simple but effective. I need to make one – but I think it will take me a lot longer than 3 weeks! Very impressed. Thanks for sharing!

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