Fresh Start February

Let’s try this again. It’s New Year’s Day! I am going to do lots of fun things and blog lots and lots and generally have a fabulous 2012!

That’s how I intended to start the year anyway. Life looked at those thoughts inside my head, laughed, and said “Yeah, right!”

January made my head spin. It has also been the longest month in my entire life. I managed about four measley blog posts. There was too much going on to allow me to blog. Something had to give: it was my blog. I generally believe that when you blog and you have people that read your blog, you do have a responsibility to actually post on your blog and to not just give a half hearted effort. In the end though, I decided that I have more responsibility to my family and to my own well being than I do to my blog and the beauty of not getting paid to do this is that I don’t have any obligation to do so, and so I can just be quiet and not post if I’m not able.

There are things that are too private to share on here, most definitely. This really is one of them, I suppose, and I feel odd mentioning it, disrespectful and a little¬†voyeuristic. Shortly after Christmas, my great Auntie (the same lady that I crocheted a little blanket for recently), was taken into hospital. Two weeks ago, she passed away. It wasn’t entirely unexpected, which doesn’t make it any easier. Most of January has been worrying, waiting, coping, supporting and feeling a bit useless and far away. This past week I have spent with my mum and family, attending the funeral on Tuesday. It’s not been an easy time for anyone. I have not had enough space in my head to blog, and certainly not enough “happy” in my head to make good blog posts. So I’ve just said nothing, really. All my thoughts have been too tied in to everything that I cannot and don’t want to talk about on here.

I’m not asking for sympathy or comments on this, so I’m going to close them.

I hope that February will be a better month and lead the way for a happier rest of 2012.