The flowers on my windowsill are just going over now (literally in the case of the floppy orange tulips!) but this week they have brought so much colour to my room. They’re beautiful. The white tulips were £1 in the supermarket and I bought them on a whim, lopped the stalks off them and stuck them in a jam jar next to my bed. I don’t usually put flowers there as I worry I’ll knock them over in the night but they’ve been fine and a lovely thing to wake up to. I like to buy flowers in January as a “treat” for putting up with all the grey, miserable weather and it makes me smile to think that Spring is on the way.

Here’s hoping we reach Spring without any snow. (Sorry Lucy, I know your little people want to go sledging but I am feeling decidedly anti-snow!)


Saturday Errands

Saturday’s weather was thankfully as sunny as Friday’s weather, although a LOT colder. Saturday is the day I Get Things Done in town and I had some Heather-friendly errands to run today.

First off, I needed a ball of yarn:

and then I paid two cheques into my bank account. I loooove doing that.

The Flower Man was back on the market for the first Saturday in ages. I’ve been trying to buy some flowers from him for weeks but he hasn’t been there. Today = Success! in the form of orange tulips.

Buying flowers makes me happy happy happy in a way that I never thought it would do when I was younger.

After flower-buying I bought massive peppers and a bunch of bananas from the fruit & veg stall. I’m a bit hit and miss with bananas but I’m trying to eat more fruit so I’m giving them another go.

We needed milk and bread, so I went to M&S food for those. It’s in town so I don’t have to walk all the way to the supermarket. I generally only buy things from there that are the same price as they would be in the supermarket because it is beyond my budget really. They had daffodils for £1 so I snapped up a bunch of those as well. First daffs of the year for my house!

I walked home the back way and stopped to look at the buildings because they looked pretty against the sky. They are backs of shops now but I imagine they would have been lovely to live in as houses.

Did I mention that it was VERY COLD? This was taken at midday and still there was frost on everything. I have been wearing my woolly reindeer tunic today (and subsequently have not received one hug from Andy, who hates wool.)

After lunch I took some photos of my blankets in our bedroom. The light was rubbish! I had to trick my camera into getting the colours right by using the snow setting, would you believe.

This makes me chuckle … can you guess which side is mine, and which is Andy’s?

It’s a tough one to guess I know!