It grows!

Goodness me, isn’t the light disappointing for taking photos at the moment? I am really struggling to take photos of my ripple that show the colours well. I think that my camera may be a little overwhelmed at the number of colours that I’m trying to get it to photograph, as well as the lack of light. I had to fiddle with the colour on this photo to get it looking accurate and that’s something I never do with my photos. I do crop photos, but I never edit them on my blog. Anyway, edited though this photo is, it is a good representation of the colours in my blanket. Pretty lush I think you’d agree!

Anyway, back to unedited, poorly lit photographs! As you can see, my ripple has grown a lot since my last update. Do you know what? The last stripes I worked on this blanket before Christmas were on the 19th November when I stayed with Rach for that Christmassy weekend. After that, I had so many things I needed to finish (like Rach’s birthday blanket) that I didn’t get the opportunity to work on my ripple at all for the rest of the year. I just put it away and left it, poor ripple. When I got back home after Christmas though, I decided to rectify this and thought that perhaps if I put as much effort and dedication into my own projects as I do for those that I make for other people, I could get it finished soon! That was an exciting thought, and I managed ELEVEN stripes in a weekend. Oof, how’s that for productive? I think that it is about 59 stripes long now. I think … tentatively … that that may be nearly done! Another 15-20 stripes to go I reckon, and then a simple border and edging. I’ve been holding off on it this week as I think I’d like to sneak another ball of yellow in. The more I look at it, the more I love the parts where there is yellow. I have a lot of blue tones left to use up and they’re just not doing it for me so much as the warm colours. I need to order another ball of yellow before I can proceed.

Tell you what though, I’m getting a decent amount of leftovers from this. I get two stripes (4 rows) out of a ball, and then almost enough for one stripe leftover. I am having fun plotting my leftovers projects. I think that a very soft cushion might be lovely, one that’s for my bed.

My favourite thing about stripy blankets is not seeing them all stretched out. Oh no. I like it when they’re all smooshled up in a pile where you have colour and stripes everywhere. Rolling it up into a sausage is also a favourite:

Are you loving it? I certainly am. I am very much enjoying my “selfish crochet”. I am being strict with projects this year: I want to finish my ripple, and Andy’s Rialto blanket. I have two baby blankets to make (one is half way through), and after that I don’t want to plan anything … all of last year I had a backlog of WIPs and I’d like to try to be inspired and start something RIGHT NOW and enjoy it, instead of feeling guilty about backlogs. Famous last words!


21 thoughts on “It grows!

  1. It is coming along beautifully Heather! Totally agree with you about the yellow.. it really balances the other colours.. I have been trying to take photos with all kinds of combinations of lamps…but nothing can do it like the sun! :)x

  2. Your blanket is looking gorgeous. Everytime I see it I am tempted to abandon all my current projects and get started on a ripple straight away. Can’t wait to see how it turns out :o)

  3. Beautiful ripple! I absolutely love the colours too. The yellow really makes the other colours pop.

    I have a few projects that I have told myself that I MUST finish before starting any new ones. The fun is always in the start and the end – the anticipation of starting it, wanting to see how it will look in real live (rather than just an idea in your head) and then the excitement when you’re almost done. There needs to be something exciting in the middle to keep us motivated to get to the end!

  4. Wendy says:

    Love the blanket. Such beautiful, cheerful colors. I am also trying desperately to finish up projects so that I can sit back and relax doing just one thing that I love.

  5. I learned to crochet almost 30 years ago and my first project was a ripple afghan so I still have a real love for them. Yours is beautiful. I love all the colors. Looking at it makes me feel warm & cozy.

  6. Oooh I could just snuggle under that blissful blanket right now!! Yes I have a few WIP too and need to finish them before any spontaneity can begin :)

  7. Your ripple is amazing! I love your colours so much! I was hesitating to use yellow in my ripple, but it really makes the difference. I guess, I will go and buy some yellow balls for my blanket too!
    Have a nice day! Barbina

  8. Nanita says:

    Oooh wOw – this is definitely, beyond any doubt, the most gorgeous ripple I’ve ever seen!! You’ve done an amazing job with the colours! Mine is nearly finished as well, but all my ends are dangling out so that will keep me busy for a while, and I can’t decide whether to add a border or not, hmmm. Looking forward to your Ta-dah on this one! :-) xxxx

  9. I love it when it is rolled up, the colours all whirl out of the middle like a catherine wheel. Gorgeousness.

    Hope you are ok my lovely. Are you away rippling up a storm? You’ve been quiet on here. I hope that means you are busy bee and not sick or miserable. I hate to think of you as the latter.

    I had my tea cups on the side in my kitchen and my friend Princess came over and when bonkers for them!


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