Twenty Minutes of Sunshine

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quite these past two weeks. Truth is, I’ve been feeling miserable and mopey and that’s not been helped by the weather. I could rant on and on about how much I hate wet and stormy weather but I think you’ve got the message by now that I don’t like it. All through the rain and grey and cold I have been thinking “twenty minutes of sunshine. That’d do me, just twenty minutes”. I need me some vitamin D!

When I got my new snazzy little camera for Christmas, I had planned to carry it around with me wherever I go and have lots of jolly adventures and fun with it, but the rain put paid to that. I had entertained doing Project 365 this year and have so far done a photo every day but ooh they are so boring! So far, it’s an album full of “Photos I can take during breakfast because this is the only light I’ll see all day”. Yesterday it was a dry enough to take my camera with me to work, and amazingly the weather was cold but with brilliant sunshine and fabulous blue sky! Yeaaahhh! I was feeling stuffy at work and a bit like I had been trapped inside for weeks and weeks so at lunch I actually went outside. I usually sit in the cafe at work and eat, read my book and try not to make eye contact with anyone so that I can sit on my own and just read. Social creature that I am.

I ended up in the church yard and as it was cold there were free benches – hurrah! I sat on one of the dry ones (half of the church yard was in shade and the benches were wet) and scoffed my lunch. It was really lovely and so good to feel the sunshine on my face. It feels like ages since the sky has been this blue:

You can tell how bright the sun was from these photos. It’s funny that the trees are all so bare because the sky looks very summer-like, (in the photos above) don’t you think?

Twenty minutes in the sunshine, free from work, with the opportunity for a few photos as well. Best lunchtime in a while! It made me feel better about returning for the afternoon of drudgery work, too.

Oh and the daffodils near work are flowering already which is lovely, I can’t wait for the crocuses to join them:

Then in the evening, I went out for tea and drinks with all my hooky/knitty friends which was ace, and I ate a massive calzone. Not all of it, I hasten to add, but I gave it a good go. It was soooooooooo good. Just to end the happy wholesome post with a bit of gluttony, heh.

It was full of vegetables, that makes it healthy ;-)

13 thoughts on “Twenty Minutes of Sunshine

  1. We’re having gorgeous weather too this weekend, at last!

    We’ve had a great day out today, coming to my blog soon!

    I have also taken up the photo365 (or rather 366) challenge for the first time this year, so far it’s going ok (just ok!) but I do worry that I’ll begin to struggle at some point. Where are you uploading your photos, I’d love to see them! I’m using the site for mine and will probably do a monthly mosaic type blog for them.

    Hope your enjoying a sunny weekend too.

  2. Sorry to here that you have had the mopes:( It is amazing what a little sunshine and some reasonable temps will do for a girl. Loved seeing the pics of the daffodils, as we are months and months away yet from spring.

  3. Nicki says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m impressed that you ate that many vegetables – that calzone thingy is huge! :-)

    Nice sunshiny photos x

  4. It is so hard to stay up beat when the weather is miserable. I find a dose of sunshine and fresh air is a great tonic (blimey I sound like my Mum!). Really want some pizza now!

  5. Brenda says:

    Hi Heather, the photo’s look lovely, when I was working (I’m now a stay at home mum) I used to go for a walk every lunch time regardless of the weather, spend my time looking at buildings, gardens etc. it’s the best recharge ever, you feel so good after it and able to cope with whatever the day throws at you. My work, was like a concrete bunker – no windows! xxBrenda

  6. Hi Heather,
    So sorry to hear of your miserable weather but as usual you have captured the best of what was offered! Wish I could send you some of our heat and sunshine from Australia xxx

  7. Sarah says:

    I just love your photos you take of shadows. Thursday evening saw the most beautiful sunset here. Your lunch time scenery is very photogenic more than I can say for mine. With my different assignments during the year I have started to name the various bus routes.
    Just makes it all a bit more interesting during these dark days. Frost this morning, a clear blue sky,sun,birds singing and a clump of snow drops in the front garden. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.xx

  8. Verna says:

    You are so lucky to have such a beautiful church that you can walk to during your lunch break instead of a dreary office park and daffodils too!

  9. Nanita says:

    Ohh I know exactly how you feel! The last week I’ve been nagging constantly about the ugliness of Brussels without light and I’ve just been wanting to run off, really. (Note: Brussels isn’t all that ugly, it has some quite charming and even some rare amazingly beautiful bits, but I’m not really a Big City girl, and dreadful wheather makes me feel entrapped here)
    Yaay for drinks (and huge calzones) with yarny friends! I’ve been trying to seduce my friends into crochet or knitting, but they stubbornly resist so far. Must try harder! :D xxxx

  10. I know how you feel too! The last 4 weeks have been so dull and grey and miserable but the sun has finally decided to come out in Switzerland this weekend too and it has tremendously helped me regain a more positive attitude. I hope it lasts or I’ll just dig a hole in the garden and hibernate until spring otherwise :-)

  11. Anne Marie says:

    Well your lovely sunny-cold pictures made up for the grey days! And the daffodils. And the calzone! Is that like a filled pizza?

    Just think, even though the weather may be dark and grey, each day/week is another one closer to the reduced possibility of REALLY bad weather. I also hate rain, damp etc. But I also hate snow and ice more, as it’s hard to get about safely and as I have to make sure my Mum (at 91) is ok, on the other side of town, about 6 miles away, the less snow and ice we get the better.

    I do love walking in the snow providing I don’t have to drive!

  12. Sunshine … ooh how I needed some too, and thank goodness the last few days have been gorgeous haven’t they.

    Um, I hesitate to plug something here, but if you’re finding Project 365 not quite to your taste have a look at Project :: Sky 365. A daily (or less often) photograph of the sky above your head. We only started last week but already have lots of interest. It would be lovely if you’d like to join us :D

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