Finally Finished: Rachel’s Birthday Blanket

When I posted a photo of this blanket last week it gained quite a few admiring comments, and this made me very chuffed indeed :-)

I started working on it in secret in September time and really enjoyed it. It was always intended for Rachel’s birthday, although originally I had planned to make a granny stripe. When I picked up my hook though, solid squares came out instead and I loved them so much that I decided to go with it. Initially I made 9 squares that were 12 rounds in size but they didn’t look right at all. I decided to add three rounds to each square in just the pinky purple colours (raspberry, plum and claret) and then join them. This brought the blanket together well and made it look cohesive.

The colours are the same as those I used for my Auntie’s granny stripe blanket, and although I blogged about that one first I actually made it after I made this one. The yarn is Stylecraft Special dk in the following colours:

Claret, Plum, Raspberry, Grape, Lavender, Violet, Meadow and Aster.

The pattern is my improved solid granny square pattern that I have not yet re-written for my blog. I will do some day, promise.

I left it border-less for quite a while but finally decided that the main focus of the blanket is the lovely holes pattern and that any border I could do would detract from that. In the end I just went round in trebles, which gives it a finished look without making it too frilly or anything.

And here is the finished item ….. dun dun duhhhhh:

(taken at home during decorating the tree so a bit blurred, sorry! daylight is in short supply.)

I did contemplate keeping it for myself as it’s a lovely size to have on your lap while your snuggled on a sofa or chair. I felt a bit mean keeping it from Rach though and she clearly loves it and gave me the worthy appreciation for making it that I deserve (haha you know what I mean – it’s nice to get the appreciation for making someone by someone who also makes things and knows what it is like to make something.), so I’ll let her keep it.

It’s so lush all folded up, I love all the thin stripes!

Happy birthday Rach, I’m glad you like it :-)

EDIT: Rach in this post refers to my friend Rach, and not my sister Rachel. I’ve asked one of them to change their name but so far both have refused ;-)

43 thoughts on “Finally Finished: Rachel’s Birthday Blanket

  1. Happy birthday to Rachel and grats on getting such an awesome gift! :) I love the colors in this. Very vibrant and a little too much, in a good way! :)

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous blanket. I adore the colours you have chosen (yay for Stylecraft!) and the diamond pattern just makes the blanket for me. I completely agree with you about the border, BTW. Well done that girl!!! xx

  3. I haven’t seen a blanket like that before, so nice job!!! I ran out of white Stylecraft for my mums blanket so have to wait till it comes over from the UK, should be here in a week. I went back to my ripple but I am up to a white row on that too….can’t win. So I decided to knit a pair of fingerless mitts, they got pulled undone 4 times, I kept mucking up the number of stitches, well I was tired when I started last night. I got three rows done in the end before bed.
    x Sandi

  4. It is suuuuuuuper duper. Truly lush. Lush I tell you.

    Now I’m having a thought, If I post your parcel on Friday by recorded it may not arrive on Saturday as they don’t guarantee it. But if I send it recorded on Thursday it certainly will turn up on Friday. Is there another address I could send it to? Should I just send it recorded on Thursday so you can collect it on Saturday for certain? Or send it on Friday and cross fingers that it arrives the next day but with the knowledge you may have to wait a week till you can get to the depo.

    Or….Send it on Thursday, they’ll leave you the sorry I missed you card, you can then call them and arrange it to be redelivered on Saturday. Oh my golly, Royal Mail is so complicated!!!!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous Heather – your friends are so lucky to have someone like you who makes them lovely things :o) I’m glad (though not surprused!) she loves it!

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous Heather – your friends are so lucky to have someone like you who makes them lovely things :o) I’m glad (though not surprised!) she loves it!

  7. Anne says:

    Your blanket is absolutely gorgeous and I’m sure your friend will treasure it forever. Isn’t it lovely making gifts, something that will last. Your friend is very lucky indeed.
    Anne xx

  8. Lucky lucky Rachel!!
    I love the colours of this and it just looks so super snuggly!
    And I know exactly what you mean about giving something like this to someone who appreciates the amount of work and love that goes into it

  9. Anne Marie says:

    Gosh I wish you were my friend! I’d adore it if someone made me such a beautiful present. I do hope you are going to do a tutorial (or at least point us in the right direction) of the solid square. (Also the round square if you know what I mean) Lovely stuff.

  10. Jillian says:

    Lovely blanket Heather and I love your choice of colours as always :) Honestly, I never really liked solid squares but the stripes really work for me, I love this pattern. It’s not at all what I expected when I saw the first picture, amazing how different it looks folded up (which also looks fab by the way). What a lucky friend you have :)

  11. Hi Heather, sorry you didn’t make it on Monday, you and your blankety creations were missed hope to see you Friday . I love this blanket you bestowed on Rach, I especially like the patterns the corner holes make ,another blankety success!!
    Ta ta for now Tracy xx

  12. WOW! this is one beaaauuuutiful blanket! I love the contrast of the patterns created by the holes and the pattern created within the yarn’s colours by you. It’s truly splendid. One for my ‘To Do’ list.


  13. Oh pretty please – can I have one? – my birthday is in a few days….seriously, it is just divine…so, so good. Love the colours…but the colour (possibly between lavender and claret (?) which on my screen looks slightly brown – what is that one? Thanks. Joyce

  14. blair-stitch says:

    This is Ammezzin. I can’t stop sneaking onto your blog at work for another look! Very inspirational to a just-started crocheter like me!! x

  15. That blanket is just gorgeous. I can understand why you didn’t want to let it go. At least you know it went to a good home where it will get plenty of love.

  16. That blanket is just gorgeous. I can understand why you didn\’t want to let it go. At least you know it went to a good home where it will get plenty of love.

    • Heather says:

      Hi Melissa,

      I’m afraid I don’t have the measurements of the blanket, but it’s just wider than a single bed, and square. The squares will work up to whatever size you like, just do more or fewer rounds until you are happy with the size x

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