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This week has knocked me for six. Perhaps not six, but certainly a five. January blue coupled with a longer week at work and non-stop torrential rain and stormy weather does that to me. The stormy weather is the worst, I have to wear a change of clothes, wellyboots and a mac just to walk to work and then try to get changed in the toilets when I get there. Ridiculous. I got caught out on Friday and it rained on the way home when I didn’t have all the necessary gear. My trousers were stuck to my legs and it looked like I was wearing bin bags on them and my shoes filled with water and haven’t dried out since. I’ve work pumps to work today and yesterday and had excuses all lines up but honestly, nobody has noticed.

The thing about stormy weather is that I find it very hard to sleep through it and it makes me anxious, so I’ve been dog tired all week and also very trapped in my house. I battle to work in the rain, battle home again, and then when I get home the kitchen roof has started leaking a great deal (we know it does this, don’t worry, but the force of the water coming through means that it’s just bouncing out of the things we put there to catch it. As a result I feel trapped in the one room and can’t really get to the kitchen, and sit there feeling anxious and stressed that all I can hear is raging storm outside and the heavy dripping (splatting?) onto our kitchen floor. I got nothing done and just huddled in a sulky ball in my chair, waiting for bedtime (where I couldn’t sleep because of the storm…) Yesterday the weather was calmer and I felt more motivated: I was determined to achieve something, even if it was just a stripe on my ripple. I managed two on my ripple and one on Andy’s blanket and felt a lot better.

So far this week I haven’t really managed anything that I can blog about at the moment, so let’s have an “On My Camera” post today just so that I don’t completely write this week off.

* I bought tete a tetes on New Year’s Eve, ready to start the new year off. The dotty cup was a payday treat to myself on a miserable work day where I stomped off into town to cheer myself up.

* New pillowcases for a new year, mmmm.

* Bramble bunny, who was patiently waiting for her breakfast while I tried to take her photo on a dark morning before work.

* The only dry morning this week, boy was it cold.

* De-decorating the Christmas tree (I just stuffed them all in a tin, ha! super fast.)

* I love a good mug of tea whilst snuggled in pyjamas :)

* Working on my Ripple and on Andy’s Rialto stripe and then admiring the progress (ELEVEN ripple stripes this week, ELEVEN!)

* Brief blue sky at the weekend

* A toasted sandwich & tomatoes snack for me after work today because I was a HUNGRY HUNGRY HEATHER (not hungry for dinner now though)

* and finally my blissful five minutes before writing this post … another cup of tea snuggled up in another pair of pyjamas.

A week full of Moments, some big, some small, some wonderful :-) (such as that sandwich, *scoff*)

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  1. alice and raymond says:

    hello Heather!
    your blankets are looking rather lovely! I’m on my 8th ripple stripe now and rather excited by it, no hope of catching up to you lot but still rippling away!
    Summer is meant to be lovely here but it is pouring with rain, overcast and very humid most of the time so understanding your rainy walking frustration!
    Have an ace weekend XXX

  2. Hope the bad weather passes quickly. The photos are beautiful- I was drinking coffee out of a red spotty cup when I read this, and saw yours!!!
    The ripple and stripes are looking amazing!!!

  3. Oh Heather you poor thing! What a week! Have you thought about taking just half a sleeping pill during stormy weather? We have horrific storms here in South Africa and I sometimes take 1/4 of one just to get me through the thunder and lightning!!! It’s better than not sleeping at all, believe me. I think you need to buy a wetsuit to wear to work if that rain continues… Hopefully the year will get better. Keep smiling… lol x


    I really reccomend super drug orange ear plugs. They are brilliant. You can hear big noised like fire alarms and babies crying but you can’t hear snoring or storming. They are cheap too. I can’t sleep with out them.

    Oh my love, that roof is a bleeder isn’t it. Remember we had a re-roof last year? Well an different part of the roof has now sprung a leak and has wreaked a heap of stuff in the loft. Buggeration. It’s pooey pants isn’t it. Bloody rain.

    Thank goodness for crochet to keep us perky.


  5. Hi Heather ….snap :0) I’m also loving the tete a tete on my windowsill and right now I have that exact red mug next to me. Bought it in John Lewis sale and I LOVE it ….It will probably appear in my next post :0)
    I’m glad this week is over too. Weather has been awful for us but I guess we are lucky it’s only the conservatory roof that leaked…oh, we did loose a couple of fence panels too……Wednesday night was awful.
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend .
    Loving the blankets .
    Jacquie x

  6. Louise says:

    I think you’re utterly amazing! You are so productive! Hope you have a nice restful weekend and a better week next week! Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing as ever!

  7. Hi Heather

    Love your post and your photographs. Your blankets are coming on beatifully.
    I love your collection of mugs. A cup of tea in snuggly pyjamas is the best thing ever.

    I hope you catch up on your sleep.

  8. Hi Heather, Sorry you’ve had a bad week , know what you mean about the weather though we had disturbed sleep, as you know were up in the attic and we sprung a mini leak right next to our bed , we can share our weather woes on Monday. Tete a tetes look fab ,you have inspired me to get some as always ripples look great. Hope you have a restful weekend and emotionally recharge your batteries.
    love Tracy XX

  9. Erin says:

    The weather is horrible isn’t it? I’ve wanted several duvet days this week!! I have that Cath Kidston bedding and I have the John Lewis mug too!! Evenings this week have involved lots of crochet in bed for me!!
    Your ripple is looking gorgeous!! Erin :)

  10. Erin says:

    The weather is horrible isn\’t it? I\’ve wanted several duvet days this week!! I have that Cath Kidston bedding and I have the John Lewis mug too!! Evenings this week have involved lots of crochet in bed for me!!
    Your ripple is looking gorgeous!! Erin :)

  11. Siobhan says:

    I had a leaky roof in my bedroom for ages last year and it is very disconcerting trying to sleep with the rain making such a noise coming through. It makes you feel anxious I think because bad weather is meant to be OUTSIDE and when it encroaches on your safe place it’s horrible! I still feel like that when it is raining heavily and it really hits hard against my window. I am hoping to move to somewhere with double gazing and everything warm and cosy next time as this place is like a damp leaky bucket!

    Your journey to work sounds grim and they don’t pay enough do they, for all that :( Hope the weather cheers up soon.

    Have a relaxing weekend and put your feet up. It’s hard after the Christmas break to get back into the swing of things isn’t it?

  12. Anne Marie says:

    Poor thing! I cant get back to sleep when I wake up because of the wind and then I worry about all the anxieties we have. Why don’t you buy one of those long look alike waxed coats, they do them at Cotton Traders etc, that would keep your legs dry. I have cycling in the rain, and always forget my weatherproof pants.

    Love your pictures, and wonder if you have a tutorial or instruction on the ‘filled in square’ you made a blanket for your friend? That looked really cozy and luxurious.

    Spring will soon be here, much better than last winter which went on for ‘years’

  13. Oh my, that sounds like a horrible week. We have an on/off leaky roof so I know exactly how you feel and it’s not fun :( It’s a horrible feeling hearing the rain and wondering how much is or isn’t going to come through. Here’s hoping that’s the end of the windy rainy weather. I hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend to make up for all the stress!

  14. I’m so sorry your week was so poor hopefully next week will be better for you. I love your ripple I started one when you started your ripple along. Wishing you warm sunny days ahead!

  15. Nicki says:

    Sorry you’ve had such a pants week. Me too. Is it worth slapping on some headphones and s bit of music whilst you crochet to drown out the freaky storm sounds? I often listen to my iPod with my crochet to drown out the (not very relaxing) sounds of Call of Duty!


  16. Oh Heather, I feel for you having had to go out in the raging gales and driving rain we had …it was awful….you do have to get yourself waterproof trousers…on ebay….they are marvellous for such weather and you won’t have to change when you get to work. Take care and rest tomorrow.

  17. The weather is a real downer, lots of rain here in Cornwall! I picked up some tete-tete narcissi today with the intention of placing them in a bowl on a bed of stone ( excuse to go to the beach!) no soil involved but you have to wash the muck of them gently . They look stunning as you see all the roots growing through the stones. Got the idea from a book ( having a mental blank at the name right now) Did it last year too and the thought of all that lovely yellow makes me smile, not a bad thing with this weather getting us all down! Take Care ~ Allie Cat xxx

  18. Anne says:

    Heather you have such a good eye for photography making what most people would think everyday objects into a beautiful captured moment. Sorry you are struggling through such nasty weather…we in Oz are currently having a bit of a heatwave!!!

  19. Esther says:

    Dear Heather, your ripple blanket is becoming precious. Kindly sent you a glimpse of the sun above us here in southern Spain.

  20. wow, that’s weird – I too love the old toast/little toms combo!! I think that the pink square blanket is a bit of a masterpiece in simplicity – the colours are fab together – well chosen that girl. I have done some similar squares lately in blue – you’re right about the holes – they form a lovely pattern.

  21. Jo says:

    Hi Heather
    I hate this weather too, and January always feels like such a long month. But don’t worry the snowdrops are on their way. Keep crocheting because I love to see what you are doing. I started a ripple cushion because of you and Lucy. Smile. Jo

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