The Box

I know it was a bit of a tease to only show you the box, but come on, it’s ME, it’s going to be YARN isn’t it?!

Yep that looks like yarn to me!

It is Knit Picks Shine Worsted weight and has come all the way from America. I bought a few balls of it last year from Great British Yarns as (ironically) they are the only place in the UK that stocks a few colours of it. I really wish that Knit Picks themselves would ship internationally though because they seem to have a lovely range of yarns that I’d like to try and aren’t available here. The yarn is $2.49 a ball on Knit Picks and with the exchange rate to £ sterling it worked out at about £1.50 for lush yarn. It’s cotton & modal (a beech wood fibre I think) and officially the only yarn that is acceptable for my wool/acrylic hating husband.

My mum’s friend was going to visit her sister in Florida and kindly agreed to bring it back for me and I was very excited about it. Hugely so. I ordered it the night before she flew so that it would get there in time. The despatch email came, all good. And then … three days later my mum told me that there had been a hitch and her friend hadn’t been able to go after all. ARGH! My big box of yarn was sat at her sister’s house with no way to get back. My mum was a star though and arranged for it to be posted to England. (I feel a little guilty about that because it’s made the price of the yarn much higher than if it had been brought back in someone’s suitcase, but I suppose I wasn’t to know when I ordered it.)

ANYWAY, after the thought that I might not get it at all, it was very excited to collect it on Friday last week. Can you imagine that? Collecting a much-anticipated box of yarn, hoping that the colour choices you’ve made online have been ok. Fortunately they are GORGEOUS and I’m so happy with them. I wish that I had ordered some more of the one called “Peapod” and the two oranges (Marmalade and Clementine) but I am glad I ordered so much red.

I couldn’t get many photos as the light was bad but I carried that box round from room to room at home, just smiling at it and stroking it a bit. It’s so soft. I have BIG plans for this yarn and I hope I can pull it off: I want to knit a blanket in it. That’s right, knit one. Ambitious. I am intending to do plain squares of either garter or stocking stitch and sew them together. I anticipate this taking a while. I’ve had to leave it at home (so not possible to bring back on the train) but will get it next time we drive down.

I should tell you though (as I am wont to change my mind) that when I lay them out next to each other in colour order I want to make stripes justlikethat.

ahem…It’s my blog and I’ll fill it with gratuitous yarn photos if I want to!

You can see the yarn names on the labels (I wish all yarn companies did this) but the colours are:

Green row L-R: Macaw, Peapod, Citrine

Blue row L-R: Reef, Sky, French Blue, Aquamarine

Yellow row L-R: Dandelion, Clementine, Marmalade, Serrano

Pink row L-R: Cosmopolitan, Crocus, Iris, Serenade

So yes. That’s what’s in the box. I can’t WAIT to get my hands back on that box!


43 thoughts on “The Box

  1. Kelley says:

    Oh, Heather! I LOVE Shine! I’m currently crocheting a Queen. Size. Ripple. out of it. I should join your and Lucy’s ripple along, huh? What great colors you chose! Good luck with your knitting. I’m sure it’ll be fabulous!

  2. I have some of the Knit Picks yarn, that very same yarn, it is gorgeous is it not. I am surprised they don’t ship to the UK because they ship to Australia. I wonder if you sent them an email asking if they would and for shipping costs, that they might??? That was a funny was of wording it!
    Love your colors too, right up my street.
    x Sandi

  3. Crochet with Raymond says:

    Could not be more jealous! I would love to have a go with knitpicks, the colours are to die for *sigh* a knitted blanket will be awesome XXX

  4. Pene says:

    Oh what gorgeous colours, it is so hard to find natural fibres in great colours. I’m not even much of a knitter but these inspire me. Lucky lucky you

  5. Hi Heather, this yarn looks amazing !! I love working with cotton so I am really jealous of this haul….the colours are Fantastic ….amazing to get such lovely orange shades , a colour I always struggle to find .
    Jacquie x

  6. Nanita says:

    Oooh scrummy yarn, I knew there was yarn in the box :D, but those colours are truly gorgeous! Wow, you are going to knit a blanket! I’ve recently bought a knitted blanket made up of different squares in a charity sale at the local residence for the elderly, I love the idea that all the grannies are knitting up squares sitting together and then someone sews them all together in big blankets… I’m looking forward to seeing you getting started! :-) xxxx

  7. What you don’t realise is that when you go back to pick up the box it will be much heavier than usual. That will be because I will have secreted myself inside it, burrowed in amongst all the lovely squishy colourfulness and I will be like a little Yarn Sprite and I will BITE YOU if you try to take the yarn away from me.

  8. Ann says:

    You know I wondered when I saw that Knit Picks box in your phot if they shipped to the UK. They also sell great fabrics through another one of their companies called Connecting Threads. You can find that one on line too. So often I see cute things on blogs especially Lucy’s blog but can’t get them in the US. Boo Hoo

  9. What gorgeous looking yarn. I’d have got more yellow and more orange :-) I like that clementine colour.
    My unpersonalised Christmas Town mugs came today… they are nice, but I think they are missing some green. I noticed your Mum has a good collection of EB pottery from a post you did in the Summer – now I know why! Who could work in a shop with a display like that and not want to take some home? Have a great weekend x

  10. Rosy Nancarrow says:

    Ooh, its all beautiful Heather. I wish I could receive a box of yarn like that! I have asked My Other Half for an assortment of Rowan Cotton Glace or similar for Christmas as I use that a lot for bits and bobs. Will have to keep my fingers crossed – what a great present that would be if hes brave enough to choose colours for me!
    Rosy x

    if you have somebody in the us who can get you things. Have her post the things in priority mail boxes.
    it is much much cheaper.
    you pay one flaterate price and it does not matter how heavy the things are, or how much is inside you always pay the same price.
    hope i was able to help you

  12. José says:

    O, ambition like that can’t be wrong, now can it ? It looks marvellous… surely it will make something great ! Hope working with it feels as good as it looks like.. ( pretty sure it will.. )

    Btw, when it comes to knitting.. I read Pearl-McPhee’s “Knitting rules!”, if I recall well she states that if you can knit and purl, you can do it all.. just take one stitch after the other.. So you go girl ! ;-)

  13. Wowzer, that is a beautiful stash of yarn. Extremely jealous here but looking forward muchly to seeing what you create. Love, love, love the colours. Swoon.

    Helen xx

  14. kelly says:

    I live in the states and would be happy to figure out a way to order it here and send it to you…I know how frustrating it is to want something (yarn especially) and not get my hands on it. You can reach me at if you are ever in need.

  15. Oh you’re a tease, showing us that gorgeous yarn that we can’t buy in the UK! the colours are beautiful, Reef is my fave I think. Look forward to seeing your knitted blanket :)

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