A Christmassy Day

Booking time to spend with Rach in the run up to Christmas is nigh on impossible. That girl is the busiest girl ever! I swear she books her weekends out a year in advance. With a little bit of planning in advance (September!) we booked last weekend as a Christmassy Day In. Christmas films, jaffa cakes, crochet, knitting and of course pyjamas were the order of the day. I have to show off my new pyjamas partly because they are beautiful, partly because they are oh-so-soft and just perfect in my cold house and partly because I saved a whole £2 on them by using an online discount code and having them sent to the shop. Which is on my high street and where I was going to buy them from anyway. Makes me feel good!

I always travel light when I visit Rach.


Well I tried but failed. I don’t get to go to Leeds much and I needed to get some Christmas and birthday presents while I was there, and I was also desperate for a rummage around in T K Maxx, for soap-in-a-tin (didn’t find any.) What I found was so much better and made me smile from ear to ear. Last year I didn’t have any money to spend on myself and Emma Bridgewater released the pretties mugs with reindeer on them. I had the wanties for those badly but never managed to get any. Then a couple of weeks ago I tried to bid on one on ebay but it got away. Soooooo (this story is getting longer, sorry) I went into T K Maxx and couldn’t find any soap-in-a-tin. I had a browse of the homewares on the off-chance that they had any of the Cath Kidston boaty pillowcases (they didn’t) and then OH MY GOODNESS there was one of the baby reindeer mugs on the shelf! I waddled over there laden with all my crochet bags and stuff and grabbed it before anyone else could. Aahaaaaha! So pleased. Then, I went into the next aisle and there was another one! Wooooooo!

Totally bargain price as well, being as they were from T K Maxx.

Anyway yes, that was a very long way of telling you that I bought two mugs that I really wanted and I love them and they are pretty.

Since I am on an andy-enforced “mug diet” I am not really allowed to bring any more mugs home unless there is a purpose for them. Now as these are “baby mugs” they are too small for a nice cuppa so I have decided that these are now our Mulled Wine Mugs and will be brought out around the festive season for the purposes of Mulled Wine Consumption. Genius!

(Just for the record, any mugs that are given to me as a gift are totally allowed into my house. It would be rude to turn down a gift. This also goes for: pillowcases and other bedding, towels, cushions and yarn.)

Within ooh, twenty minutes of me arriving at Rach’s, I’d whipped my jeans off and it was on with the pyjamas. Yes I wear pyjamas in other people’s houses, what are you going to do. Then we sat on the sofa like this ….

… and this …

for the rest of the day while we watched this:

and played with Rach’s iphone (I don’t have one, and so poor Rach has to put up with me grabbing it every ten minutes, taking a photo and going “Put my ripple on instagram!!!!!” and then … “has it got any comments off your friends yet????”)

This is out of date now so it is even FEWER sleeps to go!

In addition to Elf, we also watched Eve’s Christmas, Jingle All The Way (good old Arnie!), Christmas With The Kranks and then finally with our eyes barely open we ended with the Muppets Christmas Carol.

I moved off the sofa enough to put my ripple away and get out some knitting needles and Rach taught me how to make stripes with 1×1 rib. Oooh, I like this.

I took another photo of my pyjamas (with knitting) because they’re so pretty and my knees look like they’ve lost weight here.

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday :-) I really enjoyed myself and am tempted to book myself in again for this time next year! Hear that Rach? Pencil me into your diary please!

It’s days like these that make me happy and I know that I’ve had lots and lots of brilliant days like this. It’s other days that I find a lot harder, days when you’ve got all the floorboards up on the landing and the pipes you are trying to fit just won’t work, and the old house is so broken that nothing works with it, and it’s 9pm already and you’ve not made any dinner. When you realise that this is the only chance you have of a heated house and you can’t do it yourself, and you can’t afford to pay someone to do it and you know that if you don’t get it done you can’t go home for Christmas because leaving the house may cause the pipes to freeze. When you know that you do have it better than a lot of other people but that doesn’t make it seem any less bleak. When you can’t think how to make things any better. Those are the days that I struggle with and I thank you for your kind comments on my previous entry. It makes me feel far less isolated and alone to know that there are people out there who think of me, even though we don’t really know each other. It’s an odd thing, blogging relationships. They’re sort of so new in society that nobody has really defined them yet. (I’m so grateful that you’re all on the end of the internet.)

Love H xxxx

32 thoughts on “A Christmassy Day

  1. Kate B says:

    Heather what a gorgeous day you had, jamas, crochet,knitting, movies….fab. I’d love to invite some girlies over for such an event but they would think me crackers! Hang on in there with your heating traumas, this time next year it will be a distant memory and you’ll be snug as a bug…and as for blogging relationships, odd indeed, over 2000 comment for lovely Alicia this week at Posy Gets Cosy…love and support from strangers all over the world, amazing, inspiring and truly life affirming- I think that says it all! Big hugs.

  2. I’ve got the wanties for everything in this post! I absolutely love your mugs and pjs! And as for your ripple blanket, I’ve been lusting after this for ages and constantly calculating how much it would cost for me to make one similar (I just LOVE the colours). Too much for me I think unfortunately. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope there are some significant sales in january. I hope all the housework hurries up for you as it’s utterly rubbish when everythings upside down. Cant wait for more Heather updates as yours is my favourite blog. Thank you for sharing so much!

  3. Anne Marie says:

    That sounded like a reeeeeeaaaaally girly time! I wish I was young enough to have those. I did have a friend round the other week. She stayed overnight on an airbed. We went for a walk, visited another friend with a gorgeous puppy but she’s not the ‘girly’ type who you would crochet and knit with although she does do tapestry.

    LOVE your PJs. I want a tartan pair. My next phone hopefully is an iPhone but that won’t be until next August! How can I exist that long? Maybe I might get a touchscreen Blackberry. But as I have an iMac an iPhone would be better. So would an iPad. This consists of want, want, want!

    Mugs – I have a lot of those you get from the Manchester German Markets, which did contain mulled wine. You pay extra and get to keep the mug. I can’t bear to throw them even though I’m supposed to be decluttering. Why should I?

    Enjoying your lovely blog, it’s like reading the goings on of a daughter (which I’ve not got) so love it and love your wool purchases etc. I’m lucky enough to live near The Black Sheep (Mail Order) wool barn. Yarn candy!

  4. Oh my! That looks like a wonderful Christmassy Day – I am very envious of your Pjs too (sitting here in ripped old jogging bottoms, feeling decidedly underdressed for this post!)

    Sending some virtual magic Christmassy dust for those moments when you need it.

  5. Sounds like a fab day indeed. When you get to the kids stage of life you don’t get to do things like this too often. Love the jammies. And love that you wear them in other peoples homes – I think that is so cool. I often have my PJs on by 4 in the afternoon. And I’m planning on a jammie day this Sunday :-).

  6. Looks like a perfect day Heather! I have copied your ripple blanket- hope you don’t mind. I loved your colour choices so much I had to make one! There is an instagram pic on my blog. I just got an iPhone and it’s fab. Hope your heating probs are fixed soon. Xxx

  7. Aaah I am yet to buy my official Christmas pyjamas but it will be quite the treat when I go out to do it let me tell you.

    Also I am liking your sneaky these-aren’t-really-mugs routine. I’m going to store that away for the future. I flipping loves mugs I do.


  8. This looks like the perfect day! I am looking forward to moving house at the weekend and getting it all homely and cosy so I can spend the whole of December crocheting and knitting and making gifts and watching Christmas movies, yessss! (Although I’ll be by myself as I’m moving to a city where I won’t know anyone except hubby and he’ll be at work, booo). Hx

  9. Nanita says:

    Ooh, what a perfect day! Thank you for giving me some ideas, only yesterday my boyfriend and I decided that we want to do a December christmas movies marathon :-) I can very much relate to the need of taking your mind off things for a while, there are days I get so frustrated about still living in a small (where do I store my yarn?!)temporary appartment and it seems impossible (and I simply refuse) to bring up any more patience… Luckily those brilliant days bring it all into perspective :-)
    Ahh your ripple is truly gorgeous, every time I see it, I love it even more! xxxx

  10. How decadent! Your friend has a very nice sitting room. I love your new mugs too and am also liking the new header very much. Hope you get your heating sorted soon, at least it’s still very mild so far this year, would have been much worse if it was like last year.

  11. One of my favourite expressions is “I love my computer. All my friends live in it.” I know exactly what you mean about getting support from people who know. Having gone 6 weeks with the kitchen in our study, I definitely feel your pain :S But it does get better and it will be worth it – you’re going to have a house that’s all yours, and that’s definitely worth the wait.

    It looks like you had a wonderful day, and just what you needed. There’s nothing quite like spending the day with pjs and blankets to make you feel like you’ve had some time off :)

  12. Katharina says:

    Hi Heather. I really like to visit your blog. I like to see your projects. I have currently too less time for crocheting, so I am looking forward to see your next wips and finished projects.
    Your crocheting day sounds very good. What a pity, that here is noone who would like sitting infront of the tv and crocheting with me. But its ok. I sit in front of the tv all by myself and think of all the other people crocheting as well alone. So, I am not alone anymore :-)
    I hope, that everything with your house will turn out well soon. I will keep my fingers crossed!

  13. Lovely post Heather….love the pj’s….love the mugs…and I too, love TK Maxx and yet some folks turn up their nose when I tell them where I got things…why? I know not! I really feel for you and the upheaval you are going through..and it’s even worse when there is little money and workmen cost so much. I am trying to strip paint off a kitchen wall, just one mind you and I am really frustrated as the paint stripper is not working as fast as I would like….next week we will have no kitchen ( getting a new one after 35 years and no proper cooker for about 2 years and a freezer about to give up in the garage) for a wee while but you know all about doing without…you could teach me!! As one person posted there is a day when it will be a distant memory and from someone who could possibly be your Granny you will actually be a better person for having gone through this lean period….we have experienced that and it is a learning curve….it will pass….but I do feel for you at the moment and so glad you can escape to Rach’s now and again…yes, actual friends are great and virtual ones are there too…I think we all know instinctively who is good and who is not over the airways. I hope I’m not being naive saying that. In the meantime hang in there!

  14. Love your post Heather. Pyjamas, crochet and Christmassy dvds – it doesn’t get better than that! I too am totally in love with my pj’s. I recognize your socks because I have a pair too. Your ripple is coming on a treat!

  15. EEeeeek Heather you really need to get that heating sorted girl! Matter of priority. Looks like a fab time was had. Wish I could go and escape the kiddiwinks for a bit. xx

  16. Sounds like a fabulous day..cosy indoor days are just the best…but…do you not watch Love Actually??…I have the 1st December booked to watch that with my daughter..we watch it every year together and it always makes us laugh and cry in equal measure…loving your bloggings and patterns….:~))

  17. Oh to have a friend that you can chill with, in your jimjams and your yarn and hook with the tv and no doubt a drink of some description to warm your tum. Love your jimjams by the way. Your mugs are very cute too and if we stretch the imagination I am sure there will always be a purpose for a new mug :)
    x Sandi

  18. I don’t buy pyjamas as I don’t like wearing them in bed as I find they get all twisted and rucked up, but yours are so pretty and cosy looking I want some! Looks like an ideal day with crochet and christmas movies, and glad to see your sticking with the knitting!

    Kier x

  19. Wendy says:

    Love the pyjamas. I live in New Hampshire and I also like wearing my pyjamas around the house on cold days. Glad you had the happy outing with your friend. It does the heart good to spend time with a good friend. Hang in there with the house cause the troubles will be in the past sooner than you think! xxx

  20. Julie says:

    Wonderful post. Perfect weekend! Loving the pj’s, a girl can never spend too long in her pj’s lol. The mugs are superb, enjoy your mulled wine in them.

  21. What a lovely post Heather…I am in desperate need of one of those lazy days but cannot indulge being so far away from friends and family. I guess there’s always Alf the dog to share the sofa with but his banter isn’t up to scratch…

  22. melissa says:

    The Christmas Story is a must must must in our house. It’s not truly Christmas until I hear “You’ll shoot your eye out!”.

    *Heart* the jammies!!

  23. melissa says:

    The Christmas Story is a must must must in our house. It\’s not truly Christmas until I hear \"You\’ll shoot your eye out!\".

    *Heart* the jammies!!

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