Finally Finished – Lovely Round Cushion

Doooooo you remember back in August I showed you this photo, proclaiming it to be the most beautifully coloured piece of crochet that I have ever made? (Also the most colour-accurate photo I’ve taken of crochet too.) I said:

“Was hoping to do a ta-dah post tomorrow but I was 13 stitches away from completing it and it all went wrong. This is because I was five stitches away from completing it on the other side. NIGHTMARE. So instead of a finished object, I now have to pull back six rounds and re-work them with new yarn as the yarn that is on there is too short – this is because I missed an increase on round 12. Very Annoyed.”

The title “Finally Finished” is pretty accurate here because after getting oh-so-close to finishing and then finding out that I’d missed an increase, I was a bit too annoyed with it to rectify said mistake and so it sat on top of my yarn bucked for a couple of months before travelling upstairs to be beside my bed … I think in the vague hope that I’d get it finished if I could work on it in bed? But no, it sat there for another month until I frogged all of the mistake laden bit in a frenzy one evening. I rolled the yarn into little balls and sat them on the bed frame by my pillow where they tried to escape under the mattress each time I changed the bed.

I remember at the time of taking this photo that I could not work out why one side was so much more cuppy at the edges than the other!

Anyway, two weeks ago I started sloooowly and grudgingly re-working the frogged side and this weekend I FINALLY FINISHED IT!


(I like to think of this as the Moment of Truth when in fact this is a “Moment of Truth” reconstruction moment the following day on my windowsill, which is the only place in the house that has enough light in November for photos. Grr. Actual Moment of Truth occurred at night time which was a bit inconvenient.)

I reached the Moment of Truth and YESSS indeed I now had the correct number of stitches! Hurrah. I am not sure what I would have done with it had they not matched up.

As usual I joined using a bright, contrasting colour, which I love.

You may recognise one side of the cushion. You’d be right, because I totally stole it. Sometimes when it’s raining or whatever I like to go back through people’s blogs and sometimes I just think, ” You know what, I like that so much that I’m going to steal it. So there.” So I did. I had the yarn, I made the round circle and it was good. That took me a few weeks to do, it was slow. Then I stuffed it in my yarn bag and forgot about it. Then one evening, I looked at it and was very inspired and whipped up the other side in that same evening. When you get the urge, you just have to go with it!

I LOVE this cushion. While I love the first side, the one I stole from Lucy, I REALLY love the second side because I chose the colours All By Myself and they look ace and I’m always a bit chuffed when I feel that I’ve Got It Right.

I tried to work in groups of 3 colours that I felt worked together. The “blue blue red” set and the “Red pink pink blue” set stand out to me, and the four in the centre are the exact same colours as my tiffin box, now that I think about it.

So let’s stand back and have a look now … here is the first side, with the blue rings:

The final purple stripe is hidden here.

And then the second side …

Ooof, yum! (apologies for the blur, November light is not my friend.)

Here it is on my bed, with it’s good friend Mr Squares Cushion:

and a bit closer to the window, which required Substantial Propping with Miscellaneous Objects:

I’ve squirrelled them both away now to bring out when we have sofas.

One more thing completed from the “WIP List” – excellent!

Oh I should have said: It’s Rowan Pure Wool dk in: Avocado, Tangerine (d), Gilt (also d – Rowan why are you discontinuing all the good colours AGAIN???), Dahlia, Tea Rose, Marine, Pier, Damson, Kiss, and Hyacinth.


Now, I want to say a MASSIVE (and slightly humble and embarrassed) THANK YOU to all of you who nominated me on the Inside Crochet blog awards, aeeeggggghhh you are totally excellent and I actually got through. I found out this evening (after an impromptu post-work trip to B&Q for … I want to say sealant … and eeeh eck it made my evening. So, blushingly, please accept my sincere thanks :-) Love you guys.


Edit: I forgot to give you the link! It’s here if you fancy voting for me :-D

27 thoughts on “Finally Finished – Lovely Round Cushion

  1. Sarah says:

    I like the second side of your cushion best! Not that the first side isn,t nice as well. Looks great next to the square one. Going to bed now and wishing I had not said I would work tomorrow. Still I could treat myself to some yarn as a reward couldn’t I? Fancy some pure wool!!
    Just found out that it is less than 6 weeks to Christmas. Will I get my crafty projects done in time?
    Enjoy the rest of your week.xx

  2. Hey Heather… what lovely cushiony loveliness! It is absolutely gorgeous… I love the colours on both sides… and I can imagine you turning it every day, but then turning it back because you can’t decide which side looks best! What colour sofa will you get? As for the Inside Crochet awards.. so well deserved.. you really are getting to be one of the ‘Big Bloggers’ now… that doesn’t sound like a compliment does it? It is though…you know what I mean! :)x

  3. BEAU-TI-FUL… Yes, we all know and love this pillow. But, you know what.. over here we call that flattery. She should feel honored that someone has copied her pattern and oh, so perfectly done. Great job. Can’t wait to see what you will be up to next.

  4. I agree with Stocki, You are one of the ‘Big Bloggers’ now. I love your blag and was thrilled to nominate you. You are the only one I nominated, which is saying a lot for me. I read a lot of blogs and have a few favs. You are at the top. Love the pillow too.

  5. I love the colours together, they look fab and its goes so well with your squares cushion. Was it a pattern of Lucy’s you followed? See,another WIP completed! K xx

  6. Heather I can completely sympathise with you having to unpick your work, it’s sooo soul destroying isn’t it! I recently had to do the same with a cushion cover, one side didn’t match the other. Much head scratching and brain ache revealed I’d used two different sized hooks, doh.
    The finished result is beautiful and looks just fab with your squares cushion, bet you can’t wait to see them on your sofa. ♥

  7. Nanita says:

    Wow, you’ve definitely got the colours on ‘your’ side right as well, yum yum! I’m studying your joining, when I do a crochet join it NEVER looks so neat, so I usually end up frogging and sewing (which I hate). And yaaay for the Inside Crochet Blog Awards, you’re on 16.33% now! :-) xxxx

  8. I got that lovely book Cute and Easy Crochet drop through my door on Monday, and the round cushion is actually the very first project I am trying out of it. So a very fitting post. Lovely cushions, bet you can’t wait to have an actual real life sofa to proudly display them on!
    Kier x

  9. I got that lovely book Cute and Easy Crochet drop through my door on Monday, and the round cushion is actually the very first project I am trying out of it. So a very fitting post. Lovely cushions, bet you can\’t wait to have an actual real life sofa to proudly display them on!
    Kier x

  10. Realising you’ve made a mistake and not being able to live with it has to be the most annoying feeling ever!! Love the cushion, especially the side that’s all colourful, it looks so happy!

  11. Congratulations Heather, so happy for you ‘getting through’ the Inside Crochet, yay, yay, yay, you deserve it, you have a lovely blog. Your cushion is very……..yummie, love all your colors, and I do have to agree, why oh why do people discontinue all the good stuff/colors etc, arrrhhhh, not good.
    xx Sandi

  12. Anne Marie says:

    Your cushions look so good together, the colours are fabulous. I find it difficult to imagine what they will all look like in stripes as I buy my yarn by price, have bought some Sublime but tried to keep to the wools on offer! Pennypincher. Is it all double knitting or do you use aran weight? I’m resisting starting my first little ripple until I have done the other odd bits I have to finish and are all taking up room.

    I have only found this blog fairly recently and it is amongst my favourites.

  13. Congratulations on getting through…don’t know Inside Crochet at all but well done. Can’t afford magazines at the moment either!
    The second side is my favourite too and those colours are just zinging…oh – wish I could afford it!

  14. sally says:

    Love it! Your colour choices are always lovely. When I decided to try crochet I read your blog from beginning to end one rainy Saturday afternoon. I love to read your posts, they are so inspiring.

  15. Catriona says:

    Well done on your blog nomination and very well done on sticking with the cushion. I think you should unsquirrel the cushions and enjoy looking at them every day on your bed.

  16. Siobhan says:

    You deserved your nominations because your blog is lovely. You style is all your own and is rather charming. You also bring us lots of pretty things to look at and I like that you are able to post regularly. Your blog is really enjoyable and you should be proud of it. I voted for you as I think you deserve it.

    Am loving your latest squishy cushion, you will love it when you finally get your sofa. It will be worth waiting for. Love your colours, they really zing. You did a great job in choosing them. Your new cushion makes a cosy companion for the granny square cushion as they as very complementary. It’s nice when we are happy with the things we do that are all our own. I don’t mind frogging too much, at the end of the day I would rather have something I’m happy with.

  17. Helma says:

    Thanks for your comprehensive tutorials! I love this cushion. I count 18 rows on each side, is that correct? I am going to finally start AND finish a crochet project. I keep teaching myself new stitches, so i have countless of circles and squares and circles in squares lying about. This round cushion should set me off on the right foot.
    Thank you!!

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