One out, one in.

You may have noticed that I have something of a WIP problem. (That’s Work in Progress to those not familiar to blog-ese). I have WIPs that I started in 2009 that will never be finished. I’m ok with that. I’ve put them out of my mind. In fact, they are so far out of my mind that I don’t even physically know where they are lurking. I think they’re so far out of my mind that they no longer count as a WIP, really. I think they could quite accurately be called “Abandoned” or “What Was I Thinking”?

The other kind of WIPs are things that I really really really need to finish and get a bit sidelined when I want to work on something else, or someone has a baby (by the way, my Baby Blanket count for next year reached 3 today as we received news that some friends are due to become parents in May) or a birthday. I would like to tell you that I have a strict “One out, one in” policy when it comes to starting projects but I really can’t type that with a straight face. It’s wrong to lie so blatantly on a blog! This week though, I have finished not one but TWO WIPs. I know! How good is that! It makes it ok that I’ve started another one then, doesn’t it?

I am excited that I will have two reveal posts for you soon. Hurrah, I can feed my blog this week!

So what’s the new project? I hear you ask. WELL. It’s a Christmas present and I am using Stylecraft (photographed above, plus two other colours). I’m using:









I like that about half of those sound edible and fruity. Mmmm.

I wish I could take credit for this rather gorgeous colour scheme (I really really wish I could!) but it is stolen directly from here. I have been making other things with these colours recently and I LOVE it. Ordinarily, Meadow and Aster are quite flat colours but oh my, they really SING with these pinky tones. It’s like crocheting with a peacock, only less feathery and skwarky. Squarky?

The project is the same as well, I am making a Granny Stripe lap blanket for Auntie Joan. She deserves something nice and I hope she likes this little blanket. If not I’m sure her cat (Sammy) will, he is like a little prince and will probably presume that it’s for him anyway ;-)

I love it. I’m not following the blanket I’ve linked you to above exactly, I’m just winging it as I go along but the colours are so complimentary that you can’t go wrong. It’s soooooooooooooo fast as well! I’ve not made a Granny Stripe before but I certainly intend to do so again. Possibly for this third baby that is on the horizon!

I made the foundation chain and the first two rows last weekend and then stuffed it in a bag with all my other bits that I’m working on. I picked it up on Friday with renewed enthusiasm (and the thought that it’s 6 weeks until Christmas and I *will* need to post it) and whizzed up about 5 stripes just like that.

I can’t believe how far I’ve got with it actually. Me & Lucy had an Official Ripple-Along meeting yesterday and I sneaked in some granny striping and added a couple of rows. It’s what, seven stripes there? Yes I wear pyjama trousers to other peoples houses, what are you going to do. I’ve done 19 stripes now and I think that’s pretty much half way, I want it to be square and then a nice border so that it’s just a lap blanket.

I reckon I could have this done by the end of the week if I keep this up. I’m liking this. I like it when I get a bee in my bonnet about a new project and really whiz through it, like the Pinketty Pink Daisies blanket, as it doesn’t feel like a chore and feels like I’m Achieving Things.

Even better though is the thought that I’m making things for people I love that will keep them warm and hopefully they’ll know that I’ve thought about them with every stitch.

And that feels really good.


23 thoughts on “One out, one in.

  1. Heather, I love the color combo. Can’t wait to see your other projects. i had my wip’s under control. Now they are threatening to take over again. Christmas does that doesn’t it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Lovely, lovely. I love the granny stripe pattern. By the way, UFO or unfinished object is the term used to describe those long forgotten wips. I have a few of those ho hum. x

  3. ZebAlex says:

    Well, for a moment there I was SERIOUSLY freaked out that you’d chosen the same colours as me. But ooh, the thrill that they actually are my colours!! That someone liked the colour combo enough to put it on Pinterest. And that a second person, your good rippling self, liked them enough to use them, has given my Sunday night, end of the weekend self a lovely little boost. And credit where it’s due… I chose the final colours with my 10 year old daughter.

  4. I Love stripes and that colour combo so it’s a winner here – bet it’ll look fab. I’m terrible with WIP’s – I’ve got one thing on the go at the min but as soon as I see someone elses project I want to start one. Like now. I want a granny stripe! xx

  5. Julie says:

    Ooooo I love the colours in this one, why can I never come up with such thrilling colours. Handmade gifts are the most precious presses one can give or receive.

  6. Heather, this post has made me smile especially your definition of WIP’s ! I think I can let myself off the hook now with some of mine that are “lost” (very conveniently) up in the loft. I really have come a long way with my choice of colours and patterns too xox

    I think I need to make a granny striped sooner or later as they always look so groovy and are real quick on the ol’hook. I am desperately wanting to finish my chevron blanket this week and am looking forward to my ta-dah moment.Happy hookin’ this week xox

    ps. Stylecraft rocks in the world of acrylic!

  7. MelanieMelanie says:

    HI Heather, those colours are lovely and that blanket is growing at a rate of knots (!). I’m sure it will be very well received! x

  8. Oh. Yeah. Rah I love it. Love love love.

    Love the colours. Love the Granny Stripiness.

    I was planning on making a Granny Stripe for my next blanket for The Person and now that I know how quick it’s going to go I can’t wait to get started on it!

  9. Let me get this straight. You can actually go over to Lucy house, you live that close. Ok, now I’m really jealous. I guess you walk by the canal with all those boats too. You are one lucky gal. I love you latest blanket and the Ripple along is so much fun.

  10. audra says:

    Hi Heather the blanket looks Great! Wonderful colours. Fantastic progress.
    PJ’s are so comfee to sit and crochet in, my neibough wears hers all the time from when she gets home, until just befor she goes to work, even to feed her 60+ guinie pigs, goat,sheep, horse, geese and chickens. ( I think that is all she has at the moment ) I wore mine all day yesterday,except when we were at a wedding, even put then on for the hour we came home.
    I too am trying to get Christmas presents done, got 1 wash cloth done yesterday, mainly in the car to and from the ceromomy, would have finished it befor we got home if I had utalised the 40 minutes she was late.
    Must start my day
    Hugs Audra

  11. My favourite term for the completely abandoned projects is UFOs (UnFinished Objects) Perhaps we should try and organise a crocheters UFO swap – one woman’s ‘what was I thinking’ is another woman’s treasure. It would also be interesting to see the direction someone else would take with it.

  12. I have crochet productivity envy! You are making such speedy progress!! I’m plodding on with my huge ripple, with several ‘on the go, must be finished by Christmas’ projects but not sure I’m making enough headway! Gorgeous colours x

  13. Hi Heather, you have inspired me to finish my two WIP granny stripe blankets. I must do this before I start my new project with my Lucy Pak of yarn. As long as I don’t get destracted with another scarf! :)

    Have a great week!

  14. Lovely Granny stripe you have! The colours are gorgeous and working with each other splendidly! I’m in the process of making one also! Great job and lovely blog!

  15. Lovely Granny stripe you have! The colours are gorgeous and working with each other splendidly! I\’m in the process of making one also! Great job and lovely blog!

  16. Beautiful! I now have the urge to take on a granny stripe project as well as the ripple!

    And I completely agree with the UFO problem. I was so plagued by my long list of UFOs – apparently I have a short attention span as I tend to jump from project to project! – that I selected a few I haven’t done anything with for over 6 months, unravelled them and donated the yarn to a couple of charitable ladies I knew would put it to better use than just sitting in my cupboard.

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