A Very Bloggy Friendship

What does this photo say to you?

Does it say … Heather you are among friends who also blog?

It says that to me. It also says … this is the day that you went to Preston with Rach to see Jenny and Emma and Claire, and you were all working on ripples (Official Ripple-along meeting, yep.) and all ate cake, admired Jenny’s beautiful house and had a ripple-along photofest on Jenny’s bed, which has stylish Cath Kidston bedding that is subtle and dotty.

That all happened last Saturday and it already feels like a long time ago. The trainride there was beautiful, through parts of North Yorkshire that I’d never been through before, and through Lancashire where I have also never been before. Before last Saturday I didn’t realise that Lancaster has a big river flowing through it, and I didn’t realise that Preston was so close to the coast. I learnt that it takes 1 hr 45 minutes to get to Preston via train from my local station, but that on the way back when there is no equivalent train it will take you three hours, going via Leeds. I also learned (and this makes me smile and blush a bit) that when it’s pouring down with rain at 9pm when you get off the train, Andy will come and collect me in the car as a surprise so that I don’t have to walk 15 minutes in the rain (he was worried that my yarn would get wet. How sweet is that?).

Let’s back track slightly, I am writing about the ends of the day without the middle bit and you know how I feel about doing things chronologically.

As I blogged just before I left for my train, I met Jenny, Emma and Claire back in March and Rach’s house and we had a good time with our crochet and our knitting and it was a good “first time meeting” for us all. Well, first time for “Heather and Rach” to meet “Jenny Emma and Claire” if you see what I mean.

This time, I didn’t have any First Meet kind of feelings, we were officially Friends which was good. I think I was chattier this time. Last time we met, Emma and Claire and Rach were all knitters and we had a bit of a joke going on Twitter that it was time that they manned up and crocheted blankets. And they have! There was a lot of rippling going on:

So of course, the only reasonable course of action to take was to put them all together and take a photo!

When Emma took a photo on her iPhone, I made her stop and do it again so that I could do this:

Rach was very taken with Jenny’s cats. It was tough getting her to let them stay at Jenny’s house!

The light was really good in Jenny’s craft room so I made Rach stand still and I took her photo. I’m posting it here cos she’s pretty :-) and I am pleased with the photo.

I wish that we all lived closer, really. Still, you can’t have everything and we do keep up on twitter all the time which is fun. Only thing is, we need Leanne to come and join us next time as she is also in our “twitter gang” but she lives far away in Surrey (funny thing is that she works in the town where I was born!) Move up North, Leanne!

Jenny is having a baby in February and you know what that means … I have another WIP! Love making things for friends. Can’t wait for February so that I can blog what I am making meet Jenny’s baby :-)

Thank you ladies for a lovely day, I look forward to the next time.


16 thoughts on “A Very Bloggy Friendship

  1. Such lovely ripply blankets! I feel a strong urge to join the ripple along… I’ve got a project in mind, but I’m not allowing myself to start it yet. But it’s a ripple project. I’m being very restrained waiting to begin, but it is not time yet. Will be sure to come back to all your ripply posts cos no doubt you’ll be onto your next project by then!
    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Jones x

  2. Such lovely ripply blankets! I feel a strong urge to join the ripple along… I\’ve got a project in mind, but I\’m not allowing myself to start it yet. But it\’s a ripple project. I\’m being very restrained waiting to begin, but it is not time yet. Will be sure to come back to all your ripply posts cos no doubt you\’ll be onto your next project by then!
    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Jones x

  3. Anne Marie says:

    All those lovely ripples. I think it is the first time I have commented on this blog. You had a lovely day and the ripples all look wonderful as do all the girls.

    Lancaster is a wonderful town, and I worked in Preston for a while a few years ago.

    The different colours are amazing. It’s nice that different people choose their own thing, rather than slavishly copying others. I have some wool to start a ripple but want to collect a bit more before starting. I bought Sublime rather than Debbie Bliss as it was a bit cheaper. I really like that green tunic that the blonde young lady is wearing.

    Every time I see photos of cats I want to take them home with me.

  4. Nura says:

    Hi Heather

    I have been spending a few evenings, quite a few evenings really, reading your blog from the beginning, which I came across from Lucy at Attic24. I had thought to myself I won’t post any comments until I’ve got through it all. However, I had to comment on this post as I am quite nosey & when I clicked on the name Leanne it turned out it’s a lady I met several years ago when I used to go to the same monthly scrapbooking crop as she did. Well, when I say I know her, I mean I’ve met her a few times & she might recognise me (particularly if I said I was friends with Wendy, both of us in Sussex) It’s a small world really, but made me smile reading this.

    I’ve been enjoying your blog, watching how your interest in crochet has developed & expanded, enjoyed your photographs too, & your general ramblings on events that take place – all of which I enjoy doing too (though not blogging), as well as knitting, cross stitch, scrapbooking, reading, live music, walking my 2 dogs & spending time with good friends. Keep it up, I’ve now got 7 months left to catch up on :-)

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