Finally Finished: Baby F Striped Blanket

Ripples or straight? That was the question I asked you a couple of months ago. I often start blankets for the babies of friends and family and I think, Oh I’ll just whip up a blanket, won’t take long. Usually they don’t take too long (such as the Pinketty Pink Daisies blanket which took about 11 days) and so I don’t give them much fanfare at the beginning on my blog. It did feature in my Blanket Fest though :-) This stripy blanket took a little longer than I imagined but I can’t really fault the blanket for that. It did get usurped along the way by said Pink Daisies blanket, along with my Ripple-along, the need to get Phoebe’s ripple finished and the start of my Top Secret birthday pressie for Rach.

This blanket is a blanket for Andy’s brand new shiny baby cousin, who is now two months old. Aww! Baby F. He didn’t have a name when I began the blanket, and The Girl commented that it looked like a College scarf and so I dubbed it the College Stripe Blanket. Now it is the “Baby F Blanket” for sure.

So, this is made from my favourite baby yarn: Rico Baby Classic dk. I’ve used it many times before with a 4mm hook but this time I used a 3.5mm hook as all Rico yarns seem to be a half size smaller than the suggested weight. The 3.5mm hook worked a lot better and made a tighter stitch, as you’d imagine. It doesn’t make for a fast blanket though!

I used four colours and I think they are Cream, Red, Petrol and Green. There are several shades of green with this yarn (including Hellsgruen or something) but this one is simply “green”. I did not quite use a full ball of the red, blue and green and I used two and a half balls of the cream. That makes it about £10 of yarn although it all came from my stash which made me feel thrifty but also a bit guilty for having a stash. But also happy, for using some stash!

I just worked this in straight stripes which is easy peasy and requires no counting (hurrah!). It’s interesting that the blanket is distinctly different on each side because on one side it is the front of the green stitches that shows and they look a lot smaller than the red and the blue stitches, of which it is the back of the stitches that shows.

(The light was gloomy, it’s not as yellowy as this photo suggests)

I stopped once the blanket was about squarish and put a border around it. I really like it and I like that it is “boy” colours, but there is enough cream that it isn’t overwhelmingly bright, and they’re quite stylish. I’ve only met Andy’s aunt (baby F’s mum) once, at my wedding, but she is a stylish lady.

I made the border in the same way I do for a ripple: a cluster of 2 TR stitches into the side of each stitch and then just go around it with a treble in each stitch. Simple. I didn’t do any picot edging because I really don’t think that frilly bits go well on a boy blanket.

I love how Christmassy the red and the green look together. It makes me happy that the colours work well and I always feel a little bit chuffed when I choose colours that work and that I am happy with.

I haven’t sent this yet (job for the weekend) but it’s veeeerry hard to part with it. I’m a bit taken with the colour combo. About halfway through I contemplated making it into a scarf and keeping it for myself. I was strong though.

Well, mostly strong.

Quite weak actually.

I decided that I DO want a scarf like this …

… aaaand now I have a ball of blue Cashmerino Aran (from the sale bin at Create) and a ball of green Cashmerino Aran (the green one was genuinely stash yarn) and they are just waiting waiting waiting until payday when I will lickety spit place and order online as SOON as I get paid so that a Red and a couple of creams can join the party and make a stripy smooshy scarf to go with my coat. Yesss! A little bit of Selfish Crochet in amongst all the makes-for-other-people is ok in my book ;-)

29 thoughts on “Finally Finished: Baby F Striped Blanket

  1. Hi Heather, I love the colours in this blanket, like you said, great for a boy but not too bright, really classy looking – well done! xxBrenda

  2. That is one lovely blanket….the colours are perfect and your edging is just perfect too…thanks for the tip on putting the two tr into the side of the stitch…it looks so good. And I hope you get your scarf done soon…gee, you might need it soon so when the dosh is in the bank get it on the hook!

  3. Great boy blanket…I love the colour mix and that it is so ‘boyish’…can#t wait to see the scarf! How lovely to think of all the little babies wrapped in their ‘Little Tin Bird’ blankets.. maybe you should make it compulsory to send you a photo of the babies in them and put them all together in a mosaic! :)x

  4. Great boy blanket…I love the colour mix and that it is so ‘boyish’…can’t wait to see the scarf! How lovely to think of all the little babies wrapped in their ‘Little Tin Bird’ blankets.. maybe you should make it compulsory to send you a photo of the babies in them and put them all together in a mosaic! :)x

  5. Great boy blanket…I love the colour mix and that it is so \’boyish\’…can\’t wait to see the scarf! How lovely to think of all the little babies wrapped in their \’Little Tin Bird\’ blankets.. maybe you should make it compulsory to send you a photo of the babies in them and put them all together in a mosaic! :)x

  6. Gorgeous blanket. I think you deserve a scarf. Hope payday is soon. I have always hated trying to figure out borders. The way you do it with two stitches in the end of the row is what I will do from now on. It looks great and helps keep it all even on the stitch count. Nice work Heather.

  7. Argh I love it so much, best colour combo ever times infinity. I was merrily rippling along the other day and realised that I’d done the teal, cream, grey and red in a line and was “College colours! It looks like college colours!”

  8. Hi Heather,
    This is a perfect boy blanket. The colors are gorgeous together and I don’t blame you for wanting a scarf. The border just makes it! Good Job!!

  9. Have been contemplating crocheting a stripey blanket, now that I have seen yours I think it will go on the list with the Chevron. Love your colors.
    x Sandi

  10. Pretty, pretty, pretty Heather, it’s lovely. It was fab to see you again last weekend & I now only have 8 stripes left to do on my nan’s ripple blanket :D My ends are woven in too, so thanks for showing me how :)
    C xx

  11. What a lucky little boy!! (and boy’s mum!!!) I think you most definitely deserve that scarf for you! How cozy, holiday-ish it will be, too!!!

  12. I love your blanket – its great for a boy too. I’m amazed at how many blankets you manage to make.
    Looking forward to seeing the scarf too – I think you definitely deserve some selfish crochet now after all the work on blankets for other people!

  13. Another very lucky little baby. What a shame we weren’t all blanketing like mad when my daughter was little. No lovely baby ripples then! Love the colours you have chosen, it looks great. Just in time for the cold weather too. Bet baby’s mummy loves it. Hope you enjoy making and wearing a scarf in the same colours. You totally deserve to have a little something for yourself; you are such a busy bee crocheting for everyone else. Hope your ripple is going well too.

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  15. Hello Heather
    We met on the train last week on the way back from Leeds (I admired your pram and blanket). Thank you for inspiring to try to crochet! I bought my first hook and wool yesterday from Embsay and can’t wait to give it a go. I’ll let you know :)
    With warm regards

  16. Hi Heather, I found you on Facebook and will visit regularly, I am sure! I picked up a crochet hook for the first time a few months ago and really love the craft. Your blankets are all amazing, it makes me want to make more blankets myself. I think the colours you use are gorgeous, they always look perfect together. Thank you for explaining how you add a border to your ripple blankets, I was wondering how to achieve that.

  17. Hi, am furiously crocheting Bullseye Squares and love them. I want to put them together into a blanket for my mother’s 70th birthday, however, I can’t work out the best way to join them – ie do I sew them and then put a border around the whole thing or crochet them together somehow – I would be really grateful for any ideas.

    Many thanks.


  18. Hi justine, I would crochet them together using my tutorial that’s on thenlefthand side of my blog. Sorry I can’t be more helpful right now but I am typing on my iPad and my baby is trying to get my attention! Best of luck x

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