I admit it

The only reason I bought a pumpkin was so that I could attack it with a knife and take a cool photo for my blog.

It’s a bit messy but it’s done and I can leave it alone and cook dinner very very quickly before going out for Crochet evening.

Two things before I go …

I do intend to write actual blog posts again, these last two have been very lazy but come on, it wouldn’t do to post a pumpkin photo on November 1st now would it?

Secondly, the weird security code that you have to enter to comment: I know it’s a faff having to do it but for some reason my blog gets about 150 spam comments every single day without it so I’m afraid it’s staying. I know it says invalid code, and then posts your comments twice, and I am really sorry about that but it’s just a WordPress bug and there isn’t anything I can do to fix it. Thank you for letting me know though.

Enjoy your Hallowe’en :-) xx

12 thoughts on “I admit it

  1. Well, I would rather be going out to a knitting group than sitting here waiting for the trick and treaters to arrive…have had only 3 yet so probably the weather is putting them off. Have a great evening.

  2. Siobhan says:

    It looks spookily good doesn’t it? A bit original too as I’ve not seen anyone carve their blog name out. I’ve got a little dinky pumpkin but I’m going to cook it and make a pie with it. No trick or treaters here yet and its a bit late so I think they won’t be coming.

    The trick to your comments thing is just to send it once and ignore the message. That way it only posts the once. The second time is when it does the forward slashes too.

    Happy Halloween. Enjoy your crochet evening!

  3. LOL at you carving a pumpkin for blog purposes…..you SO need to have children!! They validate all those things for you, cos you are doing it For Them. Of course. I only carved out my pumpkin for the children (not) haha.

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