Right Now

Right now I am just sorting out my yarn bag for a day of hooky and chat with these girls but I just thought I’d show you what my view looks like right now. The Clocks go back tonight so tomorrow this will be a 7am view and not an 8am view, and my mornings will be a little lighter :-)

I hope you all have fun things planned for your weekend – enjoy xxx

10 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. Oh, am getting error messages from your comment thing, don’t know if it’s a common problem – it tells me I’ve used an invalid security code! I tried putting it in again and it said it was a duplicate message so obviously it *had* accepted the first one. Weird!

  2. Ha ha! I followed the link to see who your friends were and it did make me laugh… your little thought bubble thing. Ha! I am in a similar situation – I don’t have lots of friends. I was part of a huge close circle of friends at school but everyone went to uni and moved away from each other. Blogging’s great because you get chatting to people you have lots in common with. Have a fab day. We’re going into London for the London Comic Con (don’t ask… Stepson is hugely into his Marvel comic characters!) xxxx

  3. Nanita says:

    Ooh you’re gonna have a fun day! And thank you for mentioning the clocks, somehow I always manage to be the one that forgot! :-) x

  4. Hello Heather, I have been sitting here going back through your older posts and I have to say that you are one of the sweetest, nicest young women that I have come across in blogland. I have been reading about all your hopes and dreams and everything you want out of life. You will get it. The economy stinks and things are so expensive, but somehow it all works out. I used to hate it when people would tell me ‘Oh you are so young, you have time’. Bah, I know how you feel. I didn’t have my daughter until I was 38 and I hope you don’t have to wait that long. Having a job that you don’t love or make much money at is hard too. You are also so much more creative than you give yourself credit for. Just keep doing everthing you are doing and hopefully someday you will have the house, children and job that you want. You already have lots of fans who love your blog, if that counts for anything.

  5. Have a lovely day Heather. I followed your link, and what a happy bunch of hookers you look ;D Seriously, I am lucky to be blessed with great friends, some of whom I talk to daily, and two of those good people I met first online. It’s a lovely place this bloggy world of ours, and yours is a very special corner of it x

  6. Loving your blog. Nice too see there’s someone out there who loves clicking/hooking as much as me and is the same age xx
    Not many I tell you where I am!
    Came over from Lucy’s Blog, and im now a follower of you both xx

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