On My Camera – October

I love making “On My Camera” posts. I am happy that I have a place to put all my “snippet” photos in one place so that I don’t forget the small moments that meant something at the time. Its a nice continuity post for myself really. And all you folk who like photos of the view from my kitchen step as much as I do!

Ok, this month we have:

Early morning sky

Sneaking some hooky time to finish a WIP before performing damp proofing duties in the lounge

Really dodgy bricks on this wall, I had to stand on the other side and hold it up while Andy was drilling. They are 110 years old and you can tell! Will be building a stud wall in front.

Don’t talk to me about damp proofing.

Or ceilings. Actually this is the underside of the floorboards in the room above because we don’t have a ceiling in the lounge at the moment.

Middle of the day sunshine

Hanging laundry out in the cold because it’s the same temperature as it is inside with the added benefit of a breeze

View from my dining room window while waiting for plasterboard & insulation to be delivered

Daft self portrait in the weird mirror in the hallway (in fact you can see some of the insulation that got delivered too, it has sneaked into the photo with me)

More midday sunshine

Being struck by a sudden “I GET IT” knitting urge and running to the yarn shop at twenty past five to buy the big ball of aran yarn that you KNOW is in there. Comedy sized yarn makes me smile BIG.

Early morning pre-walk to work sky

My favourite place (red chair with laptop & yarn)

I finally bought a coat (more flattering in real life, I promise)

My mantel piece, just the way I like it

Eating soup from my big dotty cup using my little dotty spoon and enjoying the frivolity of pretty things

Rescued Gerbera from Tesco reduced bin flowering for the 3rd time on the kitchen windowsill (which is just on the dirty side of Just The Way I Like It)

Another knitting urge (and LOVING my pyjama trousers so much that I never want to take them off)

Ripple appreciation in poor light

Inconvenient kitchen rearranging

Painting preparations (SMELLS LIKE PROGRESS!) and discovering why the kitchen tiles are painted white

Cup of tea and blogging – perfect.


11 thoughts on “On My Camera – October

  1. Great photos, great coat but hey, those pj’s look so, so cosy….don’t wonder you don’t want to take them off….where’d you get them? Would love them myself! What are you going to use the big ball of wool for? And yes, now you know why the tiles were painted over….ahem….I like brown (unlike Lucy) but not on tiles. I do hope it won’t be long before you get that stuff on the walls…then what happens to that…does it have to be skimmed over? Very soon I’m going to be taking the tiles off our kitchen as we are having a new one so we’ll be in a mess for a while when that starts…but after 35 years I think I deserve a new kitchen given our cooker is about to die the death.
    Take care.

  2. Ah Heather, I know I’ve said it all before but the renovations will be worth it. Just looking at your photo’s brings it all back for me. In total I think I have lived through 4 years of no carpets, no heating, no ceiling, no proper plumbing.

    Loving all the yarny goodness. The big man holding the big yarn – swoon.

    Love that your duck has a crochet necklace.

    What are you knitting?


  3. Julie says:

    Super collection of pics, when you are nice and cosy in your newly decorated sitting room the yucky stuff will all be a memory

  4. MelanieMelanie says:

    Yay! We ALL have those pyjama trousers! And thank goodness for white paint that covers that DISGUSTING tile colour. Love the washing on the line photos, and your coat is great. Now you can be warm on your way to and from work. X

  5. Hello, Heather! Oh, what wonderful pictures! I really like the color combination of your new blanket … big dotty cup … cute little things on mantel piece…

  6. Oh, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your photos, and that huge ball of yarn, how big is it!!! 400g?? I love your p.j’s too, they look really snuggly and warm. Your home is progressing which is a good thing, they way the years are wizzing by your home will be finished before you can blink. I’m not sure if I said in a few posts ago, you and Andy suit each other so much (both very cute) And yes, what are you knitting??
    x Sandi

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