Stripy Ripply Snuggly

It’s a bit addictive this rippling business. I’m SO into this blanket right now, I feel quite intense about it to be quite honest. I don’t want to put it down! This makes things like doing housework very tricky as you can imagine (and let’s not even TALK about going to work and having to LeAVe it at HOmE!) but I’m sort of weirdly ok with neglecting housework in favour of rippling. I know, it’s an odd concept wanting to make luscious ripples out of fancy yarn instead of getting the hoover out ;-)

Selfish Ripple is now 21 stripes (42 rows) tall. Eeeeeeh! It’s making itself really, I’m just making solid a blanket that already exists in some mystical form. It’s a joy to work on and to finally make something that’s been in my head for a year feels great.

So, when you saw it last I’d got up to the second Bright Pink Stripe, about here: (2nd pink stripe just visible in the left of the photo)

Aaaaaand now it looks like this:

and this:

and this:

and then the pesky emerald stripe concludes ripply matters for the time being:

Why is this emerald stripe pesky? I hear you ask.


It’s because I’ve had to pull it back THREE TIMES! Not just that but I had to pull back the row above it too. The pulling back occurred about twenty minutes after these photos and so I just KNOW that the pesky extra increase is there in these photos aided and abetted by the pesky extra stitch in the row above. Oooh I was annoyed with myself! Still, all fixed now.

Are you enjoying my stripe-fest? I really am. I’m so proud of it and could look at photos of it all day. It’s so scrumptious to work on and soooo smooshy soft to squeeze.

It’s just so difficult to put it down and do anything else!

p.s yes I am still loving my Reindeer Woolly Tunic ;-)

43 thoughts on “Stripy Ripply Snuggly

  1. Nanita says:

    *Gasp* Wowowow, I can’t believe how much progress you’ve made! It’s looking absolutely fantastic, definitely one of the most gorgeous ripples I’ve ever seen! I’m stuck waiting for my yarn delivery, I’m on my seventh colour now and blimey it really is addictive isn’t it? :-) x

  2. Hi Heather…it’s looking stunning !! I love your low angle shots along the ripples, truly beautiful. I’ve decided to join you guys with a smaller scale project…how could I resist. Never tried Lucy’s pattern before and now I can see why it’s so addictive. You are looking super in your tank top by the way :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhh yes yes, the word “smooshy” describes it beautifully, it is Just That!
    Beautiful pics too Heather, very arty, think I need to up my game a bit with my pics, less of the quick snaps and more of the beautiful long-shots.
    Heehee, just counted my rows and I’ve also done 42, so we are level pegging. Not sure if i’ll do any tonight, still not feeling brill, another early night coming I think.
    Lots of love to you Mrs Smooshy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. i am in love, so in love I have started to stash the yarn, everything apart from thr discontinued turquoise #10 which i cant find anywhere. Managed to get all the other discontinued ones.

    love the colour choice. I have already planned which colour is going where and unless they really clash in real life i am happy with my choice

    thanks for the inspiration x

  5. What an amazing blanket – I absolutly love it Heather. You and lucy are mazing such great progress – I am feeling the need to crack on with mine! Good night & happy rippling x

  6. Anne says:

    Your ripply blanket really is gorgeousness personified and if it was my blanket, the hoovering could well and truly wait!! What’s a bit of dust and dirt when the only thing that matters is immersing yourself in soft, delicious, scrummy rippling yarn. :) I won’t say have fun, ‘cos I can see you already are.
    Anne xx

  7. Oh wow – this is amazing!! I can’t believe you have got so far. Has your hand turned into a crochet claw yet?! I was thinking of joining in with the ripple along but I think you’ll be finished before I even manage to buy my yarn!
    I always choose crochet above housework too!!

  8. So clever, so beautiful Heather.It’s coming on a real treat and that Debbie Bliss yarn is truly from heaven. I know what you mean by addiction, I started my Jane Brocket chevron pattern on Sunday evening and simply love it, can’t wait to get home to get cracking on it again… only dull women have clean houses is what I say !! xox Love your photo’s by the way x

  9. Sarah says:

    Ripple looks really great. Am about to purchase some yarn for my ripple which I wiil start next week when I have some time off work.
    Have been making some granny squares and they are turning out well. Spent all evening trying to get the heating on as it is really cold down here. I hope it is not going to be like last winter!! xx

  10. Lovely, that looks like such scrumptious yarn! Can almost feel it through the screen! I am joining you in the ripple along in the hope that it might spur me along to finish my Big Ripple that has been hanging around for ages! Thanks for inspiration :-) x

  11. Ellie says:

    Wow!! The colours are amazing! They blend so well together and what a fab time to start a blanket. I always think its lovely to start a blanket when it turns cold-the joy of crochet while wrapping yourself in it as it

  12. It’s growing OUT OF CONTROL! What is it about rippling that is so addictive?

    Also I’m so glad I’m not the only one that has to pull back rows sometimes. Not that I’m revelling in your pain or anything, just pleased that I’m not the only one who makes mistakes!

    My poor beasty just isn’t growing quick enough for my liking :( Stupid work getting in the way. It’s bad enough that I have to come and work during the day, but working at night as well? Erm….no thanks.

  13. Oh my goodness, it is looking fabtastic. I can only imagine how soft and smooshy it is! Can I come round and crochet a few rows for you so I can revel in its smooshiness?! I really want to join in on this ripple along but I have 4 blankets on the go at the moment. Maybe I could do a scarf… xx

  14. Vibeke says:

    I understand COMPLLLLetely why you don’t wat to hoover when you have the choise of rippleing instead! But that is natural! I wanna ripple along – I just quickly have to finish off my patchwork quilt (machine stitched..)…
    As someone else wrote – this is ripple porn :D And it is lovely and yumyumyummy!

  15. Oh I so know that addictvie feeling when you don’t want to leave the crochet (or knitting for that matter) down….what odds about the hoovering, the dusting and so on…it’ll still be there when you are feeling the warmth of this blanket….and those blues together are just knockout…it is truly beautiful. Well done.

  16. It’s looking fabulous Heather, i love how the colours work so well together, working on it must brighten up these dreary days we’re having at the moment weather-wise. I haven’t even picked up my ripple for a week, must get back into it asap, take care, K

  17. chinagirl says:

    Hiya…your blanket looks smoochalicious and the colours are lush :) I am soooooo tempted to start another blanket project now after seeing this…In your DK, what is the blanket width measurement please? what size hook did you use and how many chains in foundation row did you do..or did you just wing it?!! Today could be the day another ripple blanket gets started! Cheers

  18. It’s looking gorgeous, can’t beleive how much you’ve got done already! You’ll be over taking me in no time! I’m glad I’m not the only one to rip back to redo a mistake. I felt a little over controlling recently when a small mistake a row back that could have been easily remedied whispered slyly to me until I couldn’t bare it any longer and I had to rip it out. People say you can’t tell, but I know it’s there!
    Kier x

  19. chinagirl says:

    ah ha…when I re-read your first post about this gorgeous blanket I see you did a foundation chain of 213 with a 4mm hook! :).Would still love to know approx width measurement please if you get a minute to measure and reply. Thanks heaps

  20. Siobhan says:

    Wow! Your ripple is coming on so fast. I do love it. Lovely colours and it’s so interesting seeing how they all come together so beautifully. Can’t wait to see the next bit. Very pretty so far! Ripling is totally addictive, the buzz is seeing how a new colour changes the whole blanket. Just one more row you say to yourself, then before you know it, it’s 2 in the morning. Glad you are enjoying it so much.

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