A New Tradition?

In the village next to my mum’s (where my Grandma lives) there is a house that for as long as I can remember grown their entire garden FULL of Dahlias each year. They sell them each day, in a bucket on a trestle table and a sign asking you to put the money through the letterbox. It’s a stunning display and they are truly dedicated to growing these beautiful Dahlias each year.

Last weekend, me and my mum drove past it as we have done thousands of times before. This time though, I asked if we could stop and buy some. She pulled over and we scraped through our bags and the glove box and found £6 and bought two bunches of Dahlias. Oh my goodness, I am so glad that we did. They’re the most beautiful, fresh, vibrant Dahlias I’ve ever seen. The ones I buy on the market here have always been great and I love them but they’re not a patch on these ones. For one thing, the market ones are in bunches of the same type of flower. These two bunches were like mystery bunches and it was exciting looking through and seeing all the different ones.

I’ve never seen ones like this before – it’s like a flame, or a lion! The dark one is velvety smooth and just LOOK at the one with white tips, and how that pink one is yellow at the base of the petals. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about flowers as we were these.

Have you ever seen a bloom as perfect as this one:

And look, it is covered in petals all around, like a puffball!

There were so many of them that they didn’t look right all in a vase together so we decided to split them up. They were so individually stunning that we chose our three favourites and gave them a slim single vase each on the kitchen windowsill. The pink one is bigger than my hand stretched out to the fullest!

Then a small vase full on the windowsill including the sweet creamy coloured one that I think looks very bridal and would look pretty in a bouquet:

Then the rest of them we put in one big happy vase on the living room windowsill. Walking into either of these rooms just put the biggest smile on my face for the whole weekend, it was lovely.

Of course I couldn’t resist taking lots of photos of them. Thank you for putting up with them all! ;-)


As for the new tradition bit, well, we can’t think of a good reason NOT to make this into a tradition! It made us both so happy, it only cost us £3 each and they make beautiful photos. I usually make a visit home in October, when the Dahlias are in their prime, so why not? This is only the first year so I don’t think it can be called a tradition yet but I would like to make it so. Even if it doesn’t work out, I’ll have the photos and memories of “that day we actually bought the Dahlias from that garden!” and that makes me happy enough as it is.


27 thoughts on “A New Tradition?

  1. They are crazily perfect flowers. I mean they’re just too beautiful, are you sure they’re not really aliens disguised as dahlias that have found a way to get in to the house to study human activity?


    I really want dahlias now. Thanks.

  2. What a lovely post. Actually, there’s a little cottage in the village next to us that does the same thing every year. I usually buy a bunch and some for friends also. They are stunning aren’t they? Proper geometric designs and colours to die for!
    You’ve captured them beautifully here. Makes me want to ruch over to get some! Hope they have some left!

  3. They are really beautiful photographs Heather. I love how the formation of some of the petals of the red dahlia in your second photo look so like little red hearts ~ gorgeous :O)x

  4. José says:

    :-) never mind; the pleasure’s entirely mine, when it comes to the “putting up with” you mentioned…
    lovely post, adorable pics !

  5. José says:

    :-) never mind; the pleasure\’s entirely mine, when it comes to the \"putting up with\" you mentioned…
    lovely post, adorable pics !

  6. José says:

    o, marvellous.. first it says it needs another, new, security code for it to be admitted, and then it does show up twice.. must be my bl**dy impatience playing parts… ;-P

  7. I love that you see beauty in flowers, however it doesn’t surprise me as you love to craft. Ever since I was little I have always looked deep into flowers and marvelled at what lies deep down. The Dahlias are stunning, and so are your photos.
    x Sandi

  8. Despite my hatred of those little wiggly things to be found therein these are definitely the most wonderful blooms…such a diversity of colour (like your blankies) which is good to look at…nature has this ‘trick’ where nothing really looks awful together and I think it was Princess Grace of Monaco who said ‘ how could you look into the heart of a flower and say there was no God’. Great photos too Heather….lovely post!

  9. Dahlias are one of my favourites, they last for such a long time in the garden over the season and the striking colours are some of the best you can get in the floral world.

  10. Gosh my heart feels like it wants to fly out of my chest when I look at those photos! They are unbelievably stunning, swoon-tastic!
    ps wish wish wish our plant man made up mixed bunches too, maybe we should request it next year?!

  11. Oooh they are pretty Heather :D I’ve ordered my yarn for the Ripple Along, should be starting it tomorrow night, I’ve also bought 1 ball of cashmerino to stash for my ripple :D

  12. Your photos are fab Heather…I love the one with dew dropsin the petals. I went to Arley Gardens a couple of years ago and they have a fab walled garden with a section filled with Dahlias….loved taking macro shots of them….must post some to my blog when I get my act together….ooooo I think I’ll grab a brew and do some posting. It’s also a great way of remembering the beauty of the flowers by capturing them in a photo.
    Thanks for blessing me today :-)

  13. Dahlias are my all-time favourite flowers. I wish they grew all year round! they’re such happy flowers – so vibrant. an explosion of colour! i bought a bunch for my mum on monday when i took some parcels to the post office. a lady in the village gives them to the post office man for him to sell there. lovely! x

  14. I LOVE a bit of tradition I do, and you get the thumbs up from me for this new floral one. Wonderful photo’s Heather, just mesmorising dahlias xox Pure perfection x Enjoy them !

  15. Siobhan says:

    Just having a recap on your gorgeous pictures. Any of them would look fantastic, blown up huge (the bigger the better!). I said the first and second but really you have quite a choice. Lovely!

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